Dragonlance: Age of Mortals Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Darkfire142

A Three Book Adventure Path in the world of Dragonlance covering levels 1-20.

Six months have passed since the War of Souls, an epic conflict that spanned the world of Krynn. After 37 years when the Gods have been silent and magic flowed unrestrained by the Moons, the Gods of Krynn have returned. The first among the Light, Paladine walks the earth as a mortal, while the Dark Queen Takhisis lies dead, leaving their places vacant among the heavens. Ansalon still bears scars of the decades where evil reigned upon the world in the Godless times. The Dark Knights of Neraka still subjugate numerous lands and the wicked minotaurs have begun a campaign of conquest. Many among the righteous and good have suffered in the Age of Mortals. Solamina's forces are weakened by the war, the elves are in exile, the Kender lands burned to ash and the dwarves in ever conflict with their darker brethren. Decades ago, the Companions saved the world from the brink of ruin. Now once again, heroes must rise and bring balance back to the world. Will you be among them?