DM Beckett's The Sanctuary (Inactive)

Game Master Beckett

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The Sanctuary: Modeled after Absalom’s Restful Pathfinder Lodge, the Empyreal Serenity is a multipurpose establishment aiming to offer those that find their way within rest and a touch of it’s namesake. Steeping through the always opened gates, imported and reconstructed from an ancient Ustalavian site awaits a quite and shaded courtyard. A massive weeping willow. A main walkway, constructed of various old stone works from across Golarion hint at tales and legends lost to history, and if one comes at the right times, a guide might be bothered to share such stories, though they often change, hinting at pointing those in need it most towards the evasive answer they seek, (usually without knowing it yet).

Passing into the main building, a small podium stands within, holding a simply book that one can write their name if they wish. Sifting through it indicates that many scribble more, as many quotes, words of wisdom, and jokes line the borders of the pages. Past that is a chamber that opens to three doors.

the road to Courage:
Heading left leads to the Ulfen style mead hall. Revolving around a central hearth, the tables are arranged n a broken circle, showing that all are equal under a celestial mosaic on the roof. Nearer the hearth’s warmth are a hodgepodge of couches and pillow open the ground, allowing those so inclined to simply plop down undisturbed. Sweet and earthy smoke always rises from the small fire within the hearth, filling the room with it’s smell before being channeled into the open sky through the hole in the woodwork above, in the style of the Ulfen northmen’s homes. Overseen by a human said to once have been a Pathfinder, he loves to simply listen to people talk, to let them tell their tales, between drinks.

the path of Protection:
The hallway opposite leads instead to a open room, where blunted and mock weapons lines each wall. Consecrated to the Empyreal Lords most interested in battle, but also to those whose interest lie in competition and physical and spiritual mastery, lethal violence is forbidden. An aged heaven-born warrior-priest of Ragathiel has claimed this as his sanctuary since retiring from a life of adventure and glory, and is known to be a fair judge of those that want to test their skill. Other’s come to him for advice in the ways of battle, or to test themselves. Occasionally even those that practice magic utilize the arena for their mage duels. Two small ladders just before entering the small arena allow others to climb to a small loft above, where bets can be laid, and challenges issued to those below in games of prowess and bravery. But coin is never the coin of this realm, and only bragging rights and drinks bought for the winner are permitted.

the way of Freedom:
The final and middle hallway leads to a small common room, where wine, teas, and food is brought from the mead hall upon request. Whereas the other two areas are often loud, filled with shouts to cheer on a warrior or drunken songs and recountings of adventures now past, this is a simple temple dedicated to community, a place where groups of friends can go to have private meals away from the crowd, lovers and those that might be can enjoy each other’s company, and private business can be conducted mostly in private. It is typically the least occupied, though a small tradition has been quietly encouraged by the proprietor that before a guest leaves the Empyreal Serenity, they come here for a single meal, pipe, or drink, and before they leave, to claim a single spot somewhere within to leave their mark. Nearly every surface within has a name carved into it, like so many tiny badges of honor, battle scars attesting to the people and their many stories that have come through here, and always hungry for more.