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Shadow Lodge

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Join the party, or find yourself a pillow near the fire. New friends, strong drink, and heart foods await within the mead hall dedicated to strengthening the bonds of community amongst adventurers. Introduce yourselves and just hang out. Feel free to post your games if you need players, or to link to others.

Male Human

Quick dot!

Silver Crusade

Dwarf Alchemist 2 |HP 15/15|AC 16|T 12| FF 14| CMD 15| F:+4 R:+5 W:+1 | Init +2 | Perc +6| Sense Motive +1

Virgil lights a cigar.

Grand Lodge

Acrobat 7

"OH! Weeping Willow! Hhaaahaaaha", the Hawk beams at the sight of the huge tree in the courtyard. Dressed in the Silk District's Aiorgio Garmani's finest of gold and black, Haris jests with the two trollops in tow, one human, one halfing, "I thought the VC said weeping widow! -whose in need of some gentlemanly cheer. But I guess there's no shortage of wood here! Hahhhaaa! Come ladies, let's investigate the stoutness of these benches."

Silver Crusade

HP 79/79 (97/97 raging), Init +2, AC: 19 22, T: 12, FF: 19, CMD: 21 (-2 for Rage), F: +12, R: +5, W: +9, (+4 vs Wind, +2 vs Spells, Poison, +2 vs Party Spells, immune to fog/mist/smoke, Protect from Evil) Perception +10 <Darkvision 60ft, Heightened Continual Flame>, CG Asgardian (dwarf) Warpriest 6/Blood Rager 3 Avenger 9, Mjolnir: +8/+3, 2d6+12, Ranged: +11/+6, 2d6+7 (20/x2) B

Finally waking up from his little corner behind the bar, the tallest danged dwarf you have ever seen stands up from his drunken dreams. Cracking his neck and stretching a bit, he looks around. Seeing new visitors, he reaches into his adventurer's backpack and pulls out a keg. Anyone paying attention cans see a few others stuffed in there, and that seems to be the majority of his adventuring gear. "Art thou here to test thine mettle, mortals? Art thou even worthy to partake of the mead of yonder Asgard's most bountiful labor? Come then, bring thy mug, and let us see. . .", as he pulls the simple cork and holds the keg out waiting for guests to drink with.

Liberty's Edge

HP: 59/59, +4 Init, +17 Perception, F: +8, R: +5, W: +10, AC: 21, T: 14, FF: 17, CMD: 22 , LG Human Cleric 8, 5274-20, Longspear +10/5, 1d8+5 (Large +10/+5, 2d6+6), P 20/x3

Standing calmly to the side, an Ulfen man waits the bar. His eyes roll as the dwarf issues his customary challenge, more an ice-breaker than anything. Wearing what appear to be desert robes more common to areas like Qadira, they seem to slightly shift color and style randomly. "To translate for the master-dwarf, a prince he claims, though of where exactly this land is, none I know have ever heard mention of, he is offering to buy y'all a round." he says with a gentle smile. "If you can suffer through all the "thee's" and "thou's", and seemingly infinite tales of battling hordes of giants single handedly, wrestling massive serpents, and other feats a sane man might call impossible. Oh, and he's immortal. . ., muttering a bit under his breath towards the others.

Sovereign Court

Female Human Fighter (Cad) 3 HP 27/27, F +5, R +5, W +2, Init +3, Per +0

A woman in stylish men's attire sits by the fire with her booted feet up upon the hob, a lit pipe in her mouth. The smoke hovers around her face and head as she looks down upon a broadsheet on her lap. She looks up at the Dwarf's challenge and smirks. "If you're offering drinks, I'll take one." she says and chuckles.

Dark Archive

Male Elf Mesmerist

A male elf saunters in, dressed in a teal hat with a wide brim, and a light grey cloak. Looking about the warm tavern with his fuschia eyes, he takes off his hat and brushes his medium-length cut of strawberry blonde hair back. After a few strides, he settles into a seat of his choosing, placing his hat on the table.
"Please, some wine, if I may. It was a long voyage from Corentyn," he replies with a fine, well-spoken tone.

Shadow Lodge

||CORE Rotating DM ||Fingerprints||King Xeros ||Serpent's Skull||

I'm thinking of running Weapon in the Rift (5th - 9th level) soon, and seeing if people are interested.

It is Silver Crusade, and it looks like skilled and divine/religious characters will enjoy.

Shadow Lodge

||CORE Rotating DM ||Fingerprints||King Xeros ||Serpent's Skull||

2 "seats" are taken, so 5 possible slots open right now.

I have also posted in Maximo's Hideaway and the Flaxseed lodge.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

I'll be there! I've only got one character in tier now (level 6 champion of Irori) but I've got two more that should be available soon (level 9 wizard and level 9 inquisitor) depending on how soon it starts and how quickly they wrap up.

Shadow Lodge

||CORE Rotating DM ||Fingerprints||King Xeros ||Serpent's Skull||

I'm going to try for the next few days. I just bought it when I announced it, so I need to read, prep maps, and get a headcount still. I already counted you as one of the seats, and another player is wanting in, (thinking of Rogue). Just a head's up, like I said, Silver Crusade, Good, and religious classes I think will love this one.

Non-good and other Factions with little in common with the Silver Crusade's overall goals, it will probably be just like most other scenarios.

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