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Distant Scholar: Hexographer is PERFECT. That is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you very much!

Hi folks, I am trying to track down a pre-made map (including features i.e. Forests, Hills, Plains, Rivers etc that are used in the Kingdom system) with hexes on it... All I can seem to find is completely blank hex grids (I don't want to have to draw an entire map right now) or ones that don't have the type of terrains used in the Kingdom building rules system, or ones that already have kingdoms made on them...
Anyone know where I can find such a thing?

Alright I have decided on the following so far:

Bard: Minstrel
Wizard: The Answer
Ranger: Scarecrow
Samurai: Warlord
Magus: either Paragon or Champion
Cleric: Curse

But I am still not sure about the Witch, and I am trying to think of something for the twins (Fighter and Monk) that relates them... hmm

Wow, these are some great suggestions! Thank you very much both of you. I especially like 'The Answer', 'Scarecrow' and 'Warlord'.... lots of help and lots of inspiration :)

I am working on a campaign setting that includes a whole bunch of superhero/supervillain npc's, and I want them to all have code names... think x-men type of names.

So far there is Wrath, Saint, Starchild, Brute, Chaplain, Leyline, Serpent, Mastermind and Ghost...

The ones that still need names:

NG female Human Weapon Master Fighter specializing in twf/throwing Wakizashi

and her twin sister

LN female Human Qinggong Weapon Adept Monk specializing in teleportation and energy blasts

CG male Catfolk Archivist Bard with massive Knowledge and a focus on singing

CG male Human Beast-Bonded Witch with Compsognathus familiar (so he can turn into a dinosaur :D) and a focus on offensive hexes

LN male Human Void Elementalist Wizard with a very heavy emphasis on dispelling and countermagic

CN male Strix Falconer Infiltrator Ranger (haven't finished the build yet)

LE male Human Ronin Samurai with Beast Rider via Racial Heritage so he can ride a pteranodon, he is specialized in shield bashing and carries a Vorpal Katana

NE male Tiefling Bladebound Kensai Magus, with dervish dance and an unhealthy relationship with his weapon

CE Undead Lord Cleric with disease alternate channeling

Any ideas?

Just wanted to echo what someone said earlier about messing around with some randomly generated characters.. I did that for a while just as a mental excersize, rolling out random stats, rolling for race/class/archetypes and such.. Then you just choose feats/skills/traits/gear and see what you can come up with... It is interesting what can come up, I had a number of results that I would never have thought of myself.. It is kinda fun...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Dotting because wow these are awesome :)

Kuranes Delapore
NG- worships Desna

Chelaxian Human Void Elementalist Wizard 6
Dual Talent alternate racial trait

Str 11
Dex 16 +2 racial +2 enhancement
Con 14
Int 17 +2 racial +2 enhancement +1 level
Wis 10
Cha 7

Traits: Reactionary, Magical Lineage - Magic Missile
Skills: Escape Artist, KN: Arcana/Nature/Planes, Perception, Survival, Spellcraft, Stealth
*Scribe Scroll
1- Improved Initiative
3- Craft Wondrous Item
5- Toppling Spell
5- Dazing Spell

Void Elementalist School, Opposed School: Water
Arcane Bond: Signet Ring

Gear: Headband of Vast Intelligence +2, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (Trip), Lenses of Detection, +1 Light Crossbow, +1 Dagger, Handy Haversack, Bookmark of Deception, other mundane gear.

Kuranes is a dark haired man of medium height and build with vibrant green eyes and a goatee that he fidgets with when nervous. He is brilliant, and devoted to his research, but rather unnerved by what he has discovered thus far. He is simultaneously fascinated by and in deep loathing of the Dark Tapestry. After an unfortunate encounter with an Aboleth that he barely survived he has developed an intense phobia of deep water. He is very careful and logical, able to discover the rational cause of events around him, but gets manic and paranoid if he realizes something is unexplainable... He is a member of the Pathfinder Soceity, and has been sent to track down Nostra Montagna (The former member of the party who turned out to be a spy), an ex-pathfinder who has stolen valuable information regarding a secret and disturbing cult...

Thanks for the help, everybody!

Wiggz wrote:
Interzone wrote:

Making a character to replace a dead one for a just-turned 6th level party. The rest of the group is a Paladin, Cleric and Alchemist.


Level 6
Either full Wizard or one level dip +Wizard 5
25 point buy
Non-evil, can't be involved in Necromancy
Either human or as close to as possible (Elf would be ok though)

Looking for an idea that is at least reasonably powerful, but is interesting.

Any thoughts?

Try an Elven Void Mage - they are very cool and very powerful. As an elf, you'll get a ton of uses of Reveal Weakness through their favored class option. You can also take the Spellbinder route as an elf which I also reccomend as part of the character.

I will say though, when I made this character, while he was in no way shape or form in any way a necromancer, I did take a number of spells from the Necromancy school because they fit the flavor of the void of space (Blindeness/Deafness, Suffocation, etc.) and because of that, I took the Spell Focus & Greater Spell Focus feats for Necromancy.

Wow... I've never seen that one before...

Reveal Weakness in particular is freaking amazing.

I had already pretty much finished the build, but now I am probably going to re-do it... Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks for the ideas, folks!
I like the Cold Mage idea, but the last arcane caster I played was a cold-based sorcerer so I want to try something different.
And yes, Wayang is out. It is not that I am not allowed, I just want to play something as close to human as possible.

Right now I am thinking most along the lines of the Air Elementalist... especially the Magic Missile focus... Maybe a force-magic specialist..

Making a character to replace a dead one for a just-turned 6th level party. The rest of the group is a Paladin, Cleric and Alchemist.

Level 6
Either full Wizard or one level dip +Wizard 5
25 point buy
Non-evil, can't be involved in Necromancy
Either human or as close to as possible (Elf would be ok though)

Looking for an idea that is at least reasonably powerful, but is interesting.

Any thoughts?

Hey everyone..
I was just watching "X-men: First Class" and was inspired by the part with Azazel attacking by grabbing people, teleporting into the sky, and letting go...
Is there any way to reproduce this in Pathfinder?
If not for a PC then at least for a villain?

The Awesome Display revelation for Heavens Oracles is pretty crazy with the right build...

Unless they fix it I would say by far the best one is the Dual-Cursed Oracle's Misfortune. Even if they fix it to only work on enemies, it is still REALLY REALLY good.

I see on the link that it is in the Animal Archive book released this year, but I have seen it mentioned for a long time... What book did it originally appear in?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Just something for future:
Even if you can't afford all that much, one of the best things you can invest in to protect yourself from these situations is a +1 Ghost Touch Net.... All it takes is a ranged touch attack to hit, the entangled condition is an AWESOME one to get onto an incorporeal foe (Effectively -2 AC and -4 on attack rolls, half speed, can't run or charge, interferes with casting) and very importantly you automatically succeed at the opposed Str check, so it cant move beyond the range of the net (no hiding in walls)

Cast Terrible Remorse on him to make him feel the sorrow of causing so much trouble for everyone...
He will most likely make the save, at which point he will be unable to act for a round, then you surround him and beat him down. After all, even very high AC is not unbeatable AC :)

One other use of it is to maximize your use of a limited ammunition of a specific material, say if you only have 3 adamantine bullets and your target has DR 20/Adamantine... You would probably be better off doing 3 Dead Shots over the course of 3 rounds than doing one full attack or some such.

From PRD:

'A reincarnated creature recalls the majority of its former life and form. It retains any class abilities, feats, or skill ranks it formerly possessed. Its class, base attack bonus, base save bonuses, and hit points are unchanged.'

'The reincarnated creature gains all abilities associated with its new form, including forms of movement and speeds, natural armor, natural attacks, extraordinary abilities, and the like, but it doesn't automatically speak the language of the new form.'

So it would not retain the natural attack abilities of its previous form anyway (since they are not class abilities/feats/etc.)
It would get the natural attacks of its new form (none as a human.)

Being a low-Int creature though, it would probably be quite confused at being a new race...

I was under the impression that everything was covered clearly? What parts of the RAW are you confused by?

With a Wis of +4 you could prepare two 1st level spells, plus one spell of one of your domains, and 3 orisons (0 level spells)

I did something similar before... when I did it it was:

Death: Cleric with lots of death-stuff
War: Fighter with large retinue of warriors
Pestilence: Antipaladin with lots of condition-based cruelties and spells
Famine: Witch with amped up versions of Cup of Dust/Feast of Ashes spells, Blight Hex and stuff like that.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
I rather like extend. It's cheap and useful. Metamagic rods are better if they're available, but in case your local magic mart is out it's still a useful feat.


Yeah Extend Spell is another one of the nice ones, forgot that off my previous list.

The best thing in my opinion about metamagic is using to do things that would be otherwise impossible.
Maximizing a Fireball is kind of fun, for example, but you could much better things by just casting a 6th level spell...
Whereas using Reach Spell to cast a Bestow Curse wih a 4th level slot from 40ft away without getting in danger instead of trying to get up and touch a big beastie is awesome, and there isnt really an equivalent you could do with a 4th level slot...

Persistent Spell is one of the absolute best metamagics because as far as I know there are basically NO spells that force the opponent to save twice... and it allows you to add that to any spell.

Maximize and Empower spell are two of the very weakest metamgics, because all they are doing is increasing dmg/healing/etc, whereas higher level spells already DO that (usually much more efficiently) So not only are you not getting new options for versatility, you are getting weaker options than you could have for free.
Likewise Intensify is only really good in particular cases.. not as a general use feat.

Metamagic feats can be awesome for the right characters...
As others have mentioned, they are much much better for spontaneous casters due to the increased versatility of using them on the fly (And honestly, the full-round casting time is not as big a deal as it sounds a lot of the time I have found)

Here are my favourites:

-Persistent Spell ! This one gets an exclamation mark because holy moly it is ridiculously good. +2 spell level to make things have to save TWICE... this pretty much doubles the chance of a spell getting through. Best for SoS kind of spells, but useful for almost anything that allows a save.

-Quicken Spell - As others have mentioned, this is preactically required at higher levels, but really isnt much worthwhile until you are casting 6-7th level spells or higher.

Reach Spell - This is one of my personal favourites, and I feel like it is somtimes overlooked. +1, +2 or +3 to spell level to increase range by the same amount (touch to short to medium to long range)
Very nice for using touch spells without getting to close the action, or for some long distance action.

Intensify Spell - this one is a bit more specialized, and you need to have more of a specific plan to make good use of it (fireball, shocking grasp or common uses, especially the latter for Magi)

Dazing Spell - As others have mentioned, this one is fantastic. +3 spell level is steep, but the effect of potentially taking multiple targets out of the action is great (and on an easier-to target Will save if there is no save assocaited, which is nice)

Some metamagic is much more limited in scope, and is way better to get on a rod, these include Elemental Spell, Ectoplasmic Spell and Piercing Spell (to pull out for creatures immune to energy types, incorporeal creatures and creatures with SR, respectively)

Rime Spell - This one deserves special mention... You have to be built more around it (only works for cold spells) but it is REALLY good. For only +1 spell level you get to cause an entangled effect on ANYTHING damaged by the spell, with NO SAVE. Wow.
This is something that is very useful against LOTS of different creatures.. half speed, cant run or charge, - 2 on attack rolls, -4 dex (which of course implies -2 ac as well) and interferes with spellcasting.

I noticed the stuff about highest damage notable things, and it made me wish we had kept track of those things...

One thing I do remember was the Most Damaging Full Attack...
The party was in the final encounter with Jhavhul, things were going back and forth.. and then Koro Skyflame (14th level Strix Musket Master Gunslinger) manages to get off a full-attack with his gun... with Rapid Shot this was 4 attacks... after a crazy string of rolls he ended up with two hits and two crits! with a x4 weapon... After everything was rolled and calculated he did a total of 284 damage in the one round...

Needless to say the fight was very much in our favor after that.
It wasn't enough to kill him, but very appropriate the killing blow was also a crit, from !Abawe (The Moldspeaker) wielding the Awakened Tempest.. a satisfying conclusion..

Another thing I remember (although not the exact numbers) was the groups resident tank stepping into a room of inivisible Janni Captains and taking the full force of 8 of them full-attacking, all 2d6 sneak attacks...
He had been at full health, and even with them rolling fairly badly he was dropped right down to 3hp.

We all enjoyed this campaign a lot.. the flavor of the story was fantastic.

James Jacobs wrote:
Interzone wrote:
But Saranrean is what you would call the followers themselves, right? I know in the Legacy of Fire AP it is possible to get the title "Abbott-Protector of the Saranrean" or some such.
That would be an error.

Ahh thanks for the clarification... We are just nearing the end of the campaign... I will tell the Oracle who has the title :)

So would that be 'Abbott-Protector of the Sarenite' or 'of the Sarenites?'

I am assuming the latter.

In my group the least common are Cavalier, Samurai, Ranger and Bard.
The following have only come up rarely: Rogue, Gunslinger, Witch and Magus.

But Saranrean is what you would call the followers themselves, right? I know in the Legacy of Fire AP it is possible to get the title "Abbott-Protector of the Saranrean" or some such.

Well if it sounds like fun to you (and it does to me) just roll on the list of drawbacks from the cursed item section sometimes when the party finds an item or something. I think I am going to start doing that! :)

The Magic Jar ability is a spell-like ability, spell-like abilities never require any material/focus/etc components.
So the whole issue of the gem is irrelevant.
The only condition on summoned creatures (even if they are permanent) as far as casting is they can't use dimensional magic (such as plane shift/teleport/etc) and they can't summon (so your shadow would never be able to use his ability to summon more shadows) but other than that anything he has is fair game.

For reference: (from Universal Monster Rules)

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) Spell-like abilities are magical and work just like spells (though they are not spells and so have no verbal, somatic, focus, or material components).

That is what I am thinking, but I just didn't feel it was entirely clear so just looking for some feedback about what people think, if anyone else has had this come up, etc


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

As the title says...
I have a player who is a bard and for various reasons is most likely going to be taking the Dragon Disciple prestige class.

We need to know whether this item would work have any effect on the player.

Druid would definitely be the best bet I would say...
The question I would have is 'does the character want to emulate a Shaman in general? Or does she want to emulate a certain Tree? (Enhancement/Elemental/Restoration)'
Because that will have an impact on how best to proceed...
The very first pathfinder character I made was intended to be an equivalent of my WoW character (An elemental shaman)..
It didn't work out too well since I was very new to the game and I was working with just the CRB... These days with all the material out there and more knowledge I think any of the paths could be mimicked quite well. So what does she want specifically?

Sounds legit.
The ghost retains all its special abilities (nothing about losing casting/etc) except those that are physical...
So inspiring music, casting spells etc should all be fine.
Plus, of course, you are the GM... anything you want to happen can happen :)

Shadowdweller wrote:

Hmm....Box of Distant Voices. Price unknown; moderate conjuration.

This burnished wooden box has been carved with reliefs of all sorts of bizarre and fantastic creatures. The interior seems perpetually shrouded in shadow, and is prone to making bizarre speech-like echoes in any sort of breeze. A knowledgeable user who concentrates on the box can make contact and communicate (but not otherwise interact) with a random extraplanar creature. The creature is under no compunctions to tell the truth or even answer questions appropriately. Whatever entity the user of the box makes contact is granted a psychic image of the user and his or her surroundings, as if using clairvoyance and clairvoyance. The user of the box, however, does not gain this ability.

DM secretly rolls d8
1- Alien entity from the Dark Tapestry
2- Lawful Neutral outsider
3- True Neutral outsider
4- Chaotic Neutral outsider
5- Lawful evil outsider
6- Neutral evil outsider
7- Chaotic evil outsider
8- Random good outsider

1/day the box can open itself and speak to anyone within earshot (rolling randomly for an outsider as normal).

That is freaking awesome...

Rakshaka wrote:

Bad ideas include:

1) More Wishes!
2) One-night stand with Shazi!
3) Gold!

More helpful ideas:
1)Immunity to fire for the party for a day.
2)Mass Freedom of Movement
3)Refreshing all daily use abilities and spell-slots
4)Raising the first party member who falls dead.
5)A one-shot spell-turning against the first Wish used against the party.

Since Shazathared is unlikely to pervert any of the wishes due to her relationship with the party, I would phrase the Wish something like, "In our most desperate hour, I wish (x) would happen." That way, she doesn't have to be around for the power of the Wish to occur.

Funny thing about #3 on the bad ideas...

What with being stuck in Kakishon, and now stuck in the plane of fire... we have an entire Bag of Holding Type III packed to the brim with unspent treasure :P

Yeah, I ended up going with:
"I wish that the next time someone tries to use the power of wishes against any of us that it backfires on them"

Nice insurance :)

The first couple are basically already covered by the party (Communal Resist Energy for resist fire 30 etc)
but numbers 3, 4, and 5 are fantastic ideas, thanks for the inspiration!

I'm currently running through Legacy of Fire and we are on the fifth book (The Impossible Eye)
We have just reached Shazathared and she has offered me a Wish...
The party is me: a Half-elf Dual-Cursed Oracle (Ancestors Mystery.. sort of a female half-elf version of Maud'Dib from Dune), a Human Sorcerer (Crossblooded Marid/Draconic), a Strix Gunslinger Monk and an Aasimar Archaeologist Bard...

I am debated how to use the Wish... My character is the leader of the party and the face, so she wants to wish for something that will benefit the whole party, but I also want to wish for something appropriate to the storyline.

So, any ideas? My mind is a complete blank...

Note there is a specific printed one as well in Ultimate Combat:

Talons of Leng
Price 67,000 gp; Aura strong transmutation; CL 15th; Weight 1 lb.

Finely laid gold filigree lines these ornately worked talons. Once donned, the talons of Leng grant the wearer a natural claw attack with each hand that deal 1d4 points of damage for a Medium wearer, or 1d3 points of damage for a Small wearer. These claw attacks have a +3 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. On a critical hit, the target must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or become permanently confused as per the insanity spell. This is a mind-affecting effect.

The wearer of the talons of Leng is immune to effects that grant the confused condition. For as long as she wears the talons, however, her Wisdom is reduced by 2, as alien voices constantly whisper through her head. The talons of Leng do not interfere with spellcasting, the use of handheld items, or wielding weapons.

Question one: Yes. BUT... between the built in penalty for the awkward weapon and the size difference penalty you will be looking at a whopping -6 on all your attack rolls...

Also I don't know how you could transition it into the short sword form...

My recommendation:
Use a double-chained kama instead (with the assumption the blades look more like swords than the traditional kama) and using the Lunge feat.
That way you have your two blades on chains that can be used at reach...
but then they are also connected together, but at least you don't get that massive penalty :)

Well, this means someone could easily charge several staffs over the course of a few days and then go into a dungeon with access to maybe double or triple the normal number of spells per day, completely throwing the normal spell system balance out the window.

I always thought it was annoying having limits on spells per day anyway though, so hey it could be fun.
I don't like the way staffs are handled right now, so maybe this would make them more worthwhile.

Taking 20 to try to break out of being tied up makes perfect sense.
If you have an uninterrupted 2 minutes to work on trying to break out then you will have enough time to do as well as it is possible for you to do...
But remember the Strength check to burst a rope is NOT to break out of being tied up, it is to just break the rope.
Getting out of being tied up works differently:

Tie Up: If you have your target pinned, otherwise restrained, or unconscious, you can use rope to tie him up. This works like a pin effect, but the DC to escape the bonds is equal to 20 + your Combat Maneuver Bonus (instead of your CMD). The ropes do not need to make a check every round to maintain the pin. If the DC to escape from these bindings is higher than 20 + the target's CMB, the target cannot escape from the bonds, even with a natural 20 on the check.

And for reference:

Pinned: A pinned creature is tightly bound and can take few actions. A pinned creature cannot move and is denied its Dexterity bonus.. A pinned character also takes an additional –4 penalty to his Armor Class. A pinned creature is limited in the actions that it can take. A pinned creature can always attempt to free itself, usually through a combat maneuver check or Escape Artist check.

So if someone with a CMB higher than yours ties you up you CANNOT break out. Even on a 20. No matter how strong you are.

Anyone, anyone?

Hi everyone, just feeling a bit confused on which direction I should go with this character...
He just hit level 7, running Legacy of Fire campaign... (just finishing book 2, no spoilers please obviously :P)

Name: !Abawe The Foolish
Race: Aasimar (Mwangi descent, hence the weird name)
Alternate racial abilities: Immortal Spark, Deathless Spirit, Scion of Humanity
Age: 169 yrs old
Class: Archaeologist Bard

Note: age penalties only apply if my Lesser Age Resistance (via Immortal Spark) is dispelled

Str 15 -1 age +1 level +2 enhance
Dex 14 -1 age
Con 14 -1 age +2 enhance
Int 13 +1 age
Wis 8 +1 age +2 race +1 inherent
Cha 15 +1 age +2 race +2 enhance

Feats so far:
1 Lingering Performance
3 Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Elven Curve Blade
4* Power Attack
5 Deadly Aim
7 Improved Initiative

The 4th level feat is from the Combat Trick rogue talent.

I am having trouble deciding where exactly to go at this point, as there are several different directions for the build...
I get another Rogue Talent at level 8, and advanced talents at level 12/16/20 (although I will probably multiclass level 17-20 if the campaign goes that long)

The character is sort of a dashing Pathfinder, fighting in melee and at range with shortbow, in charge of trap disabling and Knowledge skills. He is also currently the physically strongest character in the group (the rest of the group consists of a Half-Elf Dual-Cursed Oracle, Human Crossblooded Sorcerer and Strix Musket Master Gunslinger... yeah silly stuff but so far it is really fun)
I just need some advice for Feats/Rogue Talents from this point on etc

Any ideas?

I really wouldn't be concerned at all.
Elemental Fist is less powerful than the Stunning Fist a standard monk gets at level 1 (which The Monk of the Four Winds gives up)
And at those levels that is the only difference.
Remember: Elemental Fist has to be declared BEFORE the attack roll (so if you miss it is wasted) and can only be used x times per day (where x is level)
Having a not-guaranteed ability to add an extra +d6 energy damage to ONE attack per day is not only not overpowered, it is in fact very weak.
Also remember: at higher levels when you get multiple uses per day, you can only use it once per round.
So even if you have 8 per day and can flurry for 5+ attacks, you can still only use Elemental Fist on ONE of those attacks (and still have to hope it hits)

As long as you stick to the rules I assure you you will have no problems whatsoever :)

As far as later levels- the 12th level ability for the 4W Monk LOOKS really powerful, but the conditions on it actually make it really underwhelming and it is almost impossible to abuse, so no worries there either. :)

Avenger wrote:
Nodachi... 1d10, two-handed, 18-20 crit, martial.

With your choice of Slashing OR Piercing, no less....

It is definitely my #1 favourite mechanically.

On a different note, I have to say that one thing that stops a number of weapons from being my favourites is I HATE rolling d4's...
For that reason alone I basically never use Falchions :P

Mechanically: Nodachi, Wakizashi, Tetsubo, Falcata, Spear

Style: Chakram, Rhoka Sword, Rope Dart, Tekko-Kagi, Pata...

I feel like I am forgetting something though

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally I am all about planning out a character build in all the details (although I usually only build up to about 12th level) but I usually just make a list of 'which items would be most desirable' in my head.... But when I am actually playing in a campaign I get whatever items I happen to come across one way or another... If they match up nicely with what I wanted, that's lovely, but if they don't, hey thats how the game goes.
I don't like having every character gain access to whatever exact items they want the most (unless they put the time and resources into crafting it themselves)

Yeah, only once per round, but you can use it in a full-attack, or an AoO, just as long as you haven't used it yet this round.

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