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Bref's page

1,541 posts. Alias of Vuvu.

Full Name

Bref Stumpbumper




Rogue1/Barb (Feral)1 temp hp 14/17 and 9 con (HP 24/25+4 when Raging; AC21/17/15(-2 Raging) ; CMD 16 (18 Rage) Fort +4(6); Ref +8; Will +1( 3); Init +6; Perception +5/6 for Traps; Darkvision




2 ft 10 35 lbs



Special Abilities

Hard Head, Big Teeth; Sneak Attack +1d6; Trap Finding +1; Rage






Goblin, Common, Orcish, Draconic



Strength 11
Dexterity 22
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 5

About Bref

Melee: Bite +7 1d6 (+2 when Raging) or Chill Touch +7 1d6 Fort 11 or -1 STR (2 touches 1 per day)
Ranged: Blowgun +7 1pt damage

Acrobatics+11, Appraise+3, Bluff +2, Climb+5, Disable Device+14; Escape Artists+10,, Dungeoneering+7, ;Local+7; Perception+5, Sense Motive+5, Sleight of Hand +10; Stealth+15, UMD+2

Advantageous Distraction+2 AC once per day; High Treason; Red Thorn's Dirty Fighting +2 damage when Flanking

1: Weapon Finesse
CB: Stealth Synergy

MW Thieve's Tools, Chef's Hat, Rolling Pin, Blowgun, Backpack, 2 Belt Pouches, 10 Pieces of Chalk, Leather Armor, 4 [url= Candles[/url], Non Detection Belt Buckle, Waterskin, circlet of disguise, Chilly Chef's Hat, 1 Potion of Cure Light Wounds


6 doses

Takes 1 dose Type drug (ingested). Can be eaten or brewed as a tea. Brewing it as tea takes 10 minutes. Addiction moderate, Fortitude DC 20. Effects 2d12 minutes; unconscious, gain vivid, hallucinatory dreams acting as the augury spell, but with only a 60% chance of receiving a meaningful reply. Eating it reduces absorption, giving the victim +2 on the Fort save but cutting the duration in half and reducing the meaningful reply chance to 50%.

Damage 1d3 Wis damage, plus you are at -4 against illusion effects for the next 48 hours

Takes 3 dosesDC 18, onset 10 min. 1/min. for 6 min. Damage 1d2 Con and 1d2 Wis. A victim taking more than 2 points of Wisdom damage becomes Confused, as per the spell. 2 saves

7 GP 7 SP

RAGE 1/6

Bref's Background:
Everyone loves the king. The king is so wonderful, we should all be more like the king. Blah blah blah. Bref has met the king, and quite frankly he was not impressed. Yes he makes a good speech, but he is dumb as a post, and Bref could take him with one hand behind his back.

Running in the general circle of crime, Bref and others began to formulate a plan to eliminate the king and install their own in his stead. Confidence has never been one of Bref's shortfalls. Needless to say they overlooked a few simple details and the night before the planned assassination and subsequent coup, him and his entire crew was arrested tried and convicted. Of course this might have happened because Bref and his crew are goblins.

Though Bref is perhaps the smartest goblin to ever have been born. By the age of 3 he had killed and eaten the chief and all his relatives. By 4 he had been ousted and then killed and eaten another goblin chieftan. That eventually got boring so why not kill and eat the human king?

Bref is a nasty, snarling scrawny Goblin. He is dark, both in coloration and personality. He rarely speaks, with anything other than his teeth. He is ruthless in combat and in life.

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