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SR's - Great Southern Isles (PbP) (Inactive)

Game Master stormraven

High-Power Pathfinder Homespun Game

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While our heroes are munching on well-earned delicacies - hand-fed by a variety of comely folks - a small cadre of the Watch shows up with a trio of stonemasons. They immediately head downstairs to begin repairs.

Slowly, patrons begin to trickle in and what you assume is a normal evening at the Strumpet begins - food, drinks, merriment, exotic dancing, and lap dances that eventually lead to 'horizontal refreshments' upstairs. Overseeing it all is Emeralda and her small staff of bartenders and bouncers.

Emeralda is happy to treat you all to a night of debauchery tonight or at another time of your choosing, if you want to get your wounded treated and rest up.

It is 5PM. You have a tentative date with Bitiborium around 7ish. What do you want to do?


Jayse -- after enjoying an eyeful of Emeralda's employees -- can't help but let his eyes be drawn back to the Sargent's note. "I appreciate the offer. I have a pressing urge to go see about a cure, though. Straehan was the guy who wanted to come in here, anyway... not that the place doesn't have more than its fair share of charms."

As his attention is pulled once more to the room, a thought strikes him and he leans in close to Emeralda, speaking quietly. "Though I do have one request. I realize that stories like this tend to spread and grow, but if you could do your best to minimize my role in it, it'd be much appreciated. Maybe you could suggest it was the work of the good Sargent that really brought this little dust-up to a conclusion? Maybe I just happened to be an unfortunate bystander? I've never really liked attention."

Not sure how long it would take to get to the church to get the curse lifted. I'd prefer to go to the church for help instead of the Watch's office. Maybe we could go to the same church we went to before? If we've attracted any attention while in town -- and are being watched for some reason -- i'd rather them only see us continuing to make contact with those we're already associated with.

If the removing of the curse (if it's successful) only takes a handful of minutes, then I'm fine coming back to the Strumpet if people are interested in that. Jayse doesn't have anything else he wants to do, and he'd see it as a valuable way to waste time. :)

Ushari is disappointed when the two handsome men have finished their full body massage. Although she prided herself on being limber and flexible, truly she had not realized how many undiscovered kinks there were in her body.

I need to come back here again later...

Once the monk has expressed his desire to depart the Strumpet, she nods in agreement. "Yes, we do have another pressing engagement this evening, not to mention another trip to the Church for taking care of those bites."

Agreed with Jayse here. Returning to the same church is a good plan. maybe they can give us additional info on how prevalent lycanthropy is in Orfallen.

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead
Jayse wrote:
"Though I do have one request. I realize that stories like this tend to spread and grow, but if you could do your best to minimize my role in it, it'd be much appreciated. Maybe you could suggest it was the work of the good Sargent that really brought this little dust-up to a conclusion? Maybe I just happened to be an unfortunate bystander? I've never really liked attention."[/ooc]

"Yeah, best to leave Jayse out of it." Jofram says with a smirk. "That's spelled J-A-Y-S-E. Don't leave out the Y..."

Straehan chokes on his drink at Jofram's attempt to 'help' Jayse.



It's about a 20 minute walk to the Church from here, add in another 20-30 minutes back to the Fish, and tack on whatever time you spend at the Church... you'll probably be back at the hotel around 6ish.

And so it is that our heroes extricate themselves from the pleasant arms, savory bits, and willing smiles of the 'horizontal entertainment employees' of the Strumpet. They only get free by promising to return (when convenient) as several of the ladies and gentlemen feel they owe the heroes a proper and thorough 'thanks' for saving them from the thugs that turned out to be vicious and dangerous lycanthropes. So with promises and not a few kisses, our heroes head into the brighter parts of town - to the Church of Erastil - to get their wounds treated. It is turning into a pleasant evening with the reddish clouds peeling off to flash a bit of sky.

A twenty minute walk later and Jayse, Jofram, Ushari, and Straehan step into the wide and well-lit cul-de-sac that terminates at the Church.

Straehan sighs pleasantly, and glances at Jayse and Ushari, "So, despite your tendencies to exaggerate how trouble seems to follow me about... I think we've disproved that once and for all, eh? We went to the Strumpet, got the complaint lifted, and had a few drinks. That was practically uneventful." Not waiting for an answer, he bulls ahead towards the Church.

The Church is quiet, as a small service is just letting out. You enter the church to see the pervasive woodland theme yet again - from the tree-like columns to the leaf-shaped and autumnal-colored stained glass to the animals carved into every fresco.

Several priests are conveying blessings and exchanging words with the vacating parishioners. One, the pretty Priestess you met before, nods to you, makes short goodbyes with an older couple and comes over to you. Curiosity, yet again, on her face - particularly at your bloody and torn clothing.

"Am I correct in assuming you aren't here for spiritual enlightenment? How may we serve?" Her tone is playful.

Ushari breathes deeply the scents and smells of the recent woodland themed service, the smells of incense mixed with the natural smells of the wild used in the service. Although she did not worship the same deity as these worshippers, there was still a part of her soul that found peace here.

She returns the playful smile of the priestess, "Ohh, you know, Jayse enjoyed meeting you SOOoo much, he just had to SEE you again!" She throws the monk a wink, hoping he would chime in here.

HA! I still remember that jibe about NOT dating me Jayse...hehe

Once the levity of the moment has passed, Ushari's voice grows somber. "We had a run in with some foul wererats and unfortunately the wounds suffered by Jayse and Straehan became infected."

Ushari Velnokal wrote:
She returns the playful smile of the priestess, "Ohh, you know, Jayse enjoyed meeting you SOOoo much, he just had to SEE you again!" She throws the monk a wink, hoping he would chime in here.

The priestess raises a questioning eyebrow at the monk. "Indeed? I didn't realise I'd had such an impact, but you know how the old saying goes..." She holds for a heartbeat before illuminating you all, "You never know how good it can feel 'til you've been in a Priestess of Erastil." Her innocent look is 100% devilish.

Ushari Velnokal wrote:
"We had a run in with some foul wererats and unfortunately the wounds suffered by Jayse and Straehan became infected."

She looks the men over and hisses through her teeth, "I'll take you to Brother Malthus, healing is his gift. Come." She leads you down a side aisle and into a very modest hospital.

A grey-haired and sour-faced older man greets you curtly. He appears to have a permanent scowl but becomes marginally more jovial when he examines your wounds and declares you have contracted the curse of lycanthropy.

He quickly casts grave magics which remove the curse from your spirits before channeling the powers of his god to remove all the remaining damage you have suffered.

"So what foolishness have you been up to that you were bitten by such unnatural creatures, eh?" It seems a vague accusation.

Ushari looks at him with a cool expression on her face. "No foolishness at all, Brother. We had a run in with some wrerat thugs, that is all." She glances at the others, waiting for them to volunteer any additional information, should they choose.


Jayse pops his ears, happy to have the cotton-headed feeling gone. "She's right. It wasn't any of our foolishness that got us bit. Soon as they saw us, they bum-rushed us." He shrugs as if to say, what could we have done?

"Still, thanks for the cleansing. Not to doubt your capabilities, but are there any symptoms I should be on the lookout for in case some portion of their curse… disease?… sticks around?"

Sorry for being absent. Was having a hard time framing up a post.

The squinch-faced old man just grunts. "You're cured. If you start experiencing symptoms, they're all in your head. Can't say I'm surprised you got bit for no reason. We're seeing more and more of these sorts of attacks. So... do you have money for a donation or are shall I put you down as a charity case?"


EDIT - changing post below.


Jayse - you haven't shown anyone the Sergeant's Note so this guy has no idea that you were defending locals. As far as he knows, you just walked in off the street after getting jumped.


ooooOOOOOOOOooooooo.... then let's scratch that previous post, shall we? Sorry, my misunderstanding.

Instead, how about...

Jayse pulls out the note from the the Sargent, "I'm hoping this will take care of it? The Sargent of the Watch acted like this would be enough."

The old man skims the note and grunts in approval, his tone noticeably softening. "Sorry. I didn't know you were helping out the Watch. Don't worry about the money... and those spells will set you a'right. You won't start howling at the moon. Anything else we can do for you?"

Ushari shakes her head, "No, I do not need anything Brother." She looks to her companions, "Unless you guys need anything else, we should get moving."

Nice to be back, he he.


Jayse nods at the old man in thanks, then smiles, "It wasn't the howling at the moon I was worried about... it was the insatiable hunger for cheese and garbage. Thank you for your help."

So, back to the Strumpet? Or is it about time to head to meet Biti?


Time Check. If you leave now, you'll arrive at:
the Strumpet - 6PM
the Fish - 6:10PM


Does that mean it's a 10 minute trip from the Strumpet to the Fish? If so, we could hit the Strumpet for some R&R for forty minutes or so, then still have to make it to our dinner date with Bitiborium.

If they're in different places, or we can't work it like that, heading straight to the Fish and changing clothes could be nice. Jayse's current clothes are covered in rat-hair.


You are correct, sir. It is about a 10 minute walk between the Strumpet and the Fish. The Church is almost directly East of the brothel and the hotel is North of it (the brothel).


As they head out into the (darkening?) evening air, Jayse puts a finger through a large hole in his new coat with a scowl, "I think I'm gonna head back to the Fish. Should have enough time to wash up a bit before dinner with Bitiborium. You guys headed back to the Strumpet?"

Ushari gives Jayse an impish grin. "If I head back to the Strumpet, I may never leave there. That one guy who works there...Oh MY..." Averting her gaze so the blush on her face is obscured, she finishes up "I'll just freshen up back at the Fish."


Excellent. I'll plan on everyone heading back to the Fish for your evening out. The bacchanalia at the Strumpet can wait. :)

Straehan tugs at the dit of hair below his lip, considering. "Well, nothing bad ever happens to me at the Strumpet... so what possible harm could befall me in a little half-hour visit, eh? Nevertheless, perhaps I'll stick with you to ensure you two stay out of trouble."

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

Jofram gives the gnome a snarky look. "That would probably be for the best. You may have used up your luck for today."

"I'd prefer to characterize it as me keeping an eye on Jayse and Ushari. For some reason, they always bring trouble my way."

Ushari laughs, "Well, I have been known as a troublemaker in my youth! I should start following YOUR example, Strae!"

"In your youth, eh? I doubt you could be more youthful, 'Shari. Were you a hellion in the womb?"

"Of course I was...all babies are before they are born. Don't tell me you were all quiet and peaceful when your mother was carrying you in the womb?"

Straehan replies with mock holiness, "I'm sure I was as much a paragon of virtue before birth as I am now."


Our heroes take a leisurely stroll back to the Fish. They refresh and dress themselves, all the time wondering what kind of place they'll experience in the company of the curious little merchant. They privately reflect on his words...

Bitiborium wrote:
"As for 'sights'..." The gnome gets a mischievous look and consults the strange little device he carries in his vest pocket briefly. He cocks an ear for a moment, as if straining to hear something. "Yes, I might know a place you'd find 'interesting'. What are you doing after dinner, say 7-ish? Meet me at the Fish and I'll take you somewhere totally unique."
Bitiborium wrote:
The little merchant deftly spins his cart around and heads back up the dock. He gives the crew a wink. "Trust me you don't want to miss this." He chuckles for no particular reason you can identify.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

I'm assuming you guys are dressing up a bit for this shindig.

Our heroes finish washing and dressing then stroll downstairs in plenty of time to meet the curious little gnome merchant. Bitiborium is working through a drink at the bar; It's a thick-headed stout in a beer-stein that is practically half the height of the gnome himself. Bit is rather elegantly dressed, sporting a waistcoat, matching long jacket, and new pants. Although, to you, he looks a little under-dressed since he isn't pushing his cart.

Bit polishes off his drink in three unbelievably long pulls and hops off the stool, looking you over in your finery. He smiles in delight at seeing Ushari in a proper dress, "Charming! Quite charming! Well, shall we go?"

Without waiting for an answer, he folds Ushari's hand into the crease of his elbow and heads out onto the street, walking the main road that skirts between the Merchant's Quarter and Old Towne. He seems to be enjoying being 'on the town' with an attractive, young woman. There is a bit of a swagger in his step.

Feel free to chat or drop in questions, if you wish.




After a quarter-hour or so in Jayse's lightless, still room, every sound of the building seemed to shout for his attention. Every errant breath of air movement played warmly across his bare, tattoo'd torso. Every groan of the well-worn wood of the inn played in his ears. Every slow beat of his heart thumped a counter-beat to his slow breath. He even thought he could recognize the movements or voices of his friends in other rooms every now and again.

The meditation was welcoming after the excitement of the past week. He'd become a bit lax in the disciplines, and it felt good to simply exist in the Calm without the urgency of combat.

Some inner signal went off -- an indication that he should probably prepare for the evening, and Jayse opened his eyes in the dark. His other senses quieted as his eyes strained to pull in the dark room. Without moving his body, he stood straight up out of his cross-legged position on the floor, reaching out behind him in the dark to find his black lenses.

The room sprang into existence in blacks, grays, and whites, and Jayse went about dressing himself for the evening. He'd gone out of his way to pick a nicer set of clothes for evenings such as this. He'd weighed every option, tested every fabric, and was very proud of his clothes as he exited his room.

Stepping down into the main room of the Fish, Jayse strides confidently over to where Bitiborium already waits. Jayse grins, flourishing his new near-white cloak and offering his best leg by way of an introduction. "How you like my new threads?"

His "evening attire" looks alarmingly like his adventuring gear… just more expensive. Jayse doesn't seem aware of the fact.

Upstairs in her room at the Fish, Usahri debated long and hard with herself about whether she should wear the same expensive blue silk dress which was her only tangible link to her past. Running her hands lovingly over the silk fabric, she sighs. While I do enjoy wearing this dress, I am not sure tonight is the right time for this dress. Of course I don't know IF there IS a right time...

Shrugging to herself, she selects a different dress one that she had purchased in Orfallen before the party had visited Bartleby's Cross. It was a very nice dress, a pale blue color with streaks of glittery silver along the seams of the arms and waist. It also fit her body like a glove. Spending the rest of her time braiding her short blonde hair, although she noticed it was starting to lengthen out nicely.

Perhaps I should start wearing it long now...

Finally touching up her face with some dark eyeliner for her eyes, a rosy pink blush on her cheeks, and a glossy pink shade of lipstick, she had to admit to herself Looking good, 'Shari!. As Bititorium takes her hand into his own, she could tell he wholeheartedly agreed with that sentiment.

Well, at least this will keep the other men from harassing me...too much anyway.

Sorry SR if you assumed she would wear the infamous dress. Don't worry, this dress is still a nice one as well, he he.


I only assumed a nice dress. :)

After a brief walk, you enter the winding alleys of a particularly derelict section of Old Towne. Bit ignores the looks of some of the rough & tumble sorts that clearly make their home here. He makes a dizzying and confusing set of turns in the twisting passageways. Periodically, he stops to cock an ear before selecting your path. After another 15 minutes, you shuck the narrow alleys for a small 'plaza' some 20' across.

Bit does a full circle, until he finds what he's seeking. "We're here!"

You see a narrow wooden door shoved in along the seam between two buildings. Flanking it is a thin stained-glass window featuring the crude picture of an armored warrior at attention. Hanging above the door and window, flapping in a negligable breeze is a thick wooden placard. It features the silhouette of a man, in a bare landscape, standing at the junction of two roads. At least, you think they are roads. They appear grey-black and there aren't any wheel ruts.

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

The merchant shares a smile with you. "This is Crossroads, my favorite watering hole. You'll want to... look out." He leads Ushari gently out of the way as the stained-glass window pools against the frame. The central glass warrior pivots out of the way as a glowing armored figure with metal wings comes hurtling through the now open window frame, lands hard, and skid-rolls across the plaza. The winged warrior rises and turns towards the bar, hand on the hilt of a sheathed sword.

The glass warrior from the window steps from the frame and points its sword in warning. Its voice is untouched by emotion. "Rules." The metal-winged man releases his sword and launches himself into the air - disappearing quickly from sight.

Arcana DC:18:
The Glass Man is a Stained-Glass Golem

Dungeoneering DC:21:
The pooling window is a Carnivorous Crystal Ooze

Planes DC:17:
The winged man is a Legion Archon

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

The glass warrior steps back into the frame as the pooled glass fills the rest of the space around 'him'.

Bit takes the scene in stride before regarding the stained-glass man. "How do, Mr. Glass? Anyone interesting in tonight?"

Mr. Glass responds in a neutral tone, "The usual."

Looking slightly crestfallen, Bitiborium turns to you. "No worries. There's always someone interesting around. Shall we?" He offers Ushari his arm again and heads for the door.

Straehan casts a wide-eyed look at his compatriots. "Woah."

Knowledge: Arcana v DC18 10 + 15 = 25 Take 10
Knowledge: Dungeoneering v DC21 10 + 12 = 22 Take 10
Knowledge: Planes v DC17 10 + 12 = 22 Take 10


You enter Crossroads and try to absorb it. The tavern is a large wooden dome nearly 200' across with two levels. The second level is a ring that looks down upon the main floor. It is reached by a pair of circular staircases and held aloft by 4 massive statues. From the floor to the rosette at the top of the dome, there are a series of stained glass windows. About half let in sunlight of different intensity and hues while the other half capture moonlight. Spaced along the floors are a series of large pentagonal braziers providing additional light. The center of the floor is dedicated to a large circular bar in the shadow of a huge statue that holds a grandfather clock. Its ticking is noticeable behind the swell of conversation and hubbub of activity. There are identical sets of exit doors in the cardinal directions. Tables and chairs of various sizes and styles litter both levels. In one spot, three tables sprinkled with a few dedicated gamblers are separated from the rest of the bar - roped off and surrounded by a set of runes inlaid into the floor. In another area, a raised stage holds the evening's musical entertainment. Bitiborium takes a deep breath and smiles like he's just walked in to his mother's kitchen as she pulls cookies from the oven.

If this is 'the usual' crowd, you wonder what 'interesting' looks like. While the majority of the patrons are a cross-section of the typical races, there are some noticeable exceptions. A drow stands in a sliver of moonlight, watching people. A Ghaele Eladrin sits at the bar, eating nuts, and playing chess with one of several bartenders. A centaur leans against one of the staircases for support - drunk. You mistake the next patron for one of the massive level-supporting statues he's standing near. In truth, the Storm Giant looks much like a statue. On the other side of the bar, you see a tiger-headed man - a rakshasa - in a heated conversation with several men. At this distance, you have no idea what they are saying. Further along the bar, and sitting on its haunches, is the largest wolf you have ever seen. It is easily 9' at the shoulder and it is a uniform grey in color save for its black muzzle. It watches you briefly before its head sweeps to monitor the other doors. Its glance expresses clear intelligence. Watching the stage and listening to the strange music are a pair of nearly human looking creatures - a Githyanki and a Githzerai. Nearer at hand, sitting at a table and presiding over an arm wrestling competition is... a 10' tall Horned Devil, his chain-sword curled over the arm of his chair. He laughs malevolently as he easily defeats his latest opponent. In a strange juxtaposition, you see a Kobold bellying up to the bar and gesturing wildly, trying to explain his drink preference.

An event in the roped off gambling section catches your attention. Five people sit around a table playing an odd card game, dropping cards one after another. A robed man throws down a card and groans. A crack splits the floor beneath his feet, accompanied by a waft of brimstone. He and his chair are dragged kicking and screaming into the crack by three sets of clawed hands. In a moment his yelling stops, the smoking chair is forcibly ejected, and the crack seals itself, leaving the floor unmarked. Another man rights the smoke-wreathed chair and takes a seat at the table. He looks at his gaping table-mates and growls, "What? Deal me in..."

MAP: Crossroads

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Bit shakes his head. "Dangerous game to play with a Tarot of Many Things."

On the raised stage, you see the entertainment - a large, purple-tinged, gelatinous cube that creates a series of 'mouths' that both sing and imitate instruments. You've never heard music like it's playing.

The Crossroads

Male Gnome Merchant / 10

Bit watches you all, gauging your reactions to the bar and clientele before saying, "I don't need to tell you to mind your manners here, do I?" Bit catches the attention of the wolf by the bar and makes a circular motion indicating all of you. "Just put your drinks on my tab."


Okay, got all excited about the 8 new posts or whatever. Started to read through. Got to the end and thought "Oh, cool.. it's some kind of Limbo-equivalent thing. Very nice. A lot of potential here. Read through the description quickly a time or two, forming up my mental image, looked at the map. Walked away to think about it and how Jayse would react.

Came back, realized I had missed the mood music, clicked it, and….

… quickly realized I had completely missed the mood you were apparently going for. I totally had it as a swankier (if still exotic) joint… not some smokey, soulful dive where the rich tapestry of the universe's most interesting collection of personalities drink off the woes of their weary (if colorful) lives. Now I like it all that much more! :D

Jayse raises an eyebrow to Jofram, Ushari, and Strae, mouthing Mr. Glass?

Straehan wrote:
Straehan casts a wide-eyed look at his compatriots. "Woah."

As they begin their entrance, Jayse slides up next to the Straehan, "What's the layman's translation of 'woah'?"

He listens to Strae as they walk into the strange space. The music, the band, the patrons, the odd impossibilities of the space itself… Jayse can't help but gawk a bit as he smiles. He shakes his head at the card game, and nods his thanks at the small merchant's offer to buy their drinks. "Thanks. Any suggestions or warnings about any of the drink offerings here?" He indicates the joint in general with a quick chin nod, "Or, more to the point, what is this place?"

HP: 51/79 | | Anatomist (+1 to confirm Crits) | | Fav. Enemy +4 = Humans, Half-Humans, Undead

At the sight of the gelatinous cube, Jofram's hand twitches toward his sword. Tamping down his survival instincts, he halts the gesture short or drawing blade.

Jayse wrote:
...quickly realized I had completely missed the mood you were apparently going for. I totally had it as a swankier (if still exotic) joint... not some smokey, soulful dive where the rich tapestry of the universe's most interesting collection of personalities drink off the woes of their weary (if colorful) lives. Now I like it all that much more! :D

:) Glad you approve. This is definitely more of a smoky, blues-y gin-joint filled with serious players. No one here looks like they fell off a turnip truck or stumbled in here by accident. You don't get into Crossroads unless you know about it. In terms of dress, there are some very well-dressed people and a larger number of people dressed a step or two below what you guys are wearing. It seems a point of pride among the patrons that no one is dressed like a beggar or a lout.

Jayse wrote:
Jayse raises an eyebrow to Jofram, Ushari, and Strae, mouthing Mr. Glass?

Straehan blinks twice as if astonished and mouths I know!

Jayse wrote:
As they begin their entrance, Jayse slides up next to the Straehan, "What's the layman's translation of 'woah'?"

Straehan grins somewhat sheepishly, "Nothing specific... just never seen a Celestial Archon CR:7 get rolled like a drunk before... especially by a Stained Glass Golem CR:8 and a Carnivorous Crystal CR:11. That's a hell of a doorguard."

Feel free to check the linked spoilers I threw down. It was mostly just for fun - not serious deduction. Pay special attention to the Crystal... that sucker is a BAD mo-fo and the attack damage is NOT a typo.

Jofram quashes his instinct to attack the cube as a voice whispers in his ear...
:: The opaque globe near the base... that is where to strike... that is where it is vulnerable... ::

Given all the creatures that may have telepathy in this place, it takes the ranger a moment to realise the sender is his very own gauntlet.

Target Enemies (Destiny Weapon) ability revealed!
It isn't triggered - that is up to you.

Ushari stares about her, several thoughts flitting through her head...

We are no longer in Orfallen...

This is a Shaudran gate?...

Could this place access other...realms?

As the sounds of the foreign music reach into her soul, she unconsciously reaches into her pouch and touches Skitter, reassured by the feel of his smooth body, remembering how she had worked on him back when Despair's Daughter lived. Her finger rests lightly on the button to activate him and presses down, restoring him to life.

Returning her mind to the present, she glances at Bititorium before motioning to the bar. "Sooo...Master Bit, what do you reccommend?"

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