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A Western and Eastern flavored adventure, with gun wielding pistoleros, ninjas and samurais. Group 2.

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Hangman's Noose

Hangman's Noose may be a small place, but it's full of people and events. Stuck in the desert and distant from pretty much everything, the town was originally called Seeker's Grace, and it was built on a trade road by the first miners who discovered the mines 5 miles away from it.

About 60 years ago, a disagreement over the mining claims between the mine owners and the Kingdom caused the largest shootout ever between the government authorities and the outlaws hired by the miners. The day after the battle, half of townspeople observed the other half get hanged by the authorities. A massive gallows made of 13 nooses was built for that occasion, and it's still in the main square, haunting with his very presence and giving the town his ghastly new name. Two months after the shootout, the mines were depleted. Despite this, the town managed to survive, since then slowly rebuilding what was destroyed.

It's ruled by a Constable appointed by the King's Government. Between houses, offices and shops, it's made of about 60 wooden and stone buildings. Formerly inhabited by roughly 120 people, the population almost tripled in size since the jade deposit was discovered, and with the recent arrival of bounty hunters due to the 60k bounty, the town now suffers from overcrowding. Entire families live in small houses or share them with other families. While there is a part of the town that is inhabited by the Easterns mostly, the original dwellers and the newcomers live side by side. Merchants and diplomats also built new houses and even large palaces.

Hangman's Noose has the typical appearance of a Western town: two rows of buildings built on the sides of a dusty road, a central square, and saloons and shops around. The town exists mainly for trade purposes, so there are quite a lot of shops for a place this small. Here is a list of the main locations in Hangman's Noose: since the town is small, it's assumed that anyone knows about these places after spending a couple days here. More in depth info may require a Knowledge or Diplomacy check.

Main Features:

Main Road - The original trade road, that goes from the centre of town to East, reaching the mountains and eventually the big ocean. The Easterns usually arrive in town through here.

13 Nooses Square - The central square, dusty and circular. Right in the middle of it there are the massive gallows. The occasional executions still take place here.

High Road - The continuation of the trade road, that goes to the West from the centre of the town through the jade Mines, the Whispering Canyons, and eventually reaching the Kingdom's Capital.

Railway - Still in construction, the new railway is a technological marvel, and will connect the town to the Kingdom much easily. There are as many people in town that want it to be completed soon as much as ones that want it to disappear altogether.

[spoiler=Offices and Authorities]

Constable Office - The Town Hall and municipality office, the place where many contracts and affairs take place. It's a recently restaured 3 story building with a clock tower, located in 13 Nooses Square. Here lives Sir Willis Castle, appointed Constable of the Kingdom. Castle is a noble from the big capital, and while he is almost beloved by most of the citizens and merchants (pretty much due to his liberal approach to commerce), there are many that believe that he's into some shady business. Due to the recent war, immigrant waves, and tax increase, he started running the office with a more restrictive approach.

Bank and Postal - Where the town's profits are stored before leaving for the Capital. It also acts a postal office and courier service. Well guarded and located in 13 Nooses Square.

Sheriff Office and Prison - Where the town Marshal lives and the Law is enforced. The current Marshal is a dwarf named Brunt Stonehammer, and he's famous for being one of the few incorruptible people in town. He's also famous for coming to get you in a full suit of armor and a tower shield, in addition to a big ass gun. His new Deputy is a redeemed Ronin called Heihachi, and they usually employ some volounteers or paid swords for guard duty. While the Marshal and his men are quite good at protecting the people of the town, they are not as good at chasing criminals: fleeing outlaws that live outside town usually aren't prosecuted at all. The office, located in 13 Noose Square, also has a few holding cells.

Jade Palace - A newly costructed 4-story pagoda palace, built and decorated in the style of the Easterns, this building acts as a luxury hotel for all the rich merchants, ambassadors and diplomats that arrive here. Many business and diplomatic meetings take place here. There are quite a few geishas and the palace is effectively used as an expensive brothel too. It's also very well guarded by many samurais and ninjas. Located on the edge of High Road.

Places of Interests:

Azure Crane Monastery - Also recently constructed, this stone made monastery was built by the monk of the ancient order of the Azure Crane, but is willing to play host to monks and travellers of every order. It has a training dojo, a meditation hall and large sleeping room. Located on the edge of Main Road.

Elven Mission - The place that hosts and tends to Elven travellers that come to the city. Run by a elf woman named Futoa, a crippled former hunter, this simple house is the place where you can get in touch with elven adventurers and culture. Located in the residential quarters.

Leadbell Church - Burnt up in smoke during the battle of 60 years ago, this church once hosted the religious mission of the Lord of Light. Rebuilt by a lone priest named Prester, the place now serves as an altar for whoever wants to give a prayer to the forces of good. But it's said the place it's still haunted by the ghosts of the people who died in the fire. Located in 13 Nooses Square.

Hearthstrike Mining Company - The ones who discovered that the mines everyone believed depleted had actually jade in it. The Company is run by two dwarf brothers, Maul and Gand, and mostly employs dwarven miners. Due to recent overworking conditions, a Miners Workers Syndacate just formed.

Bars and Public Places:

Clock and Gear Saloon - Run by a gnome engineer named Jimble Perkins, this Saloon is famous for having the first fully automated clockwork pianist, and perhaps more importantly, two automated clockwork bouncers. Other than that it's a fairly decent and quite peaceful saloon, completed with a few chambers upstairs. A lot of Easterns come here. Located in 13 Noose Square.

Red Mist Saloon - A more dangerous place than the Clock and Gear, this Saloon is run by a cunning and fast witted halfling woman named Alessa. While violence is not officially tolerated, a lot of duels and killing took place inside the Red Mist, and the outlaws prefer to come here. Not many Eastners like this place. This Saloon is also famous for the incredibly extensive list of strong spirits and exotic liquors served. Located on High Road.

Zen Garden - Mostly attended by monks and other Easterns, the Zen Garden is a place of meditation, but also a bar where you can chat (preferibly without raising your voice) with the locals and taste rice, dried fish and other spiced food. Run by a extremely old samurai that hasn't revealed to anyone his name, it's a square stone structure with an open roof and seats on the walls, and a counter where food and drinks are served. The samurai costantly draws shapes with a rake in the dust and sand right in the middle of the place. Located on High Road.

Gambler's Alley - The back alley of a series of house building, traditionally the place where you can play dice, cards, underground fight and all sorts of Eastern and Western gambling. Also the preferred hideout of many criminals, and the place where you can find lots of informations. Located in the residential quarters.


Spice Market - A bazaar set right in the middle of the Eastern quarters, you can find useful goods and food imported from across the Ocean. Most of the stalls are not authorized and sell black market goods.

Goldsniffer Bill's Emporium - The oldest shop in town, run by former miner and elder townsperson Bill. While the man is not in his brightes years, he can still provide pretty much every common household item for a fair price. Located on High Road.

Merrywater and Sons Gun Shoppe -The best firearms shop in miles, run by Herrol Merrywater and his 4 sons. You can find both magical and nonmagical firearms and ammo, you can repair or modify your gun here. Located on Main Road.

Kitara's Den - While most people would prefer that this place wouldn't exist, they are too scared to harrass what it's after all an honest merchant trying to make a living. Kitara the Witch is a charming, dark haired lady that can provide you with obscure magic items, scrolls and wands. Located on the edge of Main Road.

Rickman Saddles and Mounts - If you are looking for a horse, don't look elsewhere. This large wharehouse shop is run by Thunderous Cloud Rickman, half elf ranger. He sells riding equipment as well as horses and even more exotic mounts. Located on the edge of High Road.

Geneve & Durran Smithery and Enchantry - This shop is the largest in town, and it's run both by one of the few blacksmiths around, the half orc Durran, and by his beautiful wife Geneve, a human tailoress. It sells armors and traditional weapons, magical or not, as well as dresses and woundrous items imported from the capital. Located on 13 Nooses Square.

Shoi Lin's Goods from the Dragon Nations - The affable Shoi runs this exotic shop where you can find eastern weapons and armors, fireworks, jewels exotic magical items and much more. Located on Main Road.

Doc Watson's Apothecary - Not a shop per se, the house of the good Doctor Watson is still a place where you can go to get yourself fixed for free. He also sells potions, herbs and alchemical items, provided he doesn't need to medicate someone at the moment. Located in the residential quarters.

Outside town:

Jade Mines - Once depleted, the Mines saw new light once jade was discovered in it. While most of the beasts that lurked inside where chased away, it's still a dangerous place, full of dark, steep tunnels. Located 5 miles west of the town.

Salt Flats - The Desert nearby, so dry the ground it's always cracked. Since it's very rich in salt, it shimmers during the day, making it difficult to see. Dangerous beasts live in it, like Phase Lions, Giant Scorpions and the loathed Undeath Vultures.

Whispering Canyons - Traditionally an hideout of criminals and runaways, the twisty Canyons are considered a very bad place to be alone. Located 12 miles west of the town.

Elven Camp - The nomad Elven tribe of Jola Gabahuema (Awakened Moon) lives in the general vicinity of the town. The elves are pacific and willing to accept visitors of every race and origin, but don't like to be provoked and harrassed, and have proved to be fearsome warriors. The camp costantly moves to stand close the few damp regions and patches of vegetations that bloom in the different seasons, so it's difficult to know where it at a given time. The Awakened Mooners are mystical people and their chief is a shaman called Talking Bones.

Am I in the right spot?

Katz-ne-ate wrote:

Am I in the right spot?

Yep, I forgot to post in the recrutiment thread that this was up

Who is in this one?

This is the Discussion Thread for Group 2 of the Crouching Dragon, Smoking Barrel campaign. In the OP you will find all the info on Hangman's Noose, while the general campaign outline is in the campaign description.

Here we can discuss the setting, what's going on in the adventure, answer questions, and make the final touches to your characters if necessary. Report here to tell us you're ready, the actual adventure starts next Monday.

@Katz-ne-ate: see Recruitment

Sorry for the wait here's my mechanics. Background to come tomorrow.

Male Human Kensai Magus lvl 4

Alright we are here now reporting for duty. You were asking about my attack modifiers here they are broken down.
Str4+BAB3+MW1+Weapon Focus1+Warrior Spirit1=10
or second set
Str4+BAB3+MW1+Weapon Focus1+Warrior Spirit1-Spell Combat2=8

@Aedia: where are your mechanics? Your profile doesn't show anything.
@Kyto: I was missing something, everthing's fine.

As I was saying in the other discussion thread, it's estabilished that you know each other at the beginning of the adventure. Some of you have worked together, or met each other in the town. You don't know much about each other though, apart for the name and something about the past.
Aedia and Kyto, being wife and husband, know each other well of course.

@Misterlurch: about the Musket Master, Rapid Reload (muskets) will count towards rifles, as well as other two handed advanced firearms.

O.O oh wow sorry forgot to put any of it in there fixed it now.

@Aedia I think there may be an error in your stats. Your strength is marked as ten, but you have included a +4 strength modifier in your stats and melee damage.

Male I am a meat Popsicle

I would like to introduce Korren Blake.

After serving for seven years, Korren Blake left the Valderran cavalry with the rank of Lieutenant. He took his final pay and headed back to work on his father’s ranch, arriving just in time to have his first dinner back home interrupted by attacking bandits. The Blakes had the misfortune to be attacked by the Skull Face Gang; so named because of the skeletal facemasks they wear. The attack was brutal and overwhelming. Korren accounted for seven of the attackers before they fired the house and he and his father and two brothers fled the burning building. Seeing that the ranch was lost to them, they fled into the hills pursued by some of the bandits. Despite the pursuit, their knowledge of their own ranch gave the Blakes the advantage and they evaded their pursuers in the night. For the next eight days, the Blake men fought a guerilla war against the bandits trying to drive them off. During the fighting Korren watched his two brothers get killed, and at last he and his father were captured. Korren was forced to witness the terrible torture and mutilation of his father before being knocked unconscious and left in a burning outbuilding to die as the Skull Faces rode away from the smoking wreckage of his family home.

A small group of elves had been watching the conflict and, impressed by his unrelenting determination and his bravery, they dragged him from the building, but not before he suffered severe burns to his face and much of the left side of his body. Taking him to their shaman, the elves did what they could for his injuries, but in the end his survival depended on his desire to live.

Korren woke to find himself in an unfamiliar bed, in excruciating pain, with a very old elf chanting over him, and a burning desire for revenge on the men who destroyed his life. He spent many months among the elves healing, regaining his strength, and coming to terms with his new scarred face. Korren was burned very badly when the Skull Faces left him to die and ironically his face has something of a skeletal look to it as his nose was mostly burned off leaving just two slits and on the left side the scarring twists his lips apart so most of the time his teeth on that side are visible. After his recovery, Korren left the elves grateful for his life and the chance to avenge his family.

Korren has spent the last four years working as a bounty hunter and chasing rumors of the Skull Faces. He came to Hangman’s Noose with a corpse, claimed its bounty, and is trying to decide if he will try for the bounty on Adrian Slate.

Korren Blake
Male Human Gunslinger(Musket Master) 4
N Medium Humanoid (Human)
Hero Points 1
Init +4 (+6 as long as he has 1 grit);
Senses Perception +10
AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 14. (+4 Dex,+1 Dodge,+4 Armor)
hp 35 (4d10 +8 +2)
Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4
Spd 30 ft.
Melee: Scimitar +4 (1d6; 10-20/x2)
Ranged: Rifle +8 (1d10 x4), Revolver +8 (1d8 x4)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 7
Base Atk +4; CMB +4; CMD 19
Feats (Human): Mounted Combat
Feats (Level 1st & 3rd): Mounted Archery, Precise Shot
Feats (Bonus and Class): Gunsmithing, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload(Musket)
Traits: Not Quite Dead, Killer eyes
Skills: Acrobatics +11, Climb +5, Handle Animal +5, Heal +8,
Knowledge (Local) +5, Perception +10, Ride +11, Sleight of Hand +11,
Survival +8.
Languages: Common, Elven
SQ: Deeds, Grit, Nimble +1
Grit - 3/3
Wealth - 202.18 gp

Equipment of Note: Hide Shirt, Mwk Rifle With 50 Cartriges, Mwk Pistol with 30 Cartriges, Light Horse (Combat Trained), Military Saddle, Light Horse, Pack Saddle, Mwk Gunsmith Tools, adventuring basics...

Favored class and human skill points included (I chose skill points for all levels)

Duel Info:
Reputation 2, Gaze 1, Reaction 10, Draw 2, Attack 10

(if anyone sees anything I messed up please let me know)

MisterLurch wrote:

I would like to introduce Korren Blake.

** spoiler omitted **...

Everything looks fine apart from:

-you are using a revolver, but you aren't proficient with it (as a musket master you are proficient in two handed firearms only). In this setting early firearms are simple weapons, so no problem for you to use a pistol instead. I see that you put a pistol in your gear section, so this is probably just an overlook.
-also can you break down your attack duel stats?

Still waiting for Shosuro to report, then we are settled. First gameplay post comes tomorrow.

To everyone that hasn't completed their background yet: do so as soon as possible. Also, try to unclude a short description of your appearance in your profile.

Any questions?

male Half elf Samurai 4

Jin-darus reporting group 2 thread :)

Male I am a meat Popsicle

Everything looks fine apart from:

-you are using a revolver, but you aren't proficient with it (as a musket master you are proficient in two handed firearms only). In this setting early firearms are simple weapons, so no problem for you to use a pistol instead. I see that you put a pistol in your gear section, so this is probably just an overlook.
-also can you break down your attack duel stats?

To everyone that hasn't completed their background yet: do so as soon as possible. Also, try to unclude a short description of your appearance in your profile.

Any questions?

Didn't you say that advanced firearms are martial weapons? Gunslingers are proficient with all martial. I can adjust if necessary but the pistol entry was the typo, not the revolver. I assumed that since no firearms are exotic, I would be proficient with the martial advanced firearms.

I will modify my last post with the duel breakdown and physical description.

@Misterlurch: sorry, my bad, I tought gunslinger were proficient with simple and only a few martial.

Female Half-Elf Wizard (( Spellslinger Archetype )) 4

Alright, Here's my Character! Let me know if I messed up anything.

Alissera Tamerie wrote:
Alright, Here's my Character! Let me know if I messed up anything.

Looks alright. I hope everyone is ready, because we are starting. The final group is the following:

Aedia the Black Butterfly, human Mysterious Stranger
Alissera Tamerie, half elf Spellslinger
Jin-Darus, half elf Samurai
Katz-ne-ate, elf Desert Druid
Kyto the Blade, human Kensai
Korren Blake, human Musket Master
Shosuro, human Ninja

As I said before, it's estabilished that you know each other, though not very well.

Still needing confirmation from Shosuro, are you still with us?

Gameplay thread is up.

Male Human (Tian Xia) Ninja 4

Somehow I lost this thread but I'm still here like a musician that works in the Zen Garden playing his Ryoku (flute).

Completely random, Koban, have you checked out the soundtrack for Bastion? It fits the setting pretty well IMO and might make for good theme music ^^ Just tossing it out there

Let's see if this works...
Soundtrack ^^

A CR20 Seagull wrote:

Let's see if this works...

Soundtrack ^^

Nice. I'm a sucker for good soudtracks of any kind, so if any of you has more, feel free to suggest them.

By the way, are you enjoying the game thus far? Is there something you would want me to do, or have any suggestions for improvement?

I'm enjoying the game. I think once we have a better idea how everyone posts, things will go smoother.

Male Human Kensai Magus lvl 4

Sorry for our posting problems we are getting married Monday so it's all over the place it will be better next week after our honeymoon.

Kyto The Blade wrote:
Sorry for our posting problems we are getting married Monday so it's all over the place it will be better next week after our honeymoon.

Congratulations! By all means enjoy your wedding and honeymoon, hope to see you back next week. Best whishes to you and your wife.

Do you mind if I roll for your characters while you are away should the group get in a combat? I won't do anything too risky, it's just to keep the game going without lowering the group's power too much.

Male Human Kensai Magus lvl 4

Ya that'll work with us also for the time beng just treat Kyto as if he was a normal magus rather than words of power since you said you weren't used to it yet.

Yay for time zone differences. Congrats Kyto! ^^ And Pixel, I am very much enjoying the game.

Indeed! Have a good honeymoon.

Will be out of town for a few days. Posting won't stop as I have a smartphone with me, but don't expect big chunks of text... We will back to normal on Tuesday.

Sooo, you back?

Katz-ne-ate wrote:
Sooo, you back?

not yet, missed my train home, but expect an update this evening.

Ah trains, they cause me to lust after personal transportation devices, particularly geo-metros and scooters

male Half elf Samurai 4

Can we move on without its been a few days

You are wise, let it be as you say.

Sure, I was just making sure that everyone was ok with that. Sorry about the late post.

male Half elf Samurai 4

seriously guys the other thread has more than 225 posts what's the deal ?


I'll wait for Alissera and Shosuro just a little more, then I'll advance the game with whoever's still in. Don't worry if the group thins too much, though I would have been nicer for the ones who left to just let us know they are not inteested anymore.

I'm just waiting until we know what the thing is. Once I can see it, then I'll go.

Katz-ne-ate wrote:
I'm just waiting until we know what the thing is. Once I can see it, then I'll go.

In this case roll for initiative and delay your action.

Male Human Kensai Magus lvl 4

We are still here just after the wedding my job got into the holiday shopping stuff so it's been insane.

Female Half-Elf Wizard (( Spellslinger Archetype )) 4

Wow, Sorry for not posting o.o the site decided not to show any post updates for this thread

Female Half-Elf Wizard (( Spellslinger Archetype )) 4

And of course, more RL issues have to come up -.-
I'm probably going to be gone for like a week or two. so feel free to NPC Ali until then. I'm really sorry for having to bail like this.

male Half elf Samurai 4

Request to be transfered to group 1 if an opening comes up there.

Male Tauric Halfling/Sword Spider
Jin-Darus wrote:
Request to be transfered to group 1 if an opening comes up there.

Ditto. :( Unless this one picks back up again.

Male Human (Tian Xia) Ninja 4

Well we shall know soon enough.

My apologies, it's finals week again. I hope everyone wasn't waiting on me.

I'm having connection issues, sorry for the lack of posting. An upcoming major event will speed up posts for sure.

Female Half-Elf Wizard (( Spellslinger Archetype )) 4

So, I think I'm going to officially drop out. I don't think being able to possibly maybe sometimes get my phone to let me do a random post is good enough to do a PBP properly. And that along with the constant AFKing, yeah...

male Half elf Samurai 4

jin would not take it well if the man who is unarmed and giving us info to aid our cause is behead edas he fled from the field of battle. he would see that as murder not honorable combat and violating his code of honor. I will roleplay that out if it occurs

Male Human (Tian Xia) Ninja 4

Well I was actually only thinking that not putting it in bold like I actually said it, but it's ok xD I posted the response ^^ no problems by me.

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