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I like AAW Games modules. They all take place in the same area but there are several different modules you can choose from for each level. There is something for every taste. They are well written and provide good structure for a GM but leave room for improvising. The adventure paths and path finder society mods are cool but I don't like being locked in to a specific path for 15 months or for 20 levels. I pick and choose the AAW Games mods that I think my players will have fun playing and there are a few that build off each other if they particularly enjoy that setting. I would encourage you to check them out. As a GM I enjoy the freedom of getting to pick and choose what missions come next and not having to do the next quest in a adventure path or the next society mission.

My players are constantly coming up with shenanigans opps, creative solutions. It sounds like you’re doing a good job. The key is to do the best you can while keeping the game running smoothly. Fun is the main purpose of pathfinder, so what if a skill check is not done 100% right as long as everyone is having fun. Sometimes I don’t even require checks like diplomacy if the characters are having fun role playing. If my players come up with a solution to a situation that makes the encounter super easy, like dragging a mean monster out of the cave with a goblin on a makeshift hook, then I scale down the xp I award. Or if it was done in a clever way I might award additional xp it would depend on the shadiness of the players. Ultimately the pcs are the main characters in the story how they want to solve the conflicts facing them is on them, but that doesn't mean that I have to give them full xp for using shady tactics to make encounters easier.