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Today I ran the first session of my Skull and Shackles campaign and already I have a situation I've never encountered before in almost 20 years of GMing games.

One of my players is running a female gnome alchemist who spent her first day on the Wormwood running away from rats she was supposed to be hunting (a natural 1 on her Survival roll) and then challenged Conchobhar to a game of dice without any money.
She wanted to try and win his hat and as he's described as a serial womanizer I had him suggest playing for a night in her hammock, expecting her to turn him down. She accepted and then lost horribly and willing fulfilled her part of the agreement...

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Book of Erotic Fantasy? I know that had rules for conception and pregnancy

As a synethist is effectively part of his eidelon, does he gain the benefits of any armour or magic items the summoner is carrying?

I have a problem from our last games session.

My gnome synethist has an eidalon with both the claw and bite attacks. They're both counted as primary attacks and the eidelon is effectively a player character rather than a summon as a synethist melds with their eidelon.

1. Am I subject to the need for the multi-attack feat when all my attacks are classed as primary?

2. Do I get to use both my claws as a single attack after a move or charge action like someone with an off-hand weapons or must I make a full round action?