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This is my idea for epic level rules after hearing some of the complaints.

The big problem i've heard about epic is the system starts to fall apart i think the problem is when characters start getting +20 to rolls the d20 roll itself matters less.

so my idea is at mythic level (21-30) instead of a d20 you start using a d30

mythic monsters would use d30's as would mythic characters they would threaten crit on 30 instead of 20 19-20 would become 29-30 etc. now generally the downside here would be criting far less and failing far less (the failing far less often is a good thing for mythic) however with feats like improved crit and maybe a mythic improved crit they would still work them self back out say a bow would be 30 then impr 29-30 them mythic 27-30.

skill check would remain the same difficulty and higher ones could be imagined.

it may not be necesary but certain saves ac etc could have the fomula bumped up from 10 to 15

and for level above 30 so 31+ you would use a d40 and bump up the numbers agian.

to deal with spell casters one idea ive posted before was having every 2 caster levels increase the save for their spells by 1 i wouldn't make higher spell slots past 10 i would just allow meta-magiced up spell slots.

The advantage would be that now mythic characters chances of failing on menial tasks has gone down. there is now a greater variance on rolls so you can still keep that sweet spot feeling of hitting missing on the middle.

I would like feed back on this idea so please post away ill post some more ideas how to round out this method later

I was thinking over the monk and the deulists and the complaints that they do not do enough damage. but adding dex to str would be suposidly over powered as would wis to hit and damge would amke the monk and deulist a one stat class. so how about these feats to that should make since thematically and work mechanically (sorry for the non formal write up)

Insightful Strike.
type general (figther bonus combat)
requirements int 13 bab +1
You may replace str with int when adding damage on a melee finesse weapon. This damage is ignored by creatues immune to crits and sneak attacks. (i think this has been done before but ive not seen it in feat form just class ability form)

Zen Strike
General combat
Req wis 13 bab +1
same as above except wisdom but may add imp unarmed as a preq instead of bab +1

are their plans to do a hard back campaign setting guide for jade empire?
if so i hope there is going to be plenty of oriental inspired feats archtypes maybe even a class or two in it.

The monk of the four winds replaces stunning fist for elemental fist could i still take stunning fist as a feat later and would it still function as the monk stunning fist?

i reread the sneak attack rules when one of my players mentioned sneak attacking with a great axe i thought immediately no way has to be a finesse weapon but upon reading sneak attack it doesn't stat that anywhere there's no reason he couldn't do it with a axe by raw from what i see. am i crazy or just missing something?

i know readying only triggers when the action you ready for occurs so wouldn't holding your action before that person goes always be superior?

Id like to see some archtypes for some of the alternate classes samurai ninja and anti paladin.
with all the animal shamans id also like to see a spirit shaman (that one might be best as an alternate class maybe)

id also like to see the wujin and sugenja return in archtype form for the wizard and druid/cleric?

how much does it cost for an alchemist to make their formulae's bombs and mutagens i couldn't find this in the book.

Im storngly neutral About prestige classes. (hey you try to do a better counter thread aginst the i don't care about prestige classes) Those of you that have no feeling one way or the other and are apathetic are just blah sayers. (yes like nay sayers) You should be charged by your apathy. choose a side or something

i thought about rambling like this for another paragrapgh then got bored.

quick question
how does the scroll sword and sheild thing work if it increases enhancement bonus by 1 every 2 levels wouldn't that start putting it at +6 7 etc. or do you have to start taking the abilities when it reaches +5 or its wasted plus?

soo im checkin out the gun damage and it seems a little low to me.
but maybe im missing something that the gun slinger has that makes it more awesome. the x4 crit is nice though maybe thats something im not ocnsidering to much. maybe its modern that has me spoiled where a pistol does 2d6

Ive seen alot of people that seem to like psionics to work exactly like spells much in the way 3.5 portrayed them. if you went magic psionic transperancy they might as well of been the same thing aside form one working on a pool and the other not. i personnally think this kills the flavor. its not psionics then just another mage type.

Id like to see psionics as a bit more unique without it being unbalanceing. (just give psi res to magic res and it shouldn't be worse then magic)

i didn't like that all psionic abilitys where divided up like spells. 1-9
id rather see something more like ad&d just majors and minors that scale as you level. let you modify basic powers as you level up example:
lift x/level
wield weapon at range
bull rush (i could go on)
just have to set them to appropriate level
let you gain increases to previous ones and new ones as you level up so you could take any power at first and then enhance it as you level up while gaining new things.
energykinses (choose an energy type)
body alterations
feather fall
let them be powered by pp ost goes up as you add more abilities.
from that you could go alot of directions
mind over matter etc.

ok maybe not the last one but it got your attention
soo been reading the stuff on guns and the whole ignoreing armor within so many feet. soo heres my idea how to work them.
Have armor hardness apply as DR for bullets instead of adding to ac. only problem i see here is fullplate (and reinforced steel armoers) will kill gun damage. still it should fit if you think about it steel plates would slow down the little lead ball as its trying to shred your soft humany skin. leather would do next to nothing but still shave off a point or 2.

hmm alternativly you could have the AC bonus work as DR aginst guns instead then dragons nat armor would be a b+*~% to penetrate. then give the gun figther the feats to help (penetrating shot or something) or maybe Armor peirceing ammo cut hardness in half or reduce it by a certain amount. so it would be like thouch attack then the heavy armor softens the blow like how bullet proof vests work. seems realistic at least. you could also add an ability to hit regular AC and call it something like "shoot at the squishy part". for when you aim at the dragons eye or soft underbelly where that one scale is missing.

alternativly you could bump up weapon damage for guns so theyd be able to peirce armor better course that means unarmored folks gonna get tore up so better hope that ac is up there^^

When i saw pathfinder and the filled in classes and more flavorful progression i liked it but i also worry that with the added power alot of my older content will be underpowered in comparison. maybe not as big an issue with prestige classes some of the later ones are on par maybe add a few abilities here and there. and i woiuld hope they publish remakes of older varied base classes espcially ones from complete.
however i do a sythesis game between modern future and past <dnd3.5>
and already i feel the modern are underpowered in comparison so ive buffed them up form time to time. modern weaponry helps and i retian their defense bonus just for them and it seems to work out.
i would like to be able to combine pathfinder in to this genre but the divergence of power is even greater for the poor moderns. one idea i had was give STR,fast,tough, etc an atribute point every two to three levels in addition to the usual gains. it fits in with the style of the class obviously and adds a nice power boost.

still though i would like to see a new version of modern a modern 3.75 or some such that would be a bit more on par with pathfinder. i would love to see a great deal of diffrent generes useing the pathfinder system. <ive still yet to see a flawless superhero system> although d20 abberant and adventure was pretty close.

i guess these are my museings feel free to tear them apart and what not...
great thing about these games never really run out of ideas