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I'm a GM who recently relocated to the north coast and I'm looking for players. I'd like to run an AP--either Iron Gods, Reign of Winter or Strange Aeons--and I have one player but I need 2 or 3 more.

I'm from the Sacramento area and I've been playing various iterations of D&D for 18 years, GMing for about 10 years, and I have a great gaming setup in my home. Just having a hard time finding other gamers up here!

I would love to have an underwater adventure, so we could try out some of the aquatic races, explore sunken (Azlanti?) cities, and foil the sinister plots of the aboleths!

A plane hopping adventure would be exciting, and I also like the enchanted forest idea.

Something for higher level play, that might pick up where some of the already published adventure paths left off.

This looks good and I think I'm going to run it next week. My only complaint is the lovecraftian misogyny; I don't think there's a single female in the whole module. I guess that might actually be a good thing.

I am in 2 different games with RotRL, DMing one and playing in one--the one I'm DMing is about 1 1/2 modules behind the one I'm playing in. In the game I run we have 4 women and 2 men, the funny thing is one of the men is the "tag-a-long" spouse, not really that into gaming but his wife is so he participates so he won't feel left out. In my game the players are:

  • Female Gnome Rogue with a female player
  • Male Shoanti Barbarian, male player, this is the tag-a-long husband
  • Female Elf Cleric of Desna, female player and probably my most committed player, she's the wife of Mr. Tag-a-long
  • Female Half-Elven Half-Varisian Sorceress with fey bloodline, female player (my sister)
  • Male Chelaxian Marshal (converted to PFRPG), my sister's wife
  • Male Chelaxian Paladin of Iomedae, lately of Lastwall, male player

In the game I play in, I'm the only girl and I play a half-elf cleric. One difference I notice between the 2 groups is gender comes up a lot more in the group with mostly men--my character's gender is alluded to or reacted to several times each gaming session. In the game I DM, gender hardly ever comes up, even times when I would have thought it might, like all the female characters failing saves and running away.

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So I am trying to figure out about the Laughing Touch ability -- can it be used on creatures that are immune to mind-affecting effects? It doesn't say anything about it in the description of the ability, but it sure SEEMS like a mind-affecting effect. I had a player try to use it against a zombie-like creature and it didn't seem right.