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gowen7thcav wrote:

Incident at absolom station was too short. I stretched ..and stretched it but alas we completed it last night. Now its a month and half till the next one...either add more content or shorten the wait...I guess will go back to PF while we wait..and wait..

Thank you for confirming my fears. I'm going to wait until more installments are released before starting a campaign. At least until the Alien Archive comes out and I can brew my own adventures.

Joana wrote:

Oh, I might also mention that there is a possibility that Starfinder PDFs might not be granted until release date even to subscribers. As I recall, that was the case when the Pathfinder CRB came out, to prevent details from spilling out before its big premiere at Gen Con.

Hopefully, details like that will be revealed when the sub(s) is/are announced.

I cannot express how disappointed I would be if Paizo doesn't send preorders because they want to premiere it at Gen Con. Having my copy shipped while I'm at Gen Con seems to defeat the purpose of preordering, unless they allow people to pick up their copy there.

I almost suspect they are not revealing that option because they don't want a massive influx of preorders that requires them to bring more books to the Con. I'm hoping that they do make it an option when the preordering window ends.

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grudgekeyper wrote:
What is the best way to get the Core book or PDF in time to create characters prior to the first session of Starfinder Society at GenCon 8:00AM Thursday?

By preordering and praying to the deity of your choice that it arrives before gencon.

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If y'all wanna email it to me, I can start printing as well. Save you some time. ;)