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I'd love to see this fleshed out more.

Right now spell chips seem a bit fluff specific, the circumstance bonus is a nice touch. The 1% discount on recharge is a bit cars salesmen-esque.

I haven't played enough, especially at higher levels, to understand balance well.

Maybe an archtype or a feat that lets you remotely use spell chips at the expense of a spell slot of equal level maybe eventually 1 level lower with a minimum of level 1 spell lot.

More correlation between computer tier and spell chip level to keep costs up.

Some sort of DC

like I said the balancing is beyond me.

IF I have multiple computers with AI for instance my tier 1 computer and my tier 2 after reaching level 3.

Can I roll 2 separate skill checks each with their respective bonuses?

Also in the rules is says AI can communicate in plain language. I'm not sure what the limitations are on plain language. Does the AI know all the languages my character knows similar to the mechanics AI, or do I designate a language at creation.

For instance if I want a computer to attempt a skill check with a creature that speaks a language that my character also speaks.

From my understanding the specific spell chips rule of anyone who has access to the computer overrides the general rule of needing to hold a spell gem.

I can't find anything on where the spell originates from mechanically but lore wise it seems implied that it comes from the spell gem or chip. Especially considering the Spell Thrower weapon fusion which from my understanding allows non casters to utilize spell gems.

Glad to see someone else asked this! I'm wondering the same thing since you can miniaturize computers to negligible size I want to know if I can give it as a pendent to my front line fighter and cast overheat through it.

Hey found a potential typo and if it's not a typo I'm looking for rule clarification


Each model of squirming entrails functions differently when extruded: mk 1 squirming entrails help you keep your balance, so you don’t take the normal penalties to attacks or gain the flat-footed condition when you are off-kilter, and you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks to balance.

Balance checks are under Acrobatics, I was wondering if this is a type or if I'm missing some other sort of balance check that uses Athletics.