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I have Fantasy Grounds and I'd like to run Starfinder Society adventures there, but so far I've only been able to find non-society adventures that are converted to Fantasy Grounds. Are there Fantasy Grounds versions of society adventures available anywhere? Or is there some rule that allows non-society adventures to be society legal?

Thanks for the tip. Comparing the stats there with the book stats will help me see the differences quickly.

Thanks for all the advice. It helps a lot. For now I think I'll just trudge along as I learn the Pathfinder rules more and see what needs tweaking, modifying on-the-fly as I get deeper into it. I realize now that I also have a few stock D&D 3.0/3.5 Monster Manuals that I can use. I'm going to be house-ruling some things in Pathfinder that may also make it easier for me to do any conversions.

I am new to Pathfinder and just starting to read the very beginning of the core book. One thing that I liked about the introduction text was that they stated that Pathfinder aims to be compatible with existing D&D material (i.e. 3.0/3.5). That's great because I don't yet have the Pathfinder Bestiary, but I do own the pdf copy of The Tome of Horrors and the hardback copies of The Tome of Horrors II and The Tome of Horrors III. So, I immediately thought there should be no problem using them based on the core rulebook assertion of compatibility.

However, now I see that Necromancer Games has published a Tome of Horrors Complete book that is supposedly updated for Pathfinder compatibility. So I find myself scratching my head and wondering why they needed to do this if the original material is already supposed to be compatible?

Can anyone tell me just how compatible the original 3.0/3.5 material is to Pathfinder? What kind of drastic changes should I need to make in the original Tome of Horrors material to use it in my Pathfinder campaign? If there is a place where all this is explained then that would be great.