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...I'm going likely going to make extensive changes.

I have no desire to use the primary baddies that this campaign uses.

I really like the whole Roanoke thing it has going for it, and while islands could work, I also have some things I want to run on my campaign world's moon.

So I'm thinking that there is a portal that only opens rarely to the moon and running the game as a colony being sent to the moon.

Most of the underwater problems/challenges go away.

The main baddies would be draconic.

Does anyone have any advice, or threads to point at here for cool stuff?

I know it the other AP forums there's always lots of neat stuff buried in there created by other DMs, so if someone would be so kind as to point me towards the cool stuff, please!

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I've been asked to bring a healer to a game starting at 3rd level.

I'd been half thinking of trying to do an oradin of some type for a while and this seems like as good a chance as any, and I think that doing a bow using version sounds good (plus slightly inspired by a mini in my collection).

I can get a +2 Chr and either +2 to Dex or Con from a number of different race choices, I'm not overly concerned with that, but if someone has an interesting option I'm all ears.

Str 10 + 4 = 14 (5 pts)
Dex 10 + 4 = 15 (7 pts)
Con 10 + 3 = 13 (3 pts) + 2 (Race) 15, will go to 16 at 4th
Int 10
Wis 10
Chr 10 + 4 = 14 (5 pts) + 2 (Race) 16

I'd rather not play an Int/Wis dumped character if I can make this work without doing so. Making Str a 12 wouldn't be the end of the world, and I could buy into the idea of that to bump dex/con/chr

Oracle 1 Life (no archetype, I'd rather not fiddle with Spirit Guide)
Paladin 2 (Hospitaler and ... Tempered Champion or Warrior of the Holy Light) Any opinions on this?

Point Blank Shot

Finding your Kin(Haleen) - its a bit of shenanigans, but I can use all the HP and skill points I can get.
Blessed Touch

Am I overlooking something?
I think leveling build pretty much builds itself - a few bow feats, Selective Channel, Quicken Channel, Dex to 16 at 8th, all point to Cha after

Try to stay middle rear of party, shoot in support, focusing on dropping targets to reducing incoming damage

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Replacing a character in a campaign with a 6th level character.

I originally was thinking of a Cartomancer Witch, but the rest of the witch material that came along with it just didn't feel right for a Good aligned character.

So I built the character as an Arcanist. I understand some of these choices arn't optimized, but I don't need to be terribly optimized for this game. The character is sort of designed as someone who has not been an adventurer, but will become drawn into it because of events that bring the rest of the part to town.

Any thoughts or advice?

Peri-Blooded Aasimar
Arcanist (Tarroh Student) 6

Strength 7 (-2)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 12 (+1)
Intelligence 20 (+5)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 14 (+2)

Psychic Sensitivity
Spell Focus (evocation)
Angelic Blood
Angelic Flesh (golden)

Harrow Chosen
Havoc of the Society (ok'd

Arcane Exploits
Potent Magic (Su)
Metamagic Feat - Toppling Spell (not tied to this)

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Gonna be playing in a 1st level game for the first time in a while, and I intend on making or at least roughing out, 4(ish) different characters for my group and gonna let the DM pick one, then flesh it out.

I don't really expect this game to last to particularly high level - I doubt we'll hit much more than 10-12.

I do have an idea of what the other players are building:

1 - human bloodrager (I expect abyssal claw machine)
2 - human monk of the 4 winds
3 - human cleric (gonna assume that this will be a generic healer/buffer)

While I have a few thoughts of my own, as the title states - I'm just fishing for ideas.

I expect the bloodrager to be mechanically sound, but not high end optimized.
I expect the cleric will be able to cure and buff, not optimized at all.
I expect the monk to take up a 5' square, the player has a history of builds that only function when the stars are right.

Thanks in advance.

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I was just considering what I want to do once my players hit Magnimar.
We only get to see one "Justice", Ironbriar.

I'd like to have the players encounter another Justice, for a number of reasons.

1. To portray the fact that most of the Justices are corrupt in some way.
2. To make Ironbriar look (at first) to be "good" incomparison.
3. So that Ironbriar is not the only Justice that they get to meet.

I'd like to associate another Justice with a sin, and not Greed.

Does anyone have some thoughts or ideas on this?
Something that they did in their campaign or in Shattered Star?

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Champions of the Dark Seven is a class from the Green Ronin book: the Unholy Warrior's Handbook.
Given all of the Sin based material within Rise of the Runelords alone, has anyone considered retooling this class to:
A. Fit more with the themes of the Runelords
B. Mix a bit better with Pathfinder?

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I've always run my games using a style that could be called "sandboxy".
I'm not a fan of describing that as how I run however, as I've always consider that style to be simply "Running an ongoing campaign". I'll leave it at that, because that line of though could divert my intent with this thread.

I've been adding a number of NPCs to the AP as I've been going along.
I'd certainly like to hear about other NPCs that people have added so I can swipe some as I go along the way.

To start this thread off I'll put a few NPCs I've added, I dont know if all of their stories will become part of the campaign, but I can always use more, and if I can, I assume other DMs can as well.


Darkov Glovier:
Darkov "the Lucky" was a sailor that survived a shipwreck that happend a few weeks before Chopper's rampage. He survived an attack by Chopper by falling into the ocean. While recovering from his wounds at the White Deer, he survived the Sandpoint Fire and the burning down of the White Deer.

Darkov now works for Jargie Quinn, and oversees the gambling games at the Hagfish. Locals refuse to place wagers against Darkov.

This former sailor has a curly mop of hair just starting to grey and keeps a ready grin and is always in a good humor.

Build him as a charisma based rogue

Raymond Johns:
Ryamond Johns is a fixer for Titus Scarnetti. As Sandpoint has sort of struck me as a bit of a mobster themed setting Raymond is a Luca Brasi-esque character who will be the one directly responsible for any of Titus' less admirable dealings.

He is a heavy-set clean cut but grim man who most of the time speaks little if at all.

Build him as a Strength Rogue with an Earthbreaker, Bludgeoner->sap Master

Vili Rovanky:
"Cap'n Bill" Rovanky is a cousin to Lars at the Tannery. Quite the polar opposite to his cousin, Cap'n Bill is relaxed and tries NOT to work too hard. Bill is in his 70s, and runs a bait shop, collecting fish waste from the fishmarket. After the local fishermen have taken their boats out for the day, Bill sit down by the beach whittling, smoking a pipe and watching the waves.

Vedia and Alec Scarnetti:

Alec and Vedia are brother and sister. The are nephew and neice to Titus.

Alec is a sport hunter, and oversees the logging camps for his uncle. Alec is cold and efficient reserving his passion for his hunting trips, and any softness for his sister.

Vedia is a tomboy, and Titus disapproves of this. Titus would love to see her married off the Ethram Valdemar, but that's unlikely to happen on either parties side.

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I'm about to begin running a new campaign using Rise.

It will be set in my home brew campaign world, obviously this will require a little bit of shoe horning.

I'm looking for some advice on what things I need to keep in mind to allow for in terms of major movers across the campaign.

Obviously I'll need stand-ins for prominent deities like Lamashtu.

I do have an ancient culture analogous to Atlantis, that I can squish to suit the purposes of the campaign.