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Pete Apple wrote:

Everbody *still* wants to post their review on how it's different from 3.5E like this is somehow news? :-) Move on already!

It's interesting that in many of the negative reviews so far a number of the things folks see as "negatives" I view as "<shrug>" or "great".

It's a streamlined version of DnD. They traded some simulation aspects for some streamlined rules and gameplay. Ok. That's what it is. If you get a group of folks together I bet you could still manage to have some fun with it, within the context it presents.

Play 3.5E! Play PFRPG! Play 4E! Drink some beer, eat some fritos, have fun with your friends.

I feel like I must comment that the first game of 4E I played with the core books incorporated a drinking game. By the time we fought the dragon at the end we were toasted. Therefore I can wholeheartedly recommend 4E.

Zil wrote:

That's apples and oranges. Yes, the preorders to book and game stores has been very high, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a significant minority that does somehow feel slighted and abandoned by the move to 4E. For the most part, this minority simply doesn't like where the new rules have taken the game so they are bothered that the game has gone somewhere that they don't wish to follow - the the feelings of abandonment.

Unfortunately, you can't ever accommodate those who are not in favor of an overhaul of any product. The only way to prevent these ill feelings is by never putting out a new edition.

Zil wrote:

Also, decisions like yanking Dungeon and Dragon from being published magazines without providing a working alternative (and what we've had for the past near year isn't really a working alternative) created a lot of bad feelings.

Finally, the whole fiasco over the GSL and the end of a true Open license for D&D bothers another portion of the community. Again, it's another case of WoTC taking D&D to a place some people don't want to follow.

I can't argue that ending Dungeon and Dragon was a good move for us, but there are plenty of fans of D&D who didn't read either, and don't care for 3rd party material.

So, yeah, there are fans who feel abandoned, but is that feeling really disproportionate from the perspective of a major edition rollover?

Samuel Weiss wrote:

That part is a switch from the implication in the playtester announcement that suggested playtesters could discuss details of the sessions.

That suggestion isn't in the earlier announcement; WotC can't control people who inferred otherwise. Hardly a switch. If I posted something which you misinterpreted and took issue with, would I be changing my position if I stood with my original intent but with better phrasing? Of course not.

Samuel Weiss wrote:

Yes, a bit of a change from this.

"And yes, that means it’s safe to confirm that you were a 4th Edition playtester; but remember that Non-Disclosure Agreement: No talking details until June 6th!"

A rather stark reversal in less than a month.

Oh well, no details for you!

It's important to note that "no talking details" meant they couldn't discuss any game content until June 6th, and this new announcement reminds them that they can't discuss what didn't make it into the game. There is a big difference, and it's not a reversal at all.

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