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Ah, rights issues and all now, I'm guessing. My sympathies, haha. Well, thanks for the quick reply anyway and I think I can track down the article on my own (or get your print version), so I'm good. Cheers!

Hi guys, this is no big issue (although funnily enough this is the particular article I was looking for, which is why I noticed), but the PDF collection from this issue that I just purchased (order 1272980, this last Saturday 10/10/09) is missing pages 52-55, that is, the article "Dungeons In Disguise".

Assuming there isn't something that prevented that article from being included I guess.

Well, just a heads-up, and if you fix this let me know so I can get a new download. :)


Absolutely. So does improved natural attack under RAW if you're using material from 3.5e (Monster Manual feat applicable to natural weapons, such as monk unarmed strike).

Pretty puzzled and disappointed with the rounds/day change here. :(

We'll see how it goes though.