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Calling all artists!

We at the Cosmic Crit podcast are back with another monthly fan challenge: Fan Art!

Our goal this month is two-fold: We want cool Cosmic Crit art (because we’re selfish), but we also want to build up a huge list of artists who double as Starfinder fans themselves. I know we like to tap artists who are familiar with the setting of Starfinder to create art for our own game. We’d like to gather all of those folks in one place so other people can find them, too!

By entering this contest, you can automatically be added to that directory of Starfinder artists, and you could also win some awesome prizes, like Paizo PDFs or merchandise from the Cosmic Crit store featuring your art.

Your submission can be art of one of our characters (Edrass, Andis-147, Rami, Gnak, or Alyndra), a rendition of a scene from our playthrough of the Dead Suns Adventure Path so far, a comic strip… whatever you’d like. As long as it’s original artwork inspired by Cosmic Crit and/or Starfinder, it’s fair game!

Check our website for details

You can submit your fan art to us at or link to it below before July 1, 2018.

Can't wait to see what you all can come up with!

It's a new month, and that means a new fan challenge from Cosmic Crit!

This month, we're asking you to create the most gruesome, terrifying, deadly monsters you can think of for the Starfinder universe.

Our favorite monsters will have a chance to show up in our podcast to try to kill our characters. Their creators will each receive a Paizo PDF (just in time for Pact Worlds release later this month!), and the Grand Prize Winner will also get original commissioned artwork of their creation.

Considering how much fun you guys had with adding to our Critical Fail deck in February (which, by the way, is being finalized for release on our website soon!), I'm willing to bet you'll have fun dreaming up ways to kill us this month, too. -_-;;

Check out our website for details on how to enter and what we're looking for.


By the way... make sure you catch our latest episode, 027: The Shape of Slaughter. It's an exciting finale to Book 2: Temple of the Twelve of the Dead Suns Adventure Path.

And if you haven't listened to us before... now is a great time to jump in! Not only are we starting Book 3, but also our next episode will feature a very special interview with John Compton that you won't want to miss.

New episodes come out every Monday. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, wherever you get your podcasts, or subscribe however you like with our RSS Feed.

You can also connect with the cast and other Crittermanders on our Cosmic Crit Discord. Join us :)

Thank you for this AMAZING thread -- we got so many incredible submissions for this challenge, many of which were from this board. You guys are some creative and hilarious people.

You can listen to our Extra Life Game Day Special Episode here to see if your submission made the cut ;) :

Cosmic Crit X02: Crit Stop: An Extra Life Game Day Special