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Silver Crusade

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I'm pretty impressed. I ran this as a home game last year. Now I can run it again for credit!

Silver Crusade


Silver Crusade

Xexyz wrote:

So I'm looking through all of the weapon abilities in the Ultimate Equipment guide and frankly hardly any of them are worth it in my opinion. Out of all of them, unless I already have a +5 weapon the only ones I'd consider are these ones"

Furious, if I was a barbarian
Keen, if I wasn't going to take the feat
Spellstoring, maybe if I had a specific trick I had in mind
Bane, only if I knew I'd be facing a lot (50%+) of a certain type of creature, or if I was a ranger that was allowed to combo the ability with Instant Enemy.

Really though, that's it. If I already had a +5 weapon I guess I'd consider holy/unholy, plus the basic elemental effects. But honestly it seems that most of the weapon special abilities aren't worth it at all.

What do you all think?

So I have a question, do the base pathfinder society rules allow for intelligent weapons? Havnt seen any rules against it but sounds sick.