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Kita2201 wrote:

So I've been browsing for the internet for about an hour now, looking through various message boards and other sites and not much has come up.

I keep getting links to software and iPad apps but that's really not what i'm looking for.

I'm looking at starting my own campaign, this will by my first time, and i was wondering what little tricks people used? For example the last DM i played with used M:tG cards to show initiative and one website recommended glass beads for abilities etc.

So i was just wondering what worked for you?

If you don't mind spending some coin then Hero Lab is a worthy investment. It is more than a character creation tool now.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder archery works better than previous systems IMO. Original D&D for example I always thought it was far too weak and it remained so even in computer RPG's like EQ1 where it was useful only for pulling an enemy.

The problem is that it seems apparent that the rogue shooting an enemy from behind in the darkness should kill that guard with it. And realistically he would - the problem is that too many times the guard is built to be a heroic monster with mega hit-points. Savage Worlds, GURPS, and even (boo hiss I know) D&D4e handles this right away by creating "minions" - cannon fodder to be the enemies that simulate cinematic play of enemies who go down with one shot but have the power to mess you up if they hit you first or you miss.

IOW archery and other artillery fire whether its fireballs or what have you can be done in an exciting fairly realistic way if your GM has written the adventure well.

Like everything YMMV. Just my 2copper.