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Apologies if this question has already been asked, but it's not easy to sift through all the board postings. This would apply to AP style of play rather than PFS.

I think the question explains itself, but to elaborate...I can see it being rather tedious to track every single in-game day in a campaign to track when and if a magic item could be created. Needing a full day with no other activity is a limiting factor, of course. But I can see this becoming nit-picky rather quickly if it is used a lot, even for scrolls or potions.

So how do GMs out there handle it? Advice is much welcome.

I may have mentioned somewhere that my group, at the end of The Wormwood Mutiny, decided to strand these two hooligans on Bonewrack Isle with nothing more than loincloths and a dagger each, and no hints about the dangers of ghoul fever and botflies. It was a suitably nasty punishment for the dastards. It also gave them one hell of an escape clause: ghouldom.

I figured these two had enough skill and power to eke out a basic survival, since most of the worst critters were now dead and gone. The ghoul fever, however, they had little defense against aside from sleeping on a raft over the water each night, which only delayed the inevitable. So they came up with a strange suicide pact.

The villains knew it was only a matter of time until they got infected, so they tried to plan it so they were private long enough to expire from the disease and come back as ghouls (in Plugg's case, a ghast). This made hunting for meat hella easier, and they began lighting signal fires from the beacon fire atop The Fist to draw rescue ships. Of course, they ambushed landing parties to get more ghouls (and some food), and used the launches to bring the attack to the ships, create a ghoul crew, and take over. Now they sail an all-ghoul crew on "The Foul Feast" as they plunder and plot their revenge.

I've decided to throw in an extra mini-adventure involving this revenge plot at the start of AP 3 "Tempest Rising" before the PCs get to Port Peril to officially start the module. I'm looking for ideas and feedback from the community. Ideally this will take one game session of about 4 hours to complete.

Since the PCs have been spreading word of their adventures and conquests all over the Shackles, it makes sense that the undead know the name of the PCs' new ship and their base-by-marriage at Tidewater Rock. I can't see these dastards being nice about that.

My basic idea is that the ghouls went to kidnap Agasta Smythee as a hostage to lure the PCs back to Bonewrack Isle ("Where you last saw us...") and rescue her. Here's where I could use some help.

I was going to have a confrontation on the beach, with a half dozen or so ghouls with the Warren Digger feat burrowing up underneath the PCs to attack with roguish sneak attacks and tanglefoot bags. But that seems a tad straightforward, and I'm not sure what to do with Agasta.

Now I'm leaning towards a paralyzed Agasta being in some danger (trap, a big fall) and the PCs having to save her up by the fort, the one near the only freshwater spring on the island.

I'm pondering how to set this all up and execute it, so input is welcome.

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