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Gawain the Sponge wrote:
Regarding the memory loss throughout the first book. How much of a backstory are the PCs creating. (I am in a group which backstory is almost as important as the current campaign.) They are very interested in this concept, and I am just confused on what they should know and not know about their characters and the situation.

The Player's Guide mentions that only the last few years of the PCs' lives are erased, but that doesn't have nearly the impact as total personal amnesia. Lots of knowledge, but NO memories or emotions to connect to them. I prefer that approach. Tabula rasa on personal memories. No names. No nothing. Freaky.

The approach I plan to take when I run this adventure path is to tell the players NOT to plan character backgrounds at all. Instead, as they begin to remember things from before, or learn about them from others, I'll let them reverse-engineer some of their history based on what they learn. It'll be a way to give them some control after taking it away in the beginning and it should produce interesting results...especially after they find out some of the nastier things they did while in Lowls' employ.

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Maligannt wrote:

Trying to reconcile the BBEG melee stats & plan tactics against a fully optimized group of six characters, many of whom have played together for 2 years+ across multiple AP's. A single spell caster BBEG without mooks as the last foe in an ap is anti-climactic and not fun for anyone, even with his auras, DR and regen this foe won't challenge them - none of these players will be in an ustalav based AP without weapons to negate his regen/dr.

BBEG current melee stats in the AP:
+1 war razor +9 (1d4+4/19-20) or 2 claws +3 (1d8+1)

Default doppleganger has +8 to hit with 2 claws, BBEG has +3 to hit with his claws? Why? His class bab? Why then does he have the appropriate +9 with the war razor?

His strength is 16 two lower than a default doppleganger, which is added correctly to the war razor but he's only doing 1d8+1 on claw attacks?

Shouldn't he be at worst:

2 claws +7 (1d8+3) ?


I've found occasional errors in stat blocks for Adventure Path modules by re-entering every NPC into Hero Lab. Since I run combats off that program it makes sense, and definitely finds those little mistakes. In Tatterman's case, he gets 2 claws +8 for 1d8+4 damage each.

Maligannt wrote:
No tactics are specified for him. He has a 15 int and he's going to take on a full party of foes about whom he already knows a great deal, since they've just killed his host, he's been in their dreams, etc. I see no reason not assume he's going to fully utilize his abilities to their utmost to end them.

I have to agree, as written he's not terribly powerful. His spells are largely ineffective for facing an adventuring party that is awake and ready for combat, even if they're softened up. He does have three suggestion spells to toss off as spell-like abilities, though, which can be used to devastating effect.

"Your god has abandoned you. Your divine gifts and spells no longer function."

"Your arcane power is gone. You cannot use spells or magic items."

"Your strength of arms is gone. You cannot wield weapons."

Maligannt wrote:

His most powerful/dangerous ability is shadow walk(DC20) combined with his regeneration. He would engage the party using his war razor, take some hits and then I see him withdrawing into a dimly lit area (if the players pursue but don't manage their light sources properly and let him get them into melee in a dimly lit area) using his shadow walk to take the most heavily armored PC into the air of a room/courtyard nearby and dropping them. He has a fly speed so this seems an obvious tactic.

At that point sleep the pc he dropped and coupe de grace if necessary. Then cast touch of fatigue / vanish coming back and attack the least armored/most dangerous foe while invisible with his most powerful melee attacks, which should be claw/claw +7 for 1d8+3.

I would not think he uses any of his sorcerer spells unless he feels...

I would agree. His spells really aren't the best to use in a group combat, especially as a 3rd level sorcerer. Three 1st level spells don't go far and the 0's aren't much use overall either. His claw and knife attacks are more effective.

I like your idea for separating the party one by one to take them out. Something I will consider when I eventually run this module. I'll be scouring this forum for further ideas.

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tbug wrote:
Have any of you who have Plugg and/or Scourge show up later as a recurring villain explained how they got off the island? I assume it would be a passing ship seeing the signal fire, or some such. Any thoughts on which one might be the most fun to pick up stranded PCs? Or on how to get the PCs in possession of a ship after they fail to get the Man's Promise?

My group took Plugg and Scourge alive, and left them on the island with nothing but a loincloth and a dagger each. Then they told the rest of the crew that the island was infested with botflies infected with ghoul fever and asked if anyone wanted to join their former commanders instead of joining the crew. They heard the crickets.

Obviously, there's a high chance that the two of them will become a ghast and a ghoul, respectively. They also have enough experience between them to build and navigate a raft. So my plan is for them to come back, more dangerous than before, and seek revenge. I almost included them in the crew of Whalebone Pilk on the Bell, but at the time they would have been too much for the PCs to handle in the listed CR.

Now I'm thinking of having them meet up with the Brinebrood Queen, who fled to the ocean with the devilfish after her son, the Whale, was killed by the PCs. With a mutual foe, I can see them all joining forces to seek revenge. The only thing I haven't figured out is where, when, and with how many minions. It will be sometime after Inkskin's attack on the Rock if anyone has suggestions.

Oh, and the undead pirates have a plan. They're going to press gang a bunch of people by dumping them on Bonewrack Island, where they'll either become ghouls or ghoul food. Once they have enough, they can staff a ship full of pirate ghouls for their pleasure! Most likely with the Brinebrood Queen providing clerical support and assistance.

The funny thing is, the PCs have been warning EVERYONE about the ghoul fever infestation and to give the island a wide berth. Which means it's very likely that there will be no interference as the ghouls build their crew. Gotta love it!

- Andrew <:-{}