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Keeping the faith, got a different ticket number when chasing today, so hopefully that helps

Customer Service wrote:

Thank you for reaching out to Paizo Customer Service. Our team will look into your request and get back to you shortly.

Your support ticket ID is 149692. You can reply to this email at any time to add comments.

Paizo Customer Service

Unfortunately, I still have not had any response to any e-mails I have sent to the Customer Service email address.

The only response to date is below on 13th March.

I would greatly appreciate being reached out to

I agree with that, it does seem that the email box is only picking things up sent during operational hours, which makes things very difficult for others outside the US, like myself, and as a helpdesk employee myself, that would be incredibly frustrating to manage

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I checked and I got an automated response for my first email, but when I sent a new one in as requested I didn't get anything through. Nearly 2 months now as well.

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Just to check, does your system send out an automatic reply if a ticket is logged?
If So it doesn't seem to be picking any of my emails up

No worries I sent it through today about 5 hours ago. Hope it got through okay

Hi there,

Sorry to be opening a thread for this problem, but I sent in a ticket 5 weeks ago to the customer service e-mail but have not received any response from the initial automatic reply.
Is the customer service team swamped at the moment?