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Pirate Rob wrote:
Add at least 1 session to the calendar of your event.

Doesn't seem to work. I've added an event/schedule and the only new option was 'download session sheet'.

I've tried multiple times to create an event and report on a Starfinder Society session that I GM'ed, but it seems that the reporting function is broken currently.

After I create an event (and don't edit it), I get the option to report on in the 'GM/Event Coordinator' tab, but when I click the report link, I get an unstyled page (with some working javascript) that's pretty hard to read. After filling in everything and hitting submit, I just get an error message. I've tried this in both Safari and Chrome on mac.

If I edit the event before I try to report, then the report link just disappears in the 'GM/Event Coordinator' tab. It's an extremely frustrating experience.

Anybody else that has issues or maybe one of the web support team that can have a look at this?

Thanks :)

Edit: I notice the unstyled reporting page is trying to load the stylesheet over http, while the page itself is served over https, which get blocked by nearly all browsers nowadays.

The pommel of the gang leader's sword-thing (right hand) is cropped weirdly. This must be a mistake.

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McBugman wrote:
I've recently learned that the often misconceived barrel roll is actually an aileron roll. BUT that doesn't change my excitement!!

Gunner: I can't get a clear shot, do a barrel roll!

Pilot: Actually, it's called an aileron roll. The two are ofte...

Gunner: Do it Toragdamnit!