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For stat calculations I think it would help to provide summaries of how each stat is calculated in list format, in addition to the prose description of the calculation.


Armor Class:
Base = 10
+ Dexterity Modifier (up to armor's Dex mod cap)
+ Proficiency Modifier with that armor
+ the armor's item bonus to AC
+ any other bonuses that always apply
minus any penalties that always apply

BTW, what are some examples of "other bonuses and penalties that always apply"? It might be good to provide some examples when this phrase first comes up.

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Not only as a partially sighted/vision impaired (RP & CME) person/thing, but in general, I find all icons/symbols irritating and cheap, in RPGs, just axe them, guys.

That 2 and 3 action arrow dorky thingy, at a glance...not happening...

Coulnd’t agree more!

The icons are not good. I am praying they are eliminated and replaced with words again

They don't news to reinvent the Wheel on ícone. It's a one-action activity? Use "1" instead of anexo ícone. Two-actions? Use "2". Three-action, "3". It's a free-action, use "0". A reaction, use an "R".

Numbers (and a Letter) carries meaning, are easy to be understand, anos easy to differentiate from each other.

I like this idea.

Just received the physical playtest rule book, and these are some things I like about it:

-- The font size -- just right.

-- The edge index for the different sections -- great idea! -- please keep this.

-- The large format paperback -- I find this much more comfortable to hold than a hardcover, and of course easier to read than a smaller paperback would be with tiny print -- so please keep this as one of the available formats when PF2 official is printed.