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I doubt having several wizards will be a problem as long as we all take the time to differentiate and play our backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. In a way it is beneficial as it gives us a reason to know each other and work together.

Vancouver and Seattle are both good options for settings. I've been to each (even if it has been awhile) and am happy to do a bit of background research for the game to integrate my character. I'd vote strongly for the higher refresh rate but it isn't a deal breaker or anything if you choose the lower.

thanks for the lead on the other game. If you end up having another space open up just send me a message and I'll get a character together ASAP :)

I'm interested! I'm a huge dresden files fan. I'd love to play some sort of wizard. Are there any character generation guidelines that we should be aware of?

I'd like to suggest Santa Cruz, CA as the setting. It is a bit small but it has a history of strangeness, energy vortices, crazy isolated mountain folk, creepy woods...etc. Lost Boys (the vampire movie) was filmed there as well and it is pretty darn close to the setting of Buffy.

I just wanted to check in and see if you were open to accepting a new player or if you are at your limit. I'm a huge dresden files fan and would love to play! It looks like you have a great game going here.