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Mr. Valdez,

Thank you for your help. I was able to call the help desk and get access to my character and have the right number.
My new problem is that I have 9 characters that should be registered under that number. and there are are only two showing up.
Both the posted characters are missing senarios, can I add the ones that are missing??
Lastly, while I think my gm *'s are currently currect, I worry that I am not receiving credit for senarios i've ran.

please help...

Jerry Hamra

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When I first got my pathfinder society card it had a number on it of 64075. I have associated all my characters since that time to that number. When i log in, the site gives my member number as 223912 ??? I dont understand where this number is coming from. Why is it not showing the number on my card??

I cant see my characters and GM credits.

Jerry Hamra