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The Bard's Eclectic Skill class feat, pp.101-102, says "You add your level to all skill checks in which you are untrained."

The Untrained Improvisation general feat, p.168, says "Your proficiency bonus to untrained skill checks is equal to half your level instead of +0. If you're 7th level or higher, the bonus increases to your full level instead."

Add to that the Clever Improviser human ancestry feat, which also grants Untrained Improvisation and says, "you can attempt skill actions that normally require you to be trained, even if you are untrained," and don't you have a jack-of-all-trades skill monkey that will surpass even someone with Legendary Proficiency?

Proficiency bonus at Level 20:

Eclectic Skill (+20) + Untrained Improvisation (+20) = +40

Key stat (22 for +6) + Level (+20) + Legendary proficiency (+8) = +34

I am new to Pathfinder. What am I missing?

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Couldn't agree more. It's not just the art. Everything from the iconography to copy, to page and stat block layouts, the character sheet, et cetera... Coming from D&D, it all feels quite undesigned. My personal dis-favorite art is the chipmunk teeth on the wizard on page 202.