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Nighglass was great. Really glad to see another Isiem book. More creepy Zon-Kuthon dudes please.

An awesome backstory to go with that pimpin' outfit. Cool. Made me like both gnomes and summoners a lot more.

DeathQuaker wrote:
Warpriest seems slightly more effective in certain areas, but multiclass actually has certain advantages as well and it's a tradeoff--and if the warpriest is supposed to accomplish what the multiclass can't, it needs to be more than JUST a tradeoff.

I think this is a big part of the problem that people are having with these new classes. Are they there to allow players with a particular concept to roll a character without worrying about multi-classing, or are they there to provide something which would be beyond a multi-class character?

If the aim is to provide simplicity for those who want a single class character, I definitely feel Warpriest is more of a hassle to deal with than a couple of levels of fighter. Too many things to keep track of.