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I've GMed in the past and am currently running a seated homebrew campaign. I've only run a bit of an AP in the past (we, in our infinite wisdom, picked the last two weeks before finals in our fourth year of undergrad, so the timing was, uh, not good). I've never tried pbp on Paizo before, so I'll probably be making a lot of silly mistakes with the forum (and also because I'm silly), so please do be patient with me and private message me to let me know what I've gone and fizzed up.
I really, really, really like reading, writing, and good story/roleplay. I would like to be able to envision your characters - please, let them come to life in my game - it'll liven the experience for everyone (I hope). A good, strong background/history will call to me like... I dunno, candy to a small, hyper child?

Have fun! We're all here to play a game, get in some good laughs, some RP, and have some fun! If you're not having fun, please let me know so we can discuss what could help to change that. If nothing works, then it's okay for you to go - don't stay if it's not fun for you.

Please post at least once a day. Don't feel pressured to give me trash posts, but a quick post that's telling me what's going on with your character - are they considering what just happened but choosing to stay silent? What are they thinking? - is always, always welcome! You're not playing with a group, so I consider it a courtesty to be considerate of the others who are awaiting your actions. In combat, I will delay your character. It's what I do at my seated table and keeps us from holding up the table.

I will be prepared to post at least twice a day. If there's nothing for the GM to add/include to the thread, you may not see anything, but I'm pretty much on the website all day, crossing my fingers for posts in other games, so you can bet I'll be doing the same with this one, especially with combat.

You will each have my email address. If you cannot post within 24 hours for any reason, please let me know. I will do my best to bot you/arrange for someone else to bot you (if you designate) until you're back to normal.

Update your tagline. Information - your current health/max health, active conditions, perception, saves - means that I can do the rolls, resolve the effects, and keep the game moving forward in a single post rather than just kind of weeping at the game for wasting a whole round of posts from my beloved players. I'll try to keep track of all players via HeroLab, but I'm still essentially a HL newbie, so anything that makes information like that more readily available will make me smile. I'll have specifics in discussion once I've selected players.

Several types of PC rolls will be made by me just to keep things moving, such as initiative, perception, or saving throws. Player dice rolls of these types will be ignored, unless specifically requested by me. This is to keep things from getting bogged down.

Combat is really hard, so please simplify it. I love roleplay - please, please type me up some of your character's thoughts, actions - and with flourish! But when I'm trying to get down to the number crunching bits and pleases, I'm going to ask you to just tell me your actions in ooc at the end of your post. Move action, standard action, etc. Also, move your avatar on the map as necessary! It's not that I don't trust you guys - I don't trust myself just yet, since I'm mostly self-taught and... Well. Rules can get confusing for me. Knowing what you're doing in which phase makes it a lot easier for me to understand what you're trying to do.

Let's stick to a standard format, shall we? I'm talking bold for dialogue, italics for in-character thoughts/telepathy, etc., and ooc for out of character questions or other discussion. We're also going to stick to third person and present tense for the present and past tense for... the past.