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I never experienced in game the 3.0 darkness spell*, I just know, that it does what its name says: It makes utter darkness - while the 3.5 darkness spell "just" makes a dark area, not completely black.

Because we all loved the idea of utter darkness, we always add a new spell in all our 3.5 campaigns, let's call it "blackness" or "utter darkness". It worked the same way as darkness, but gave the complete 3.0 utter darkness. Darkvision works of course, as does dispelling via higher level light spells. Low-Light Vision etc. does not work.

Spellcaster can choose which kind of spell they learn, maybe the "utter" version is a bit evil-tainted or unused in wizard-schools - if you want to limit its usage.

I searched the web a bit and found a LOT of people using the 3.0 version of darkness in 3.5 - or both parallel - so maybe it will be a good addition to the new game.

(*3.5 was my first D&D - came to it via Paizos DUNGEON and bought my way through the whole program)

Amazon in germany is obviously not able to sell the whole Paizo-Program - I ordered all adventures and books, most books are available and came these days, the adventures and campaigns are not so easy to get. F.i. I was able to order and buy Runelords 1,2 and 5, not 3, 4 or 6 - I could buy many of the gamemastery, but not all - though they are in print.

Any possibility to clear this problem? I would like to order directly via paizo, but p&h to europe would kill any price.

thnxs :)


can anyone explain the enormous price difference between an american an a european subscription? When I buy a US-RPG I pay about 0.85 to 0.9 Euro per US$, so that a $20 book is Euro 17.80. When I buy a Dungeon, I have to pay between 9 and 11 Euro per Dungeon - and, sorry to say that, they are not worth this much of money.

A subscription is about $40 a year in the US - that would be Euro 35 - but I have to pay $72 for a european version. Let's get serious, when every other book bought from the US is so much cheaper, it SHOULD be possible to do the same to your Magazines. I am quite sure there are enough european distributers willing to help spread the mags here. I'd be one of the first subscribers for the "real" price.

best regards