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I'd start her off at a higher level, for one. Then give her one or two simplistic NPCs to help. You'll have to make sure healing is plentiful, and still scale down the encounters slightly, but it shouldn't be too terribly complicated.

Lord Fyre wrote:

I went with it being a "legit" contest, but put the DC at 20 (though I know that it could/should have made it higher. I know about hagfish slime.)

Even so, none of my players made that roll.

I had the same thought, and none of mine even tried it. My Varisian pickpocket managed to steal the coins with Jubrayl being the only one who noticed, though.

Wasn't an issue with my party. They wanted to capture both Tsuto and Nualia, but timely crits eliminated that possibility. They did capture Lyrie, and tied her to a table top to use as a stretcher to haul her back to down, but they hadn't discovered the bridge trap yet and it collapsed as they hauled her across, causing her (and Skivver) and one of the characters to die.

They never saw Orik (they hadn't come across him before Lyrie, and without Lyrie and every goblin but the wives dead, he took off). I'm thinking he might end up with the Black Arrows after getting captured in Magnimar after leaving.

I like the above Ironbriar ideas for court. Adds a nice twist and allows to bring them back later in some form or another.

Bidmaron wrote:
I know it's hard to believe that someone is just getting started with RotR but we are. Question: Who died in the goblin attacks? I think this is a glaring ommission in the text but I can't find a gone listed, just that the deaths were thankfully few.

It means none of the named NPCs died. Make up names if you need them.

Rodger Graham wrote:

I've begun the preliminary work on my RotRL campaign for my group, and I have calendar-related question.

In Burnt Offerings, the synopsis states that the campaign begins on the day of the Swallowtail Festival, the first day of autumn. Now, in another post on the boards, James Jacobs has said that this would be 21, 22, or 23 Rova 4707. My choice is 21 Rova, since that is analogous to our calendar.

Based on information in other APs, Chronicles, and such, does anyone know what day of the week this would be? I'm sure picking a day would be easy enough, but I was curious if anyone had an official answer.


I'm not sure. There's a couple calendar's in the Community Created thread you might take a look at. I don't think they agree though.

Watcher wrote:

Ugh.. Thread necromancy.

Finding a way to downgrade to Acrobat 8.X was a pain.. I hate that Acrobat took this functionality away in Reader 9.

Worse, Acrobat Reader 9 is forcing me to uninstall it before I can downgrade.

I gave up on Acrobat Reader a couple years ago. It's a bloated piece of crap. I switched to Foxit reader and haven't had any problems. Something like 10% of the file size too since Adobe added a bunch of net related crap to the free reader.

tintagel wrote:

The last of Misgivings is done:

Misgivings: Caverns

I was preparing for today's campaign last night and I realized, to my horror, that I didn't ever map this, so I burned the midnight oil and got to mapping furiously. I wish I could have spent a bit more time on it, but... meh.

Your maps have been a godsend. We use maptool with grid, so to get the grid to work properly with scanned maps (really maps pulled from the PDFs) is a lot of work. Other than resizing to my preferred resolution, I can just plug in your absolutely GORGEOUS maps and run them fine.

I really appreciate your hard work, since it's saved me hours of getting lesser quality maps to work right.

But I wish Paizo would include/offer raw image files of the maps for people who use virtual tabletops to import. A zip file with the maps in JPG or PNG (preferably unlabeled players maps) would be awesome.

toyrobots wrote:

Maptool is free and cross-platform. It is extremely easy to get a simple map and chat with dice-roller set up. For a little extra effort, you get initiative tracking and health bars. If you want to take the time to get good at the (sort of weird) scripting language, then the sky's the limit as far as what you can do.

If you decide to check it out, be sure to use a recent development build. Don't be scared, it's stable and WAY ahead of v1.2. It is also very close to a final 1.3 release. I use build 50 myself.

We use Maptool in our sessions even though we meet in person. It creates a nice interface for people to visualize the game without dealing with mass quantities of minitures. We use 2 laptops, with the players laptop connected to a TV.

We use 1.3.53 currently. The sight blocking, light sources, and fog of war aspects are great for revealing a little bit at a time. The simple initiative tracking is great and macros help out here and there (once you figure it out). Since we're in person we don't use the chat interface, but we've played around with it some and it's pretty solid.

The states give visual clues as to what condition people are in (such as prone, flying, dying, unconscious).

With a little extra work, you can have simple stat blocks so you don't have to refer to paper sheets doing normal attacks or checking AC or saves.

DO NOT try using build 51 or 52. They are MESSED up, and will not close Java properly leaving a HUGE memory issue.

Also, if you do decide to use Maptool, get their TokenTool as well. It's a nice simple interface that can create some pretty nice tokens.

thelesuit wrote:

Birdcruncher goblins made an appearance in my Burnt Offerings table on Saturday. Of course, as goblins they were quickly dispatched save one who was captured -- and later turned over to Sheriff Hemlock for questioning (the party was out recon'ing Thistletop prior to their eventual assault).

The most entertaining goblin incident in my campaign was the fact that the PCs captured Gresgurt and a couple other goblins and locked them up in the Garrison. One of the PCs was staying in the next cell (he's a pickpocket who horribly lost a diplomacy check with a lawful character and agreed to use a cell as quarters), and left a spare set of thieves tools in his cell. Gresgurt and one of the goblins disembowled the other one, fashioned a lasso, hooked the thieves tools, picked the lock (I rolled 4 natural 20s in a row there), and then got killed by the watchmen on duty while the PCs were in the Catacombs.

They were suitably impressed and disgusted by the ingenuity of the intestine lasso.