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Full Name

Jacob Manley


Awakened Dire Pangolin


Psion (Shaper) 4


Gender is a social construct (and thus immune to critical hits)


1.09 Smoots


Old as my tongue, a little younger than my teeth

Special Abilities

Da Vinci's Code (Ex): Can write backwards legibly at full speed


Lawful Confused


Zoroastrian for Zeus


Unknown (but I can tell you exactly how fast I'm going)


Nope, just one big one


Gluttony wrangler (a gluttony is like a sloth, but faster and more capitalistic)

Homepage URL

Strength 12
Dexterity 9
Constitution 10
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 13
Charisma 6

About eotbeholder

"Nuts to this!" screamed Robert, his
normally Hyper Good Samaratain (HGS)
surface personality dissolving into a pool
of dull-red hatred surmounted by white-hot
ball of rage. "My faith in you has finally
killed me!" And it was true; at that very
moment his heart stopped beating and his
brain, throbbing with anger and disgust,
took over. He vomited all of the
wholesomeness he could fit through his
mouth in one fifteen (15) second cataclysmic
eruption leaving naught but revulsion and
despair behind. Though possessing a
powerful build (being constructed mainly of
horseflesh and pig iron), his bones seemed
weak in comparison to his newfound desire
to kill. And kill he would, scores of dead
would pile up beneath his feet. And he
would say, "...It was a case of post-mortem