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I'm still reading through Treasure Vault, but I'm looking at the entry for demolition fulus right now, which reduce an object's Hardness before dealing damage to it. The thing is, there are multiple levels of demolition fulu, but reading the entry it seems like the Hardness reduction stacks - in which case the higher-level versions are only useful for being harder for an enemy to spot and disable.

As an example, the highest-Hardness material class in the CRB is "iron or steel structure" with 18 Hardness, 72 HP, and 36 BT (obviously a GM can set higher statistics, if they'd like). You can slap 11 3rd-level demolition fulus on a steel door for less than half the price of an 11th-level demolition fulu and deal 18d6 damage (and change) to it, handily breaking it in most cases, whereas the 11th-level fulu will deal 6d6-7 damage.

So I suppose my question here is, am I reading this right? Is there anything I'm missing? The wording of the fulu is "the fulu lowers the Hardness of the object it's affixed to" - it's not a typed penalty, but phrased like other various adjustments to statistics that are effectively untyped bonuses/penalties but aren't directly stated to be such.