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Don't order the core from Amazon, if you were planning to. They still have stock from the first printing, as I found out recently. Just last month, every copy, including replacements, was falling apart immediately upon my opening the packaging. I ended up getting it from a local comic shop who had the second printing.

That said, the other books have been fine through Amazon.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Treasure is treasure. I mean, the main characters of Star Wars blew up the Death Star and only got medals.

And not enough to go around, at that.

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Ellias Aubec wrote:
Also a CR7 for a group of level 8s is super easy. It should be an easy encounter for 4-6 level 8s.

Sure, but he's got 8 players at level 4.

As for the problem at hand, other than adding more monsters (which, admittedly, is a little boring), or having the monsters fight smarter (which can be difficult), all I can suggest is add a complication to the battle, like tremors or falling debris or the like that gives a negative to hit. Giving the monster an extra special ability/attack could work, too. As in, maybe it's a mutant/special variety of whatever. (Think back to Clara-247 from part 1, and her Precise Shot ability.)

Thanks, Sam.

You're swamped, so I'll give Amazon another try at an exchange to avoid hassling you. Are the second printings marked as such? Also, should I get another defective copy, am I to email you directly or do you think I should keep trying Amazon? Thanks, sorry for the hassle


My copy of the Starfinder core's binding has given way, and I was wondering if replacements are still available. Amazon can't guarantee that they can replace it with a copy with the binding corrected. I have taken photos of the binding, and can email them post-haste. Please advise.

-Jason Longden

Will do, thanks.

Hi, my order was shipped on May 15th, but I have not received it yet. Please advise.