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A dragon that knows the party is coming should be able to wipe that party (or at least cause significant levels of damage) before that party is even aware they are under attack or manages to get close enough to threaten the dragon.

Party is camped, preparing to invade the lair the next day. Party knows the dragon is a red (let's just go with that) and has brought all sorts of anti-fire protection.

Middle of the night, the dragon grabs a pair of huge rocks and does a flyover of the camp, gliding silently, dropping the rocks on whoever it can hit. Then does a flyby pass breathing fire at everyone before flying back to it's lair...burning down tents, supplies, etc. You don't sleep while wearing your backpack, so the wizard's pack full of scrolls might count as an unattended object...and go up in flames. You can't wear armor while sleeping w/o a feat, so no feat? Fighter's uber-strong full plate of badassery just got melted. Rest disrupted for any spellcasters, delaying the invasion of the lair.

Dragon summons a host of minions to it, and orders them to invade the camp while the party sleeps at random times, disrupting all of their rest all night long.

Party finally manages to get into the lair. They're prepared for fire, but first they have to navigate the maze of tunnels leading up to the lair...tunnels filled with ice, acid, poison, electric...basically everything EXCEPT fire traps.

Let's say you're strong enough to summon an Vulpinal Agathian (summon monster 5)

The vulpinal has Truespeech always active, meaning a caster will always be able to communicate with it.

Now, the party is fighting a pack of something very evil. Undead, devils, demons, whatever...and the vulpinal is more than willing to go attack the evil whatevers when commanded to.

Now, a few rounds into the fight, the caster tries to command the vulpinal to withdraw and use one of it's lay on hands uses on someone.

The vulpinal would still want to smite the evil out of whatever the party is fighting. Does the caster's command force it to withdraw and heal the target, or is the command more like the suggestion of a friend as per the Charm spell? Would the caster need to win a diplomacy or other roll in order to get their intelligent summoned ally to do as they wish?

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Omnius wrote:
Cavall wrote:
Doesn't seem "obvious" danger to me. While a wizard with a spellbook may be dangerous it's not putting you in direct immediate danger to give him one.

Except immediate isn't a requirement.

Only obvious.

Giving the BBEG the key to Hell with which he can bring a diabolical horde isn't immediate danger, but it's obvious danger.

The spell states "An affected creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders, but it might be convinced that something very dangerous is worth doing." Obvious danger is not necessarily a deterrant...and the OP was asking about obvious HARM. In the case of suggestion/charm person/etc I would think that the term HARM would be the same as Hostile Action, which is defined as "A hostile action is any attack or effect that causes direct harm to an opponent in the form of damage, negative conditions, or any other effect that penalizes or hinders a creature."

Thus, causing mental distress by having someone drop their weapon mid combat is "harm" in that it is causing an immediate hinderance. Asking that someone to hand their SPARE weapon over is not harm. By the same token, to the OP's question, asking someone to return stolen property is NOT harm even though you might perceive it to be something dangerous to do. It is not causing you immediate injury to do so, inflicting any penalties, nor is it doing even so little as just hindering you.

Thank you. Clears it up nicely.

The bestiary for a creature that has the Charm Monster spell as an SLA and a +5 mod caster stat is listed at DC 18. Charm Monster is normally a level 4 spell which would make it a DC 19 spell as stated in an editor's note below. However, on the Bard and Summoner spell lists, Charm Monster is a level 3 spell.

When dealing with a monster's SLAs that can be found on several spell lists, which one are you supposed to use? Would this be a DC 18 as listed in the bestiary, or DC 19 as the editor's note states?

A flaming arrow is usually one with an oil soaked rag wrapped around and pinned to the arrowhead. It makes the arrow much less aerodynamic, reducing the range you could shoot one, but if you did shoot one into the side of a barrel then the rag would just have a chance to catch the barrel itself on fire. Eventually, as detailed above, all you would achieve most of the time is a nice alcohol fueled barrel fire.

It was just a fun discussion and exercise we were getting into after a game session ended. I do agree that the rp chart is hard to follow, ambiguous in many places at best and contradictory many others.

A good many of the point costs made little sense to us while we did the exercise...such as having claw attacks costing 2 rp for something that gives 2 attacks for 1d4 ea vs. 3 RP for a tail slap that does 1d6 damage but at -5 to hit.

So, back to the original question...*IF* you were to use the rp system, and assuming that the race is something that for flavor or whatever other reason it's something players might want to use regardless of much of a RP reduction should such a drawback have?

Just for the fun of it we are working on creating a new race with a variety of quirks not normally found on the new race table. The only one we're having trouble figuring out a fair RP cost reduction for is this:

The race may not be any class that receives it's primary powers from divine or nature sources. So, cannot be cleric, druid, paladin, etc. May be a ranger, but will never get the ranger spells, they would only receive the class feats such as animal companion, two weapon fighting, or bow feats.

This would seem to be a fairly significant drawback for the race, but how much of would it be?

If a character has access to to the Shadowbound Corruption power that

Once per day, you can use shadow conjuration as a spell-like ability, but only to emulate a sorcerer/wizard spell 1 spell level lower than your manifestation level. Your caster level is equal to your character level. The illusion is 10% real + another 10% real for every manifestation level you have beyond 2nd.

Does reaching Manifestation level 3, which would allow the user to cast a second level arcane spell once per day qualify them for prestige classes or feats that require the ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells?

The example in this case would be the Cerebremancer psionic prestige class.
Requirements: Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, Able to manifest 2nd level psionic powers, 3 ranks each of Knowledge Arcana and Knowledge Psionics

Thank you very much, this is very helpful.

A character in our campaign has the 'Vulnerable to Sun' drawback, and also has the Affinity to Negative Energy drawback so they are healed by neg/harmed by positive energy just like a Dhampir.

This player wants to create an amulet to protect against positive energy (They've been nearly killed several times by well meaning but uninformed healer types) similar to the way that any normal energy resistance item works...blocking the first x points of positive energy damage.

The kicker is...neither of us can find any magic item on the list that would do this, other than items with limited spell absorption charges.

The creation rules give prices of 18000/42000/66000 for resist 10/20/30 points of various elemental damages. I would assume this price would hold for positive and negative energies as well?

What spell would be required to create the item?

The idea is that a Cryptic would pass off their Disrupt Pattern ray as being generated by the ring, because they're acting like a simple rogue instead of someone with psi powers.

All the powers they are taking are mostly undetectable self buffs, enhancing their own senses and such. Noone in the party knows that the character is anything other than a rogue as a Cryptic has most of the rogue class skills as their own class skills.

My group is trying to figure out what the item creation cost to make a ring of magic aura would be. One of the characters wants to mask their class and abilities with deceptions such as wearing a "magic ring" to explain one of their class powers, to make everyone else think it is the ring generating the "spell"

Could someone please assist us with figuring this out? Thank you.