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Okay I may be stepping in it, *but* here's the dilemma:

Skeletal minions via animate (or animate, lesser) are mindless.

Mindless creatures have no feats.

Here's the issue:

Skeletons retain weapon proficiencies-which are feats. As well as there's a mention of skeletons wearing armor (also feats), and then there's the skeletal archer, whose entry refers to the skeleton template, but it has two additional bonus feats.

The skeleton template though states all feats are lost but improved initiative, which is a bonus feat.

"Archer" is not a subtype of skeleton, "skeletal archer" is not a template. It's a creature.


Do skeletons get feats (armor and weapon proficiencies, weapon/combat related bonus feats) or not?

Are they skilled with weapons? Are they skilled with armor? Can a skeletal archer actually have point blank shot and precise shot? Is it considered a variant skeleton, even if it isn't a template?