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I want to run a convention game where everyone is a member of an all male tribe of Blues who have a titan wizard terrorizing them with his displacer beast familiar. He believes that Blues carry the long lost secret of an ancient magic that upon discovery will win him the adulation of the mages who scorned him. Each tribe member is marked by his white phyrigian hat, save for one, who is the tribe leader who wears a red coloured hat.

Possibly followed by reincarnation as catfolk who are all synthesists who, upon combination of their eidolon powers create a super eidolon who eventually fight the king iof the blues, a half titan, half blue prince who is seeking the hand of a human princess who may or may not control the pink eidolon of the combination. Upon such combinatioon they will create an artifact sword and they will live upon an island that is an intelligent artifact that can fly.


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The return of the eight hour gaming session that actually involves gaming not half filled with derailed OOC tangents that last a minimum of half an hour each.

The return of D and D Tools.

Many many pathfinder books.

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Half god-at least he knows how to party.

Would you rather play as Pun Pun's sidekick, or Pun Pun?

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When he starts talking about how hard it is to "challenge*" his players.

*"challenge" players has come to be shorthand-so far as I can see for TPK and make it not look like a "designed to TPK" encounter. -.- I hate that bloody word now.

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Thanks, Usual. I'm actually more of geek for pen and paper and LARP, while the hubs likes his MMOs primary. I just find that programmed NPCs can't offer the same feeling a true RPG can.

And +1 for the one player who outclasses folks when he knows better. I won't elaborate further lest I start ranting about power scaling and such.

And also +1 for item creation feats still being good investments. I use it to give me something to do in between games, but it's good for making sure you get what you need, rather than say, an intelligent sea shanty singing collapsible boat (an actual item we got a campaign or two ago)-while entertaining, not so useful.

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Conversely, being the only girl at the table and having to sideline and backbench my characters so I don't get seen as being favorited. Having to purposefully nerf my characters because to do otherwise means I'm getting gf/wife privilege. >.<

I'm more of a gamer enthusiast than most folks at our table and would game seven days a week if I could (and have-though I think my record is nine). I do enjoy gaming thankyouverymuch-in fact, without gaming I tend to feel listless and disinterested. :P

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-gotten rid of dmpc in the spotlight scenario-now it's dmpc as plot delivery item.

-been waaaay too lenient with players.

I finally snapped when one of them attempted to rape his cohort, and had him murdered off board by a known NPC assassin he had ticked off earlier that day.

Best part? Another PC hired the assassin to do the job when he found out about it.

I don't allow that kind of crap in my games. Not that I run much anymore.

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The problem is, without standard pricing of the celestial armor, there's no way to know if the enhancement bonus was implemented as per rules, or if some other formula was used. THerefore, even though the enhancement total is a +3, it might be an "effective" but not "by formula" +3.*

I've done my fair share of tinkering with items and upgrading the special items that don't follow standard rules is generally something I won't touch with a ten foot pole-mostly because I have no idea where to start breaking down what the pricing originally was, in order to know what goes where and for how much.

Without a baseline, the rest is useless.

* a "by formula" +3 would follow standard rules for increase, much like your example with the longsword. However, if the +3 isn't an actual by the book +3 -instead it's some weird odd little gleam in the designer's head, (given the underpricing of the item as a whole, and some of the effects that I'm not really sure where they were taken from)-then the increase from +3 to +4 may not be accurate as per armor rules. Heck maybe part of the +3 is an inherent natural +1 to the armor's enhancement bonus because it's celestial?

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Oven baked tortilla chips

buy a bag or two of whatever tortilla chips are on sale, with salsa of according flavor your table agrees on (mild if you don't know), one lb ground beef, cheese (one of the small bars should do it-and whatever flavors you feel like)

lay out tortillas on baking sheet in a single layer

brown 1 lb ground beef

Layer beef and cheese over chips, repeat until you have no more ground beef.

Bake until melty goodness

Pour half jar of salsa over top layer, last layer of cheese*

pop back in for about a minute and a half,

take back out, and either serve it up or hand plates around.

*if you bake the salsa into the layers, your chips will get soggy in the process and kind of gross wet cardboard like.

Bonus: takes about ten minutes tops

double bonus: you can use leftover chicken/turkey/you name it instead of buying ground beef.

TBH, if I make food for folks who come over it's more likely to be an actual meal (usually a turkey spread around the holidays, though I've done pot roast and others).

Even so, we typically pick up food before game and eat it as we try to remember where we left off last session, rather than bringing/making communal snacks.

Oh! you can also try mini shepherd's pies-effectively put mashed potato, browned ground beef, veg and top it off with either more mashed potatoes or cheese and portion it out into a muffin tin.

Seasoned ground beef meatballs?

Or, in true canadian tradition: poutine! (cheese and gravy over fries-yes adding meat is perfectly acceptable, even among traditionalists-though veg is just sacriledge to the gods of hardened arteries.)

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A familiar starts with an int score of 6-that's definitely good enough to realize that a-their master is sleeping and b-falling asleep during a combat encounter is bad for his/her health.

As for animals waking people up?

Get a cat. *Try* to sleep when the dish goes empty. I dare you.

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I love my life:

I love my husband (7 years)
I love not having to rent and deal with landlords anymore
I love my two fluffballs (cats)
I love having access to a good computer.
I love having a veritable library of books to choose from.
I love having a variety of foods to choose from for meals.
I love having lots of water for drinking and washing.
I love having friends who understand at least some of me.
I love being safe.
I love having enough.
I love seeing other people who "have enough".
I love being able to talk to people.
I love being able to wear what I want.
I love having a supportive and understanding family doctor.
I love knowing people who have autistic children but love them dearly.
I love having my own space.
I love being able to creatively express myself.

Life is not only good, but great :)

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I grew up in it.

Where I live is not exactly rural city wise, but not particularly populous. We have both ultra conservatives and libertines in almost a full 50/50 mix-what with art colleges and cathedrals side by side.

I was introduced to D&D when I was six. The person who introduced me to it was a bit older, but I was living with my parents in a rural backwater of the city I'm now in, and there were only a handful of kids around between 4 and 17.

He'd saved up his allowance for weeks to buy the box set (I think it was red) and I vividly remember the plastic dice, the golf pencils and pad, the large black squared paper(over sized grid) and the two booklets-one for the DM one for the player.

I made an elf and played my way along. I was hooked early on.

Then his mother found out.

She made him stand in front of the stove while she burned it all, screaming profanity at him about devil worship.

It was awkward, but not as bad for me being a D&D addict (there are often many unpleasant happenings in rural areas where police are too far away and you *don't* tell *anyone* anything- and it was my escape-along with many many books-much to the consternation of my mother.*), as I'm female. Girl gamers didn't get half the harassment that guys did.

I know a friend of mine who was forcibly stripped naked and beaten in junior high gym change rooms and then locked inside a locker because he was a "funny looking nerd". That's the extreme.

Mostly it was consistent snide comments, being ignored, made fun of, treated like a third class citizen. You were seen as some perverted, socially deprived, undatable, acne riddled idiot. People snickered and picked on you, stole things, threw your books around, sometimes grabbed them from you and defaced them.

Like I said, I didn't have as much of a problem, but I was also a smart mouthed agressive goth girl, so I got a different sort of treatment (generally silence with whispers behind hands-no big deal).

Maybe it's just my neck of the woods, but I still know people who won't admit that they LARP-instead they call it "camping" to avoid derision from their peers.

Oh-and the guy whose books burned? The one who saved his allowance for months?

He became a junkie ex con small time drug dealer. Still has outstanding criminal record for an embezzlement he didn't pay off. When denied one escape, he took the only (non lethal) one left to him.

*I still, to this day find it odd that my mother hated that I read so much. What mother gets angry about her daughter staying at home and reading quietly in her room rather than hanging out with the neighborhood kids-most known for vandalism, minor B&E and an alarming amount of substance abuse issues? *shakes head*

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okay just making sure I wasn't missing anything in the 4 pages or so of:

"But if you break the WBL then it's broken!"


"But if you don't break the WBL then it's not."

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I find as I have gained more experience I fudge things a lot less. That being said, RP consequences are often a great deal more deadly than encounters-mouthing off to the high level assassin will get you killed. No, you won't stand a chance. They're a world renowned feared assassin that noone has ever been able to convict. You, sir of the big mouth, are dead.

Combats I see as one of three categories: 1-fun (easier encounters but don't be stupid) 2-moderate (used to build tension and carry plote relations-like being constantly ambushed by the thieves' guild you honked off, or attacked by cultists, etc etc-as thematically appropriate) and 3-plot point battles (big villains, confrontations, trials, champions and the like)

How difficult they are depends on the characters entirely. They can go in prepared or unprepared. They can work together or separately. They can use tricks creatively or just roll on in. They can get allies, or go it alone.

I think I've actually killed more PCs through stupid character RP than anything else (as a DM).

I don't think I coddle my PCs but they are the centerpiece. It's their spotlight. If they defecate in it, well they're copulated. But otherwise-the main point is to enjoy themselves. handing everything over isn't fun, but neither is dragging them naked through broken glass.

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*after checking 8 pages*

Nope noone ever claimed stats were useless/meaningless/or a derivative thereof.

With some *really* creative twisting and ad libbing you might be able to cobble a few posts together to kindofsortofnotreally mean as much, but ...

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*blink blink*

Uh..what just happened there?

I think someone just slipped me a...I don't know what, but I'm confused, nauseated and mildly offended.

I don't normally have a problem with how others choose to run their home games, but that..that's...


And I thought my first campaign importing homebrew races into a tiny section of an established campaign setting was bad.

I ..uh...

I'm sorry?

Edit: my peanut gallery to whom I just read your post to has this to say:

"He sounds like a special cookie."

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I like playing high cha characters, but I'm a very social person by nature. I just don't get the same enjoyment out of playing a less social character, and dumping a stat when I'll be playing a personable compromising and persuasive person smells a bit like cheddar to me.

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So I shouldn't mention that we allow for builds that feasibly could have a feat at every single level, allow casting to progress with prestige classes, or bonus feats (for fighter) or SNA (for rogues), as well as play PF with all the spells and feats available from 3.x and Dragon magazines?


Is it ridiculous? Ohmygods yes.

But it's fun and we can scale for it.

Honestly I think a little cheese creeping into games is good for the DM. It teaches them adaptability and how to scale. If every creature was always level scale appropriate we'd be playing...

that other game which I have threatened to burn on my front lawn.

(hint it's planning on releasing a fifth edition)

burn the blasphemy!!!

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ciretose wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:
People really need to be careful how they use the fun rule. As long as "I" am having fun is not where you want to stop, it needs to be "we". Some people's idea of fun can and has ruined games.


Many people have closed groups not because they don't want to meet other gamers, but because they have...

I missed this.

Yes. Speaking as someone who was involved in a huge organization involving gaming at one point. A thousand times yes.

I do not have time or patience for some of the foolishness that sneaks into the ranks. I would much rather be able to censor who comes to my table so I don't end up running for a bunch of people whose idea of fun is to make me have a psychotic break.

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Wow, I go to sleep and the thread explodes.

Awesome :)

Yes, I think a lot of the rules were intentionally left ambiguous for DMs and Players to adjudicate to fit their games. It allows for a wider audience than having everything set in stone and gives a more "friendly" feel to the game rather than nailing everything down.

Yes, if you have opportunistic players that you don't particularly like/who don't particularly like you, it will open up the door for tremendous abuse, but outside of convention play, I would surmise that it's expected that this is a game to be played with folks you actually get along with.

Though there have been occasions where I've gone looking for loopholes for comedic effect. Usually I find them, and then read them out to our DM or even our entire group so we can all laugh at the silliness that ensues.

I've never actually used any of them, at least to my knowledge, but we run very high powered games here. My last 5th level group took a CR10+ encounter (they had the option of fleeing without pursuit). It was actually pretty impressive.

Mind you I'm also the sort who finds such fights impressive, rather than frustrating. I'm not trying to "win" or kill the party, I'm just trying to challenge them enough to see the fights as part of the action.

If someone abuses a loophole, I will get offended and probably disappointed because our games work because of a mutual cooperation agreement. If someone breaks that it's a lack of respect for me and the rest of the players, as well as a lack of trust.

I appreciate a cleverly spotted loophole as much as the next but I don't want to see them exploited in my game.

In a competitive us vs. the DM...well I don't think anyone should be playing in those games, it always ends badly.

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I've actually enjoyed the DMPCs in games where I've been playing, so not everyone actually hates it and pretends to enjoy it.

Some of them were even epic level with our low level parties, or of extremely high power level.

They never overshadowed us, stayed generally out of the spotlight (unless it was RP or plot related), and we never had to worry about having our heroic moments taken from us.

That's *very* hard to do though, I would not suggest it for those not familiar with the pitfalls of overpowered DMPCs.

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I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say that, personally, I love the leadership feat.

Both as a DM and as a player.

I usually even let my players design the cohort and followers.

I also usually have the Cohort as an RP NPC that the characters can interact with, they're people, not mindless automatons. If you treat them badly, they will either leave or do something to get revenge for the abuse.

It's really a very DM intensive feat. Technically, you, as DM get to design the cohort. Having the player design the cohort is something the player should have asked permission for ahead of time. As well as taking the feat at all.

Leadership can open up entirely new plot avenues, like a warlord getting jealous that his men have taken up with this nobody from nowhere. In this case, maybe a master archmage wondering where his apprentice has run off to. Or maybe the apprentice is eyeballs deep in debt to some nasty? Has a contract on their head? Made a deal with a devil at some point? Has children/siblings that need protecting?

The possibilities are endless. I say, if the player wants to design an NPC for you to exploit, have fun with it. You didn't even have to stat it up, all the work has already been done.

And incidentally, a wizard with no combat viability just screams "kidnapped princess trope" to me.

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94. When you go scanning the PF boards in between game sessions just to get your "fix".

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I don't have an issue with it either. It's counted as a melee weapon for the purposes of in combat attacks, I'd have no issue with it being used as a weapon (for the sake of consistency) for coup de grace.

And don't worry about it, some folks are just like that. Maybe it's like in grade school and he just secretly adores you.

or he's a secret agent testing your mental fortitude for a super secret uber mission to save the world?

or he's an alien taken by your style and flair and is trying to figure out what makes you tick?

or he's horribly insecure and hoping to gain your notice by provoking you a la middle school ("s/he talked to me! *swoon*")

Anthropomorphic keydancing dustbunny learning the usage of english vernacular?

Life is too short to let other people ruin our days. That and laughing at mean people makes their heads explode.



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We actually run games (my husband and I both DM) and we use cha to determine starting attitudes as a matter of course. It seems only fitting and cuts down on the stat dumping without reason.

I'm of the opinion that every stat should be important somehow, just some less so than others, depending on the class. If you have a supremely low score, it should most definitely be a penalty to your character both in and out of combat. Some exceptions apply-like for rolled stats where someone just can't help it-but for the most case, it cautions players not to stat dump so much, and actually helps round out the characters quite well.

Yes, a 6 cha character is not going to be doing well in social situations because of the above rule, but it could be (as per player) because he is horribly scarred because of a raging house fire as a child, it could be a speech impediment, a lack of a mental editor, or maybe just terribly antisocial. There are a lot of reasons someone isn't socially appealing. If a player is willing to come up with a backstory to explain it and put in some effort, I will reward them and soften the blow.

If it's purely a mechanical stat dump...they're not just penalties least not at our table.

That being said, I don't really mind stat dumps so much except when it's blatant abuse. I file that under the "offensive because it's so obvious/insult to my intelligence" category, along with bad liars and people who play "top this" contests.


On to the original poster:

If you can't talk to the guy, try and find out from others why he's targetting you. You never know, it could be a complete misunderstanding, and he's being a jerk because of some imaginary slight. (I *have* had this happen. In retrospect it was actually kind of funny.)

And worst comes to worst: ignore him. People who are targeting folks go absolutely bonkers if you ignore them. And noone can complain you're being a jerk/rude.

Enjoy your game, don't let someone else dictate your fun to you.