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Nevermind, got it working... I believe it was an expiration date error and/or an address typo.


The same thing is happening to me.
I tried to pay via a debit card, only to discover later, after reading this thread and calling the debit card company, that in Argentina we aren't able to purchase stuff online via debit card.

However I also tried with my credit card, which I have already used for buying stuff via Amazon, and I'm still not able to place the order.

How should I proceed?

As far as I can see there are no discrepancies, you just have to carefully read and use both rules.

The rule in the Core Rulebook, as Are mentioned previously, says

Are wrote:
"Some abilities and spells ... bestow permanent level drain on a creature. These are treated just like temporary negative levels, but they do not allow a new save each day to remove them."

The Energy Drain ability from the Bestiary is one of those, although it only bestows negative levels if a condition is met (failing the next day's saving throw).

So both rules, don't contradict each other.

An example:

Let' say a character survives a fight against a Vampire (B1 pg.270) (energy drain ability), a Vrolikai (B2 pg.81) (black flame knives ability) and a Jiang Shi (B3 pg. 279) (drain chi ability) but while in the fight she recieved 4 negative levels from the vampire, 1 permanent negative level from the Vrolikai and 2 negative levels from the Jiang Shi.

The next day the character rolls his saving throws:

  • She doesn't roll for the negative level from the Vrolikai since is permanent.
  • She rolls once for each of the 4 negative levels bestowed by the vampire. If she succeeds, that negative level is removed, but if she fails it turns into a permanent negative level.
  • She also rolls once for each of the 2 negative levels gained from the jiang shi's attacks. If she succeeds, that negative level is removed, if she fails however nothing happens, she keeps the negative level but can try another Saving Throw the next day.