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Oh boy! Imagine having to type out what Recharge means in every card? we would actually take 10 steps backwards and be extremely limited in what a card can do. Cards can only have so many words as it is.

Learning how to recharge a card isnt that high of a learning curve that you have to explain it in every card. Apply same concept to other mechanics.

I get that if there is a new mechanic or keyword we would need to briefly explain it until everyone is used to it much like new keywords in Magic: the Gathering. However for basic actions that we are already used to, I am sure even the slower learners can pick up keywords like Heal much like they did for Discard, Recharge, Bury, etc.

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On behalf of people who need it and have already voiced complaints, I'll try a different approach.

Is there anyone with the technical know-how and free time kind enough to share their character sheets that they made for the class decks that don't have official sheets as of yet?

I am asking our PACG community to please help each other out instead of quarrel about what should be done or why. Some things are easier for others to do, some have the time, some don't.

I personally do not need the sheets nor do I have the class decks available at the moment to help but I am hoping someone with a kinder heart can help.

Please help out our fellow PACG players, thank you :)

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I haven't been playing much PACG lately but here are my personal suggestions that mostly mirror what have already been said in this thread:

Adventure final rewards. Its hard to find a appropriate reward for completing the Adventure Path. The loot and rewards I get at the end makes me wish I could use them. Besides sending conquering heroes to WotR and other homebrews, I find the final rewards to be utterly useless and just flavour. My suggestion is making up with some sort of End Game mechanic. Maybe some sort of PVP? maybe a Bosses only Pack? Something to take your conquering heroes out of the AP to something else that's not another AP.

Side missions or Quests. I liked the idea suggested earlier about having side missions that are optional, either from the scenario itself , location, adventure, or even the character's story. Example: Mike's MM puzzle. Finding Sajan's sister.

Can be given out by encountered and acquired allies, which could mean filling the card with anything other than the generic discard/recharge power(s). Or it doesn't have to be an ally at all could be just a note or scroll whatever that wont be acquired, just a check to start the quest or not. It could be displayed next to scenario/adventure/AP

I think each location has its own mini side quest to close it maybe just presenting that to make it feel more like an actual mission rather than just a simple die roll.

More story. Pathfinder Society made it possible to have a lot more of this in PACG, but I meant within the AP itself. This is tied with more flavour texts.

Flavour texts. I think flavour texts add a lot to the immersion. I agree completely that because we have space issues adding flavour texts is not an easy feat. Which is why I think adding Icons or more keywords that would simplify things and just have a reference sheet if needed. Flavour texts could help put more story in the game. I get it, If we wanted more flavour and story just play the RPG. I don't have many solutions for this but I know having more story and flavour for PACG is definitely a common opinion amongst longterm fans.

More Interaction. One thing I really like is the dynamics of characters when they start to interact with one another. I like scenarios where you need to coordinate other than for closing locations. Helping out a party member in actions other than combat. Maybe a weapon or spell which require another character in your location? a dice roll with your party member.

Other objectives than corner villain scenarios. We have some scenarios now that are refreshing because they're not the simply find villain corner villain slay villain. I'd like to see more of those. I guess this is related to side missions and quests.

Better box insert, add on boxes, and storage solutions. Pretty much everyone who is invested in this game is using the Broken Token insert at this point. I'd also like to see a better storage solution for all the class decks we're starting to pile. I agree that the box design for the add on decks are a pain. Having two stacks side by side when packaged is okay, but once that is opened it isn't practical to use anymore.

B P C cards to 0. As mentioned before, having those letters put somewhere else and 0 in its stead would be better.

Less generic cards that you see in all 4 base sets like daggers and quarterstaves. I don't need 100 of these across all sets. More variety would be appreciated.

Less errata. This I don't think I need to mention because I'm sure the team is fully aware this is a problem, but I have to because it is a hassle.

Powers (images). In RPG format there is a lot left to our imaginations. However there is still art that help image the Pathfinder universe. I know this is not likely to happen but what I'd like to see are some images or art to help visualise the iconic heroes' powers. A lot of powers are straightforward like being able to use a weapon to assist in combat. Some powers need a little bit of translating to be able to visualise. Obsidian's app does help with this in a way with animation and sound. Some cards also already have art of the iconics doing their skill. I'd like to see more of the same for other Iconics in PACG. I know more text in cards is difficult to achieve but maybe even just the name of the ability or power would be a start. so that we can officially call it by what it is (heal) instead of "i'll shuffle x cards from your discard pile into your deck."

I know we don't like to have to refer to a booklet each time an ability is played or something, but if saving text by calling abilities by name, maybe it could translate into more stuff added into cards like flavour text or other things.

Some powers like heal are simple enough to identify and call it by their typical name, but some powers aren't. if we are talking presentation I think ability names or some sort of visualisation would help.

As for my opinion about removing closed locations, I think it works as a scenario-specific mechanic rather than default.

With regards to place holders for henchmen, I am actually for it. I understand why people are put off by it. But I don't see much of the difference between that and banes with summon skeleton henchman. don't want to reveal the henchman until it is drawn? put it face down and only allow it face up when encountered. I think it does take away of the experience a little bit, but it would depend on whats replacing it. If it means more variety of loot rewards, or to accommodate for side quests, I am for it. If doing so doesn't net any meaningful gain then no thank you.

I apologise if some of these do not make sense. I am a bit sleep deprived and rushing to type this. I will add more later if I think of anything else. Thank you, dev team, for giving us the platform for our opinions to be heard. Kudos.

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I finally finished it. I wouldn't have been able to without all the character sheets. This made me realize just how much characters we already have and how much more are yet to come! Thanks Mike, this was fun!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Which clue do you think most appropriately matches the character? If you answer, don't say the character's name, just the clue.

I think "IMPAIR" is the most appropriate.

After looking up it's meaning, I'd say "ERSATZ" is most appropriate.

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Pimp house

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I am always checking for when they do post the card lists myself, since I always want to make sure all the cards are there. I do wish there was a way for us to get notified when it's been posted.

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Tup will be included in the first shipment for this set, right? Will that be the promo card or is there another one along with Tup?

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OMG! There is a Super Promo Card? Time to pre order 50 sets! Kappa

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I don't mind the Class Decks being on hiatus as long as the reason is because... VILLAINS DECKS! :3

But honestly my wallet can only afford so much at a time that I'm actually relieved.

I like the fact that Raheli is Dex based. I am also liking all the cohort reliant characters. Creates more dynamic. Except when everyone has a pet/companion, then it feels overplayed. Hypes me up for Summoner Deck, though.

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
I'm picking my the Dark Cherry Deluxe insert this week for my Wrath box.

Is that the one with the Exclusive Promo Card?

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
I vote that MyFly creates and maintains it! All in favor?

I second that.

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I have to admit I'm one of those who didn't opt for CD Sub until now. I normally buy one or two class decks when I pass by our local store, but now I can't pass up Fire Sneeze. I missed the promo last time.

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I agree with you, nomadicc, that it sucks that people tend to 'move on' to other hobbies while waiting. But I find it rude you just compared Apocrypha to low quality burgers especially since a lot if not most of the team working on PACG are the same people who work on Apocrypha. I don't have the same enthusiasm as them about Apocrypha but I wouldn't use that analogy either.

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I bought all the Iconic Heroes sets but I'm holding out on getting any Pawns until it is guaranteed all class deck characters will never get miniatures. I'd be sad if they don't because it's awkward for me to have some players using minis some pawns. Card tokens don't cut it for me anymore either.

I know some non-iconic characters have minis now, which is great but I too am hoping for a PACG bundle as well. That way I don't have to give/sell minis or pawns I won't use.

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Wow! it has been that long already?

I hope for the PACG line to continue, grow, and improve for more years to come. I'm one of those guys who would dedicate a whole wall of shelves full of just PACG stuff. Granted I earn the money to do so first.

My PACG collection is not nearly up to date with what's already released, but it's definitely in my budget plans.

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One of the few class decks I like all the characters! :)

I just love how Grazzle doesn't have to be in the same location to heal.

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Hello and welcome, juxstapo!

Which Base?

Before I tell you which set I recommend, I would like to first mention that any of the 3 base sets would be a fantastic choice and they are well crafted and will bring you excellent PACG experience. As Sir Hawkmoon suggests, getting whichever is cheaper or most convenient to buy is a sound advice.

Now, I want to mention some of the most popular reasons that people are turned off by for each set...
RotR: too easy, different printing cards
S&S: Pirate theme
Wrath: Base scenarios too difficult/punishing

But again, these reasons do not reflect the overall feedback of all players. If you really don't mind the pirate theme then starting Skulls would be a smart choice. But my personal suggestion is to start with RotR just because the mechanics are much simpler in my opinion. Ships, plunder, cohorts, corruption, mythic are all great and fun mechanics but I think starting with RotR will make you appreciate them more. So basically, I personally suggest you go with your knee jerk reaction. Just make sure you get all cards in the same printing or just sleeve them.


No. You really need to have access to the box while playing as a lot of cards ask you to draw from the box or summon other things from the box.

It varies by character which dice you need more of. Some roll a lot of d8 some roll multiple d10 etc. It has been hard for me to foresee which dice you will roll multiple of constantly because it depends on group composition and other factors. So either get multiple sets of each or just play out your character(s) and go from there.

Whatever you choose as your first set, I hope you enjoy this fantastic game, and maybe your family will enjoy it too! :) And hopefully eventually you get all 3 sets and experience it all because: FUN!

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Thank you for the info, sir. I will make sure to ping if I notice it again :)

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Thank you!! I've been waiting for it for weeks. Also, because no one navigates to the product discussion, I didn't get an answer.

Can you shed a light on how you found out that it's available? So I can try this method for next time?

I'm one of those people who wants to know if there is something missing before I use the product so I can report it ASAP.

And since for some reason the lists aren't being linked right away even though it's there it would be nice to know a method to check if it is available even if it hasn't been posted.

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I have 2 questions:

1. When can we expect a card list for this deck?

2. Is there a way to pin this Product discussion on the General Discussion of PACG so that when the card list is available and Sir Chris/Ms. Liz/Sir Hawkmoon lets us know we can see it along with other new posts in the PACG message board? Just so we don't have to navigate to this product discussion every so often to check if Chris/Liz made an update.

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(BAY)lor... (S)outh (CAR)olina.

I did it!!!

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I'm aMAZEd

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I thought of Carmen too! Should we expect a character to cosplay Waldo soon?

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Yay! Thanks for the heads up.

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We should and will start doing that.

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One error we usually make is forgetting what the card was that was just scouted and having to re-scout. Or forgetting someone already scouted it and going 'DOH!' after wasting another scouting ability/card.

Another common one is forgetting what the 'At this location' text does. Only remembering it after your turn has long been over.

When cleaning up after a game, I sometimes misplace a card in the wrong pile. When asked to draw from the box we end up drawing a random Item from Weapons or something similar and everyone immediately looks at me.

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
This product needs a card list, please.


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My Adv Deck 4 just arrived today. I, too, am looking to cross check from the card list that's still missing. I hope it shows up Soon™.

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I get why you collect 5 of the promo cards, but why 5 of these advertisement cards if you can't use them in the game?

Because it has Official Pathfinder card back? But don't all DriveThru cards have those?

Is it because it came in with subscriptions? I'm sure there are other ad cards like the Ranzak/Ekkie ad/instruction cards. Do you collect 5 of those too?

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You mean like... promo cards? :P

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How about a promo card for finding out bugs in the game?
How about we get a promo card for posting in response to this thread?
How about a promo card for READING this thread or the PAIZO blog?
How about a promo card every day of the week?
How about a promo card every minute of everyday?

Just a suggestion.

It does get a little repetitive that it's really getting on a lot of people's nerve in the messageboards. However we can't be mean because technically it's not wrong to do so. So am I at least allowed to be passive aggressive?

How about a downvote feature? to auto hide a comment if it reaches a certain downvote threshold. I don't want it to turn out like reddit, but somehow I am interested in figuring out how to mute/block someone.

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Just thought I should mention that in the card list, Cathedral of Chaos is listed under Adventure/Scenarios instead of Locations.

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I think it was Merisiel. There isn't enough Merisiel so she showed up as a Pally.

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Oh that's right. DOH! might as well attempt it.

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Wow, I did not see this coming. Picking which characters to play is a difficult choice as it is. Oh boy!

Question about her Fallen role:
When a player chooses not to attempt to acquire a card (Ally), is that considered as failing a check to acquire an an ally?

I imagine that's a no because if it were, everyone would just choose not to attempt just to secure that the party gets that ally.

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Can someone tell me what's wrong with having 5-6 small/smaller minis in a set? I can understand spreading out the more popular iconics but not the sizes.

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I'm sad to see the price hike, especially since I'll be finishing the APs by the time I get some characters. I'm not big on collecting or having to have it all, so at the moment it is already a stretch to dish out additional $30. Not to mention I'm only mainly after the Iconic Heroes cards, and the mini's are just a plus. With the price increase I'm thinking of just finding someone to sell me just the cards.

And if Ranzak or Ekkie won't be in this line then it's an incomplete set anyway. Not to mention all the class deck characters. Unless of course after all the iconic minis are out, they release a 'Not Iconic Heroes' miniature line with PACG cards then I'll double down.

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Community petition to have Myfly move to France, please.

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Don't get me wrong, of course the cards are random the games aren't the same, etc. I'm talking about the concept of must have that certain card, I didn't get it, so I have to pay extra money to get it. That concept. Not the game.

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I want to know what zesban thinks after finding out that Ranzak is available at this site for $4 compared to his $46 complaint.

I'm this close "." to asking him on all the threads he necro'd just to get an answer, but nah.

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From my understanding, Paizo also sends promos to distributors but they cannot guarantee those distributors will send the promos to your FLGS. So far, I have been able to acquire promos from my FLGS for recent releases at the time. Now I have opted for subscription to secure that I get the promos.

This is like complaining you don't get a Black Lotus on your Dragons of Tarkir box (MTG). "I have to have it, I'm a completionist, and it costs too much to buy now. Why are you doing this?!?!"

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Is it possible to start up a new subsection in the forums just for MyFly's ideas?

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Based on what I've been reading as of late, people are having a lot of trouble with the Base scenarios, and noticed that it's easier in Adventure 1.

We all know that normally we would start with B then start the Adventure Path once we finish the B scenarios. Since a lot of people recognize that there is some disparity between difficulties of B scenarios and Adventure 1 scenarios, should we then advise struggling groups that are not having fun to just start at AD1 and do B scenarios after that?

Would that help them enjoy the game better? Should they just mix the cards from Adventure 1 off the bat? I'm just suggesting this because I see a lot of "it should be this it should be that, it's too random, it's too punishing," and just want to pitch in in trying to help them help themselves enjoy the game.

Some people have mentioned that their groups have given up on the game after several failed attempts and want to play another game instead. Hopefully we can figure out what we can do to prevent other groups from doing the same by giving them homebrew options to make the game easier for them enough to enjoy just blazing through scenarios.

I recognize that yes maybe it is a design flaw. Maybe it is because when they were designing Wrath, it was at the time when most people just finished Runelords and are commenting how easy it was. I think the design team just really listened to our cries from Runelords feedback to make the game harder and went a tad overboard, but I'm sure they are listening and will scale it back down a bit for MM's B scenarios.

I believe people would rather make the game harder on their own terms (Runelords) than have to make the game easier to enjoy it (Wrath's B scenarios). I personally enjoyed it more when I made Runelords harder than what was designed.

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We play the same way. We start with the suggested deck list despite knowing we have the ability to make our own. It makes for a better start for us as we get excited for even Basic cards we haven't encountered. Being able to read the cards at the start sort of takes away some of our excitement for those cards, especially the ones not listed in any of our starting decks.

But when I do get my copy of Wrath, maybe that would change. We'll see.

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I wish I could go. I need to start saving up for future events.

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Onesiphorus wrote:
I understand getting frustrated, but 4 turns is plenty of time to take a run at the maze. I think you guys robbed yourselves of what could have turned out to be a great triumph. More importantly, though I prefer to not read the villain before my first go, the game assumes you did read it, in which case, running into the torture chamber hunting down the minotaur without an armor in hand is rather reckless.

The game assumes you read it?

I'm one of those who do not read the cards especially villains/henchmen before the scenario is played. That's how my group has always played it. I don't like the idea of already knowing how to defeat a villain I have never heard of/encountered before.

I mean sure it only applies to the first playthrough, but even if it wasn't and we had someone in the group who is playing it as their first, I would still not reveal what the villain/henchmen does before it is encountered in play.

If we fail because of a crazy mechanic we weren't prepared for, then we were not meant to succeed that scenario at that attempt. We tackle the scenario again, but are now wiser.

I don't have my copy of Wrath yet but I'd hate to have to read the cards beforehand besides scenario cards. We even contemplate having location cards info unrevealed until someone actually goes there (setting up the scenario is an exception and is usually kept hush by the person setting up).

I look forward to have my butt kicked by this set. I'm definitely up for the challenge and all these comments about difficulty is daring me to start hating it.

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It was fun but it was too easy. It's not fun because it's too hard. You can't win 'em all, I guess.

Maybe there should be a difficulty mechanic, to separate the up-for-a-challenge from the casuals. But then again, any group having the fun taken out of the game because of difficulty or the lack of it should just homebrew it (which a lot of people did with RotR).

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
That Wardstone Fragment looks to be quite useful against Khorramzadeh.

and also if you used Temptation of Big Die beforehand.

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I'm more worried about the possibility of more frequent and random damages we are bound to receive in this AP than diluting the decks 'power,' so I personally wouldn't mind recharging trash cards you acquire.

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