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Michael Sayre wrote:
Disciple of the Void wrote:
Any word on what maps we'll need for this one?
This scenario uses ** spoiler omitted **

One of the maps was in another regional adventure:

8-21 The Champion's Chalice Part 2: Agents of the Eye. The map is the last encounter of the event (with a minor modification).

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I found that some session names changed after I set up the event and before I could report it. Specifically the Starfinder scenario names have dropped the PDF from the title. Maybe the same thing has happened to some Pathfinder scenarios as well.

To fix it I had to create a new event with the new scenario names, report the re-created event, then go into the old record to clean it up and mark it as completely reported to remove it from my list of events. Convoluted, but effective.

It is amazing how changing something so small can have such a large impact.

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I am currently playing a paladin in another adventure path and the moral dilemma has been a compelling RPG hook. Although I do not advocate a GM targeting a specific player/character, there are times that a GM must respond to a character who is running amuck, so to speak.

That said, one of my frustrations as a player in this campaign is the number of foes (demons, summoned fiendish monsters, etc.) with 'smite good' has really hobbled my character's effectiveness in many fights. Almost any full round 'smite good' attack is enough to drop my character to single digit HP, rendering the character far, FAR more cautious in the remainder of the battle. A little humility and reminder of character mortality is a good way to inspire a more calculated play style. And before I get any critiques on the character build, we are using standard PFS rules for stats and HP.

Paladins radiate an aura of divine grace that makes them easy to identify by their alignment. Unless the player has specifically built their paladin to mask their alignment it is fairly difficult for them to avoid spells like Detect Good.

As for the looting vs. robbing argument, if a foe surrenders, the paladin is honor bound to accept their surrender, and they are also honor bound to protect their new prisoner's life and wellbeing. No turning them over to a torturer for interrogation, no execution before a trial, no releasing them unarmed into a wild and savage environment, no tossing them off a ship at sea, etc. Taking their equipment serves to protect the party and bystanders from potential harm during an escape attempt, but engaging a foe with the intent of taking their stuff is very in-paladin like. Taking equipment from prisoners that the party cannot use to sell and distribute the coin back to the party is little more than robbery and fencing the goods; the paladin should be shocked and appalled by the dirty money. If the paladin of the group is engaging in these activities, or ignoring/condoning these activities, they are straying into the deep end of the alignment tool.

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LR, Lab Rat wrote:

Where in RAW can I read about needing a free hand or focus in hand to cast?

The Technomancer lists that your spell cache can be a handheld computer or it can be a ring or tattoo. Can I hold a long arm rifle and cast spells?

I am not sure about the RAW for Starfinder, but in Pathfinder under the Magic/Spellcasting section for somatic spell components it says:

"Somatic (S): A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You must have at least one hand free to provide a somatic component."

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The problem seems to be that most adventurers already have the items that you would normally think of for a professional soldier. Things like a trenching tool, mess kit, backpack, whetstone, etc. are all things that any adventurer would have. A field manual seems the logical choice to be a masterwork item because of the bonuses it would give for the profession roll and it would be an unusual item that most other professions and adventurers would not likely buy.

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Any chance these will be back in print anytime soon?