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I'm making up new classes for my party, and one player has no idea what concept to use for a "not covered by existing classes" character. Power will still be balanced against existing classes, but I will try to make up new mechanics.

Pitch him a character concept that is novel and far outside of what can be done by existing classes.

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Why does an Int based character needs 8 skills trained from the class? If you're getting one skill from your race, one from your background, 8 from the class and 4 from intelligence, that's 14 out of 16 skills you're trained in. [Lore of course is useless because the player and GM will never agree on the scope of the skill.] Performance is useless for non-bards, so that's really 14 out of 15 skills. Plus, other players at the table probably want to be useful at skills sometimes too.

I'm playing a Rogue multiclassed into Alchemist, mostly for smokesticks. He was only multiclassed since making smoke is excessively expensive and the Rogue class feats are very underwhelming. I assumed the Investigator class would be a good replacement. [Why making smoke would ever cost 3GP is beyond me, since smoke bombs in the real world have been around for since the 13th century and one hour of unskilled labor can buy hundreds of smoke bombs, but that's beyond the scope of this.]

Nope. Investigator can't get free smokesticks like Alchemist can. Only elixirs. So while my rogue can make poison, elixirs, tools and bombs, the Investigator can only make elixirs. They should be able to use any of those like an alchemist can - or at least choose between elixirs, bombs, tools or poisons.

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My objective is to maximize damage done on the first round of contact to a giant with a flying two-sword charge. I love Mikasa in Attack on Titan, and wanted to see if I could replicate the flying, two swords simultaneous first strike giant killer in Pathfinder for a home game.

Character gen rules: 25 point buy, 9th level, normal wealth by level, no 3rd party materials, no technological items. A CR 9 Frost Giant has 133 HP, so that's the damage I need for first strike kills for this level.

Here's how this build works:
Round 1) Get Tengu Swordmaster into Tiger Trance
Round 2) Get airborne and climb to 60+ feet
Round 3) Charge from above for insane damage, then activate Glide to break fall

Here's I've got so far:
- Alternate racial trait: Glide
- ART: Deft Swords
Unchained Rogue 9 (Scout, Swordmaster)
- Archetypes:
- Swordmaster Trances:
- Tiger Trance (Succeed at a combat maneuver check to use Pounce on a charge)
- Dragon Trance (Dragon Style)
- Leopard Trance (Mobility)
- Scout's Charge (Charge makes target flat-footed)
- Skirmisher (After moving 10', attack action does sneak attack damage)
- Sneak attack +5d6
- Finesse Training (Aldori Dueling sword)
- Rogue Talents:
- Surprise Attacks
- Weapon Training
- Combat Trick
- Getaway Artist (to get Fly as a class skill)
- Rogue's Edge: Fly
Ability Scores:
- Agile Maneuvers
- Branch Pounce
- Death from Above
- Two-Weapon Fighting
- Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
- Flyby Attack (from Combat Trick)
- Weapon Finesse (from UC Rogue)
- Weapon Focus (Aldori Dueling Sword) (from Weapon Training)
- Sword Scion
- Swordlord's Page
- Acrobatics
- Fly
- Climb
- Perception
- Profession (Soldier)
- Stealth
- scattered points to get class skill bonuses
- 2x +1 aldori dueling sword
- Celestial Armor and/or Boots of Flying
- Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2
- other stuff

So we have four key rolls to make:
1) DC 20 Fly check to climb
2) (The hard part) Combat Maneuver check with +13 to activate Tiger Trance. If this fails, fly more and look for another opportunity next round.
3) +21/+21/+16/+16 against flat-foot attack rolls with ADS (6 BaB + 7 Dex + 1 trait + 1 weapon focus +1 enhancement bonus + 5 Death from Above)
4) 1d8+8+6d6 Branch Pounce+5d6 Sneak Attack/1d8+8 +5d6 Sneak Attack/1d8+4 +5d6 Sneak Attack/1d8+4 +5d6 Sneak Attack

Best case scenario, you hit for 4d8+26d6+24, an average of 133 damage (max of 206!). If you miss the combat maneuver check, you can either climb more or still get one attack on a charge for 1d8+11d6+8 for an average of 51 damage (and a max of 82). Frost giant has flat-footed AC 21, so probability of 4 hits is over 50% if I succeed at the combat maneuver. Which is a big if since his CMD is 29 (25% chance of success), but you can elect not to use the charge that round if you fail your check. The result is she could be circling in the sky for several rounds looking for an opening before striking.

Any advice on how to get a better generic CMB without losing the ability to average over 130 damage? Or how to improve the damage of the first damage? I'm not interested in anything that requires more than one round of attacks or attacks with something other than two swords.