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HangarFlying wrote:
Creatures are resistant to elements if the stat blocks say they are resistant to the elements.

Guess I wasn't clear enough with my questions/ statement of facts...

The winter witch archtype says:
"Winter witches must choose a familiar that is native to the frozen north, even when they themselves operate in other regions. Traditionally, this limits winter witch familiar choices to bat, cat, fox, hawk, owl, rat, raven, or weasel."

However none of these creatures stat blocks SAY they are resistant to cold, so unless I'm missing something in the rules (refer to my first post), apparently every winter witches familiars have to make checks to not take environmental damage constantly... So either the winter witches are always down one first level spell to keep their familiars alive or they replace familiars quite often.

Are Creatures with fur more resistant to cold? Any type of bonuses covered anywhere in the rules I'm missing?

For instance: A fennec fox, dwells in the desert which typically have pretty decent extremes in temp. So should it get bonuses for environmental conditions? If so what kind?

Next an arctic fox, would it have a +5 as a cold weather outfit or effectively have endure elements?

The reason this has come up is I have a character in my Reign of winter campaign who is a Kitsune Rogue, at 5th level he'll be taking Fox shape and wants to do an arctic fox, would that preclude him from having to worry about cold weather outfits or endure elements?

Also there are familiars and animal companions in my party that aren't really adapted to cold and while they do get share spells at the moment, those players are playing classes the will eventually have cold resistance and most likely stop casting endure elements; if they do do I have their animals start freezing to death?

@Scott Betts
The only serious responses to that I can think of at this point are:
1. Run your own game and run the character in it.
2. Find a DM that is willing to maybe share a game with you switching off each module who's running it, every DM i've ever met is always happy for a break.

though id love to know where your at cause if i was reading your posts correctly you got a ton of DM's and I have trouble finding other people who want to run games. I've got 6 ongoing campaigns over 5 systems and only for the star wars D6, one of the pathfinder games, and the cyberpunk games do I have other people willing to run even short term story arcs

Personally I try to weed out possible disruptions to my game as a DM by making new players, players i'm not familier with, or even just people I haven't gamed with in a long time stick to the base book for character creation and then play those characters till I'm sure they can handle more creativity.
long term players in my game know that I tend to favor roleplaying and skills over hack and slash and that isn't for everyone.
My point being that: It's not a bad thing for a DM to try to have fun and keep his group having fun as well. and If your a player and you can't handle the DM's play style or fit in with the group find a new one!

It had nothing to do him disagreeing with me, If I hadn't thought his point about the bonus lvl of ghost touch was valid I wouldn't have asked the question. I just get irritable when people don't seem to want to do their own research, or make judgement calls, when running a game. I'd already had to show him in the books where it said force works against incorporeal, for some reason he was under the impression that mage armor worked that way as part of the spell not because it was a force effect.

As a further example, since I was researching force, I decided to see if their where any other changes to force since 3.5 that I hadn't read up on yet, and sure enough, I seemed to remember a rule that allowed force to bypass object hardness, but I found nothing to that effect in the pathfinder rules.

I could have missed it, if i was even remembering it right to begin with, but as of then magic missile is no longer the ultimate in improvised lock picks in my games.

The way it was taught to me was: as a player you only really needed the golden rule and your character sheet; but the 3 R's {reading, research and (house)rules} are part of being a DM, and with a game like this they always will be.

Side RP question: Mind you with my group this degenerated into a much lower brow discussion, but; would bracers of armor keep you dry in the rain?

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The one I listed is the one that made sense to me. His other rationals included: It counts as regular armor so its not ghost touch; and my personal favorite, which always seems to come up when dealing with newer DM's, It's not explicitly stated in the description that it provides that protection...
That one actually made me do the most horrible thing I could think of in relation to game, I told him if he didn't want to think for himself to go play W.o.W. on tabletop, aka 4th ed.

In my games I've always interpreted that the armor bonus from Bracers of Armor count vs. incorporeal, but in a campaign where we've been alternating DM's we can't come to a consensus on whether this is the case or not.
The Item Description says; "They surround the wearer with an invisible but tangible field of FORCE,...". Also mage armor is a requirement for their creation.
Force effects, as well as mage armor protect against such. Besides such rules, I've always seen it as one of the up sides TO B.o.A. that they worked that way.

Now because of the part of the text that says; "Alternatively, bracers of armor can be enchanted with armor special abilities.", one of the other DM's is saying that letting them have the equivalent of ghost touch is too powerful.
Any thoughts? Or better yet official rules that I may have missed?