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Jamesblonde wrote:

Hi. I'm interested in recreating the main character, Geralt of Rivia, from the computer game "The Witcher".

Geralt has had his body enhanced by mutagens, to push his strength beyond that of a normal man, to fight off monsters, and specializes with two-handed swords.

He also has some magic ability. Examples of mutagens from the game are: Nightvision, Healing, Evasion, etc.

None of his magic effects are incredibly powerful, but they do help out in a big way. He has the power of air to move rubble out of the way, and fire to burn his foes.

From what I imagine, he'd have to be part Fighter, and Alchemist, but what about the magic?

If I was to level up a character who was managing three classes, I imagine I'd have a tough time. So... if anyone could help me get an idea of how to go about doing that, I'd be very grateful.

One major concern is that the character would be weak. I wouldn't get the levels I needed for actual class benefits until much later on.

Is there any way to make it work?

I personally gave this a stab, the campaign i joined was starting level four, so i went ranger2, alch1, magus1. Geralt was primarily a sword fighter and monster hunter, so the skill and ability base of the ranger who forsook ranged for two weopon fighting just fit. Also magus and especialy alchemy have spells and enhancements that are just good no mater the level. for example mutagens add +4 to a physical stat, thats always a benifit. attack spells get less useful, but spells like shield, or vanish are solid spells no matter your level. geralts true strength was his strategy of studying up (knowledge skills) and using that to customize his arsenal of bobmbs, traps, mutagens and weapons to give him a winning advantage over the many types of monster he fought. i did see a fault though, my BaB is a mere 2. i suspect my strength mutegen will be my most used item :)