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Goth Guru wrote:
Look at my "High tech items" topic.

Oh how I wish you'd linked it. Instead I opened your profile & saw the treasure trove of threads you've made. Now I've got a dozen tabs open that I'm going to have to mine for gold. Thanks a lot jerk.

(Seriously, thanks a lot. I haven't frequented this forum in a very long time & it seems your contributions are vast & glorious.)

I don't really know the best way to contextualize this but my next campaign is gonna get real weird here pretty soon.
There's gunna be a lot of tangential dimension/ timeline hopping in fiction with the occasional glimpse @ our real world.

This draws some small amount of inspiration from Stardust in which Captain Shakespeare occasionally visited our world & is kind of aware of our pop culture. There's probably also a parallel in the Adventure Zone balance arc where one of the NPCs has a mirror that can see into our world & has used that to invent seemingly modern things but it's been a long time since I have given that a listen.

Where I'm looking for aid from this humble hivemind is in stocking a convenience store outside of time & space with items that deal with the meta in some way.

There will be big ticket stuff that're way out of the players' price range like a lightsaber or a functional time-travelling delorean but I don't have a huge list of things that could be within the players reach.

A couple I've cooked up so far are Crit++ tokens (that two of the players will have @ the start although they don't know their origin that were awarded for exceptional backstory stuff that tied perfectly into the world I'm trying to build) that allow a player to replace a 1 or 11 on a single d20 roll instead with a 22 & will allow them huge agency on how that action plays out in the world. Or perhaps a potion that allows them to heal to full, or possibly just a gaggle of temporary hit points, that'd be contingent on chugging one of those little bottles of fireball whiskey (we're all 21+ & often have drinks @ the table). & I think I stole this again from TaZ but a quill & ink that would enable a player to change one letter of a spell's name before casting it, thereby changing it's effect (Wall of Fire could become Walk of Fire for example & I'd more or less let the player decide how that plays out).

I need more things in that vein but it's especially hard for me to work something like this out as it's such a different line of thinking than the usual GMimg stuff.

I love to read any & all suggestions you might have.


The costs of these items will be abstracted as well because what use does a meta-being have for a number scrawled in pencil next to 'gold pieces' on your character sheet.
I'm not having quite as hard a time thinking of these but if you have suggestions that'd be lovely too. My favorites so far are 'the sound of your voice' in which the player will be forced to adopt the ridiculous/flamboyant character voice I have for this NPC for a period of time, & 'the color of your hair' where I'd make the player wear a silly wig for a session or two.

I told y'all it's gunna get silly/weird up in here but I'm really hoping it'll be a lot of fun & a break from the years & years of boilerplate adventures they're used to.

I really like this idea. I tinkered with a summoning specialist for 3.5 years ago called a Cog Binder that was tied to Mechanus(?).

mkenner wrote:

Glad to see people like it and that a few people have tried this before with good results.

And thankyou Zombody, very useful set of articles although the link was broken (google rescued me though).

Ah, I see I missed a colon there. There are also some short sections on ages in Ultimate Campaign.

I found theIntelligence Check blog's article on the Stone Age to be extremely helpful when decided which classes to allow.

I am a lurker of these boards day in and day out. This is the first post in over a year I've had to reply to.
I recently ran a stone age game which was very successful. I had a similar idea, having the players play descendants of their cavemen throughout history, shaping civilization each time. I decided to go another way with it (cavemen jumping through time to different ages) and i threw out the ideas i had for development in favor of a more episodic campaign, with the time spent in each age as a one-shot, maybe the occasional two-parter.
At the end of the prehistoric campaign they experienced their first jump and found themselves smack-dab in the middle of a good old-fashioned dwarven gold rush, gunslingers abound.
I'll be following this thread and will kick in what advice/inspiration i've got.
I'm at work right now so that might be sparing, lol.