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I just came across this instance myself. Strictly literal RAW seems to mean simply draw the card, but like most I just doubt this is the intent. Any recent news on this question? Thanks!

Thank you Malcolm. I later realized my mistake about Collapse. Another question if I may. There is no designated Villain for this scenario, however we are instructed to add the Villain Red Reaver to the Shrine. Must we corner the Read Reaver to win this scenario? I presume so, as there are instructions for when one may Guard. If not, must we just close all the Locations? Thanks again!

I have a question as well please. When it says “each time you encounter the Danger, randomly choose a new Critter story bane”, what exactly does that mean? Does that mean you encounter that random Critter instead of the scenario Danger “Collapse”? Thank you!

Brother Tyler, thank you for your reply. I am sure you are right. I just wanted to be sure, as defeating Blood Pig Bout at a Combat of just 12 is rather easy by the 3rd Adventure. So receiving several strong Level 3 Boons for free, which I would have otherwise not obtained or would have at least had to have spent many resources to win, seemed like a bit much. In short, I made out like a bandit, and never had to draw an “Emperor Card”. Thanks again for your help!

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I have a different question about Blood Pig Bout. It’s “When Defeated” ability instructs you to draw the top card of the encounter deck and to discard it if it is a bane. Since you are instructed to “draw” the card as opposed to just “inspect it”, does this mean if the card is a boon you keep it without having to roll for it? I doubt this is the intent, but I believe this what happens with RAW. I think the intent was to inspect the top card, or perhaps to Explore. Thoughts? Thanks!