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This last weekend my group secured the release of Majenko. I show many groups have posted his adventures that began afterwards. I was curious if any daring groups have gone on to create his back story before being rescued.. or how he came to be imprisoned. If you could share some of these.. that would be awesome.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this here. But recently stumbled across a great Podcast for Skull and Shackles. CalledShot Podcast

Excellent quality audio and good cast. So far has been a really fun show. Check em out.

Winter is coming!

My current Pen and paper gaming group is preparing for winter and we are looking for options to play, when the Mother Nature rears its ugly head. We currently use Maptool on a TV on the table for the mapping, and HeroLabs for the character sheets.

In the process of my research I stumbled upon Fantasy Grounds, and the Curse of the Crimson Thrones Module. This option is little bit higher in price then my normal gaming budget allows, but I am always willing to splurge for the good stuff. These however, have no real reviews online (that I could find). For those that have not seen this, it appears to do most of the Pre-Set up work. In theory this would translate into time savings.

Has anybody ever played this specific Fantasy Grounds module, and if so, do you have any sort of review you could say about it?

Or any suggestions for other VTT options, as we are also reviewing the other usual suspects (roll20, d20pro, Table Top Simulator etc…) just don’t want to go through blowing the budget and a learning curve if there are better ways.

Thanks in advance!

Hello! My group is just about to make its approach to Rimeskull in Sins of the Saviors, and then to the Sihedron circle, and I wanted to get some insight and advice on the encounter that is Arkrhyst! I am noticing there is not a lot of discussions in regards to how other DM’s ran this encounter other than obituaries. However, I see others have reported it was a mere hiccup of an encounter.

My current group I am running made Longtooth look like the young dragon that he was and almost made him seem laughable (partially my fault I am sure, but also Longtooth was a smaller portion of the larger encounter). But as an old school player… I truly feel a Dragon should be a very scary encounter! Thus, the reason I seek your advice on how to make this encounter one that can be memorable.

So my question is this. How did you, or how would you run the encounter. Would the fight start outside and work its way into the Runeforge, or the whole encounter at the Sihedron circle.. etc? Was it a cake walk, or TPK? What would you have changed or repeated? What tactics and combat strategies did you find worked best for your group? Any role-play of note?

Ps. while every group is different, I am going to go into the combat with the Dragon having no ideas on the foes he will be encountering… other than they are brave enough or foolish enough to be at Rimeskull and they should pay dearly for coming so close.

Not sure if this has been mentioned or suggested, created or whatnot.

But, I would like to see the Gamemastery Pathfinder Combat Pad ( be integrated into the DM Screen itself. I like to have my initiative tracking and round tracking available for all my players to see. Not hidden away where it does not help speed up the combat. It also helps a DM not miss somebody or something.

Many have created versions of this...but I have put something together like I am describing. But, obviously a more developed product could help the community.

Way to track initiative for all to see,
Way to track rounds,
Way to track conditions and which round they will expire,
way to show held actions.
All the above.. in a DM Screen.