Has anybody created a Majenko backstory?

Curse of the Crimson Throne

This last weekend my group secured the release of Majenko. I show many groups have posted his adventures that began afterwards. I was curious if any daring groups have gone on to create his back story before being rescued.. or how he came to be imprisoned. If you could share some of these.. that would be awesome.

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In my game I had Majenko and a mate protecting a nest of eggs on top of Lamm's Fishery. They were stealing pastries from nearby food carts to feed the orphans enslaved by Lamm. My player's were smart enough and perceptive enough to notice and befriend them and thus got some intel on Lamm's operation before kicking in the door. Afterwords my player's took over the fishery and turned it into a legit business/orphanage/base of operations. Majenko and his mate stayed around to act as guards. I had planned to have majenko captured in one of Devargo's webs while out hunting thus giving the player's motive to go into Eel's End but they wound up following other plot hooks to get there before Majenko had a chance to get caught.

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