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Full Name

Zanice the Punisher


| Arcane Pool 7/13 |Active Cond: OvrlndFlt,LifeBble,StSkn70,Haste,GdHope | [Spoiler=Spells]5th - OverlandFlt,WallForce 4th - DimDoor,GrtrInvis2,BlkTentcls 3rd - Haste,VampTouch,DispelMagic,Slow,Displace


2nd - Bladed Dashx2, False Lifex2, Mirror Img, Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Resist Energy 1st - Corrosive Touch, Grease, Ray of Enfeeble, Shield, Shocking Graspx2, Vanish[/spoiler]


Male LN Tiefling Magus (Bladebound) 13 | HP 134/132 | AC 28 T 19 FF 21 (29/20/21) | CMB +12(15), CMD 30 | F: +15, R: +13, W: +11(17/16/11) | Init: +12 | Perc: +15, SM: +2 | Speed 30ft





Special Abilities

Prehensile Tail, vestigal wings, Fire/Elec/Cold resist 5, Negative Energy 10






Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, Giant, Undercommon, Celestial, Ancient Thassilonian, Auran, Aquan, Terran, Ignan, Dwarven, Aklo, Jistka, Cyclops, Polyglot

Strength 13
Dexterity 22
Constitution 18
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Zanice

PFS #52875-4
Faction Dark Archive

Magus (Bladebound Fiend Flayer) 13
LN Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +12; Senses See in Darkness, Perc +15, SM +2,

AC 27, touch 18, flat-footed 21
HP 132
Fort +15, Ref +13, Will +11
Resist fire 5,electric 5,cold 5

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +4 Black Blade Scimitar w/Spell Combat +18/+18/+13 (1d6+10+1d6 Acid/18-20)
or +5 Keen, Flaming, Shocking, Bane Black Blade Scimitar w/Spell Combat +21/+21/+16 (1d6+13+1d6 Acid+1d6 Fire+1d6 Electric+2d6 Bane/15-20)
Ranged MW Darkwood Composite Longbow (+2 Str) +16/+11 (1d8+2+1d6 Acid)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Spell Combat, SpellStrike, Arcane Accuracy
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 13th; concentration +21)
Spells Prepared (CL 13th; concentration +21/+23 with Spell Combat)
5th - Overland Flight, Wall of Force
4th - Dimension Door, Invisibility(Greater)(2), Black Tentacles (DC20)
3rd - Haste, Vampiric Touch, Dispel Magic, Slow (DC19), Displacement
2nd - Bladed Dash(2), False Life(2), Frigid Touch, Glitterdust (DC18), Mirror Image, Resist Energy
1st - Corrosive Touch, Grease, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Shocking Grasp x2, Vanish
0 (at will) - Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Read Magic

Str 13, Dex 22, Con 18, Int 22, Wis 10(7), Cha 8
Base Atk +9; CMB +12; CMD 30
Feats Weapon Finesse, Dervish Dance, Alertness(Bonus), Toughness, Weapon Focus (Scimitar - bonus), Improved Initiative, Fiend Sight(120ft darkvision, low light), Step Up (bonus), Dimensional Agility, Fiend Sight (See in Darkness)
Traits Reactionary, Focused Mind
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, Giant, Undercommon, Celestial, Ancient Thassilonian, Auran, Aquan, Terran, Ignan, Dwarven, Aklo, Jistka, Cyclops, Polyglot, Varisian, Shoanti Black Blade Languages Common, Ancient Osiriani, Ancient Azlanti, Ancient Thassilonian
SQ Arcane Pool (12 points), Spell Combat, Spellstrike, Spell Recall, Arcane Accuracy, Spell Knowledge, Spell Blending (False Life, Resist Energy), Prehensile Tail, Vestigal Wings, Ghost Blade
Skills Diplomacy +12, Fly +14, Knowledge(Arcana/Planes) +22, Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +21, Knowledge(Local/Nature/Religion)+9, Knowledge(History/Engineering) +7, Liguistics +18, Perception +15, Perform(Dance) +1, Spellcraft +22
Combat Gear Wand of Infernal Healing, Wand of Endure Elements, Antiplague, Antitoxin, Alchemist's Fire x2, Holy Water x2, Spell Component Pouch, Scroll(Invisibility), Scroll(Stoneskin)(2), Scroll(Displacement), Swarmbane Clasp, Belt of Physical Might(Dex/Con) +4, Bane Baldric, Deliquescent Gloves, Headband of Vast Intellect +4 (Perception/Diplomacy), Lesser Talismans (Life's Breath, Freedom, Pentacle), Ring of Protection +2, Cloak of Resistance +3, Metamagic Rod Intensify Spell(Lesser), Scroll(Aram Zey's Focus)
Other Gear Celestial Armor, +4 Black Blade Scimitar, Adamantine Scimitar, Dagger, MW Darkwood Composite Longbow, Handy Haversack, Bandolier, Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath x2, Arrows x20, Pathfinder's kit, Silk Rope 50ft

Special Abilities
Black Blade
+4 enhancement, 16 Int, 12 Wis/Cha, 16 Ego, Arcane Pool: 4
Black Blade Strike: Free to use blade pool for +3 damage for 1 minute
Energy Attunement: Free to change blade damage to energy until next turn: 1pt (cold/electic/fire), 2pts (sonic/force)
Teleport Blade 1pt from blade pool to teleport to hand from <= 1 mile away
Blade Goal: Slay enemies of the Pathfinder Society
Fiend Flayer Standard to gain 1 Arcane Pool point for 2 Con Damage. Cannot be healed magically. No more than 1/2 max Con.
Arcane AccuracySwift & 1 AP point for +Int to hit.
Ghost Blade1 additional AP Point when enhancing blade to add Ghost Touch and Brilliant Energy to available enhancements.

Bot Me!:

Zanice will cast Haste to start the fight, use Knowledge to identify his opponents, use a swift action to enhance his weapon (+5, Keen, Flaming, and Shocking unless his knowledge check indicate resistance), then move into melee, charging with Bladed Dash and a full attack if possible. If mid-combat, he will cast Shocking Grasp defensively and full attack.
[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste Spellstrike attack]1d20+19+1[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+1d6[/dice] acid/fire/electric,
[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste]1d20+19+1[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+1d6[/dice] acid/fire/electric,
[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste iterative]1d20+14+1[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+1d6[/dice] acid/fire/electric,
[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste Haste attack]1d20+19+1[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+1d6[/dice] acid/fire/electric,
[dice=Concentration]1d20+22[/dice], [dice=Shocking Grasp]5d6[/dice] electric

[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste/Bane]1d20+19+1+2[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+1d6+2+2d6[/dice] acid/fire/electric

[Dice=Black Blade w/Haste/Bane/GoodHope/BardStuff]1d20+19+1+2+2+3[/dice](Crit threat 15+),[dice]1d6+11+1d6+1d6+2+2d6+2+3[/dice] acid/electric/bane

With charcoal black skin and blood red eyes, Zanice is tall and whip slender. His tail and stubby wings poke out of his armor, the tail dipping into his bags and scratching his ear. Scimitar at his side, Zanice moves with fluid grace, obviously a dancer.