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After re-downloading, seems that my phone messed up the download the first time somehow lol

I got a whole extra set of files that I found in a different folder, basically the second half of the pdf file.

Again, totally my fault, sorry for the confusion in the first place

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Ly'ualdre wrote:
Are these duplicate exact copies? I feel like, with the Gears Deck especially, there are a number of items whose rules are very expansive in text, they would likely need multiple cards to ensure all the rules are covered. Sort of how some the Bestiary cards have multiple cards to cover all the rules for a particular monster.

Yep, I have just been looking at the gears deck here. It appears that the duplicates do have the intention of giving to multiple players it would seem. Like the gadget skates stated in an earlier post, have 3 exactly duplicated cards. Same text and photo on all the copies.

And yeah, there are some instances where the other duplicated are used to show item level.

There is a bomb object, if I recall, that has 4 exactly copied cards, with the exception of the level of the item changes.

Another gadget type of item has 2 variations, and different leveling as well, with 4 total cards I believe. So effectively, 2 different cards with their own duplicates, but essentially it's one item/item concept.

I feel kinda dumb after asking the question in the first place...but what you guys were saying definitely makes sense in regards to what I couldn't see at first...I just had to look through them more. Definitely a great buy, 100% recommended.

Thanks everyone :)

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Dancing Wind wrote:

Remember that the PDFs are an exact copy of the cards in the deck.

I use the physical cards to hand out to my players so that they have a tangible representation of their equipment.

I would be very frustrated if there weren't multiple representations of the same item, so that more than one party member could obtain that piece of equipment.

This does make sense, for multiple copies. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I just assumed each card would be different, but your point does make sense.

I have around 5 different decks at the moment for pathfinder 2e, (potions/talismans, adventure gear, weapons, etc.) I hadnt seen any duplicates from what I can recall.

And I do have physical copies coming, already purchased for both the guns and gears decks. I bought the digital copies, as the company I bought them from won't release them until the alchemy deck become available in May now.

Thanks again for the advice/help, happy gaming everyone!


I purchased both the gears deck and the guns deck today, both as digital downloads. After reviewing all 4 files that came with these items, there seems to be multiple items with duplicates. The gears deck, has at least 6 items with multiple printings. The gun deck has the same problem.

Is this an intended feature? I assumed I would be looking at a different item for each card, not 110 cards, and around 80 items.

Maybe I'm wrong somewhere, anyone know whats up? Thanks in advance

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